Aesthetics on Omegle 6: Nerd Surprises Girls

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In this video Connor Murphy, a YouTube prankster and fitness personality, impresses girls on a video chat website called “Omegle” by showing off his aesthetic physique. The girls’ reactions are priceless.


Jack Harpole says:

Connor murphy is the guy who prays that someday he could suck his own dick

GamerBoy Osborne says:

6:00 whyd he blur it

Noxilla the God says:

This is getting alot of hate, don’t you find this motovational? I understand your opinion though.

GamingWithSakib says:

That body will go to heaven
Cuz that body makes a lot of people day

DsNester says:

Nothing wrong with this guy but he makes all these videos on how he is fit. Maybe he is online with himself

Olivia Collins says:

Y is this so funny

PG Razor says:


Sng1s says:

So cringy xD

Safe House says:

How did I get here???

Ellie Bernardo says:

Good abs i like it♡♡♡♡♡♡♡

Rare Collectibles //Roblox Case Clicker and More says:

No shoulders

zFreZze xX says:

2:50 OMG ! Girls is the beauty !

Stefano Iacobucci says:

#conner f boy

JETTA says:

get a life…

Anrothmaonny says:

Dame, this nigga getting all hoes

Bernardo Carneiro Teles says:

i like this video

kayn shadow says:

If I can predict then I can predict yours

xxxtracerxxx2007 says:

fuck..seeing the girls reactions made me so jelly…sad i injured my left shoulded and cant lift anymore..i wont be at that lvl for sure but i wouldve been sexy i have a dad bod..fuck!

Dawson Hernandez says:

Also u ask why you are single yet girls on Omegle are saying hit me up and probably gonna give u their number but u just keep showing them ur abs like THIS IS WHY U SINGLE lol


are you natural?

ToastyDoasty says:

This guy is such a fuckboi

Ben Cripwell says:

what an arsehole

Dawson Hernandez says:

It’s good to feel confident about your body good job on your hard work to get your body But all u did to look like a nerd is put glasses on, glasses don’t make u a nerd

Chocolate McNuggets says:

Lol, some of these reactions tho

Super Ash says:

You show off

William Wong says:

3:31 Connor definitely hit up her up after the video

Joe Turner says:

He’s such an awkward nerd
It’s so cringe

Meneer Koe says:

Lol douchebag

Meg Louise says:

How much of an arshole can someone get no one likes your fucking body get a life and piss off !!

thundergaming45 says:

chochy af

Vishtnu Ram says:

He is 21?? I am gonna kill myself

Mia's World says:

Made my night watch bf there reactions

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