Animal Shoulders workout – Marc Fitt

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Intro: Lost Autumn – A Letter To Emily
Workout: Laszlo – Imaginary Friends
Outro: Ignite The Night – Move The Shadows

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Marko Milosavljevic says:

How many exercise is the best?I do shoulders onse a week….

Jose Houzelot says:

fait des vidéo en français please tu es mon idol et modèle esthétique ! et je suis sur que tu n’es pas que le mien en France 😉

Creepy Pedro says:

wow no trolls on this channel. might as well be the first one. lol

Kishan Sowamber says:

Super entraînement Marc. J’ai essayer toutes les choses que tu as fais dans ce seance and ca etait vraiement efficace. J’espere de te voir tres bientot. De Toronto. 🙂

Neal Baisla says:

last gesture namastey was awosome….thats mean u resepet other person #indian 

johnulcer says:

Horrible, DANGEROUS form on the upright rows. Look into how to do that exercise properly, man, or you’ll snap your shit up. Shoulder exercises by nature are some of the more dangerous ones out there, and for whatever reason they’re also the ones that seem to be performed improperly by most people (even experienced lifters). Never bring the bar above your nipples.

Omar Isambertt says:

hey dude, awsome clip… love demonstrations, definetly suscribe… omw to my own transformation and your videos and tips all around socials are extremely helpful!!!

kyriacos kyri says:

Excellent workouts well done from cyprus:-)

Elias Sabouri says:

Will try this workout, Marc you are awesome

Justin B says:

This workout was straight to point and felt incredible, absolutely loved it!! Thank you for uploading this video Marc!

DJLeh7959 says:

Shoulders and arms day demain pour moI! On s’motive haha

Adrian benedict Beldad says:

god damm ur the best marc ur are my idol great muscle 🙂

TheVenata93 says:

With any other exercise I can change  one arm smith machine press ? 

Rachid Ryani says:

great work man keep up , bon travaille ca motive vraiment de te voire travailler 

Leo Dracko says:

99% of the job is always attendance

Bren Serate says:

Hey man, love your vids, keeps me motivated..

Just got question though, im 5’7, and an ectomorph. I have been working out for 9 months now, at first i’ve gain mass for a few months, and then right now, i had a hard time gaining muscles. Been changing my workout routine every 2 weeks to 1 month, i made sure that it is pretty intense every time. Been lifting heavy like 5-6 reps for 4-5 wud u recommend aside from drugs?lol thanks from the Philippines..

saurav verma says:

Go to the gym every single day ?

Shut up !

Mustafa Guven says:

I appreciate your videos, your cool Marc thanks!

Isidelus fr says:

Thanks Marc!! by doing your video even after my father death you keep me going to the gym and having a goal in life! thak you very much! jepere te voir au extreme evolution un jour maintenant que je travail labas sinon je m’entrainerais aussi fort que toi!! TEAMFITT!!


If i go to the gym every single day how about my muscle resting period after wrecking it after lifting . . >.< ?? i think thats wrong to go to the gym every single day (everyday) . . >.<

Jose Houzelot says:

you’ve the great traps and neck muscle ! amazing body 😉

bhavik lad says:

Marc Fitt your are  the best… i lot of things learn…..thank man 🙂

imed lefifene says:

i did do some exercise like you & it was extra , thank’s for the tips !

UnLucky Boy says:

thanks marc

Cristhian Ona says:

shark gym has very nice clothes 

Ibrahim Aldairawi says:

Love from Iraq!

zimamova says:

Hey, can you do any legs workout? Thanks

Its Oni says:

marc i want to see the conditions of your legs

王柏勳 says:

I like ur vests !where can I buy ??please tell me

twzflipside says:

With the arnold press you’re supposed to twist and press in one motion

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