8 Muscle Building Exercises for Beginners

The one “trick” to build rock hard muscle.

What’s up guys,

It’s Mike Chang and today I’m going to show you a tutorial on 8 home muscle building workouts for beginners. This tutorial is to ensure proper form so you can get the best results out of each exercise. This workouts will help you get shredded with six pack abs.

0:24 If you want to follow along and do the exercises with me, I made another video completing the whole workout so you can see if you can keep up. Click on the video and go or get ready to sweat!

Let’s do this!

Workout Tutorial:

Push ups
Bent Over Rows
Upright Rows
Squat & Press
Close Grip Push Ups
Mountain Climbers
Toe Touches

And if you want some more crazy tips to build huge muscles, check out this video.

People always made fun of me because I was fat. So I know first hand how it feels to struggle with belly fat. And worse of all, I didn’t know what to do to get rid of my belly. But things really turned around for me when I discovered this one “trick” that finally gave me the ripped body I have today. Don’t hold yourself back form what you deserve and go check out the one “trick” at the link below


Train Hard,


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a person says:

I am a skinny fat person

Azad kumar says:

Very useful

Christopher John says:

what are those shoes? I have bunions those shoes look helpful

Kingofpokemon 101 says:

you should join boxing

suhail marjik says:

cool dude great job

Rohan ron says:

thank you sir…iam starting this from tomorrow….can i build my muscles good enough through this??

Markocar16 Gaming says:

Im a kid and i can do the diamond push up xD

Subhajit Sen says:

what is the weight of your dumbbell ??

ALW4YS 2 CL0WN!N says:

hey im 5’4 and weigh 245 i know really horrible im really sick and tired of looking and feeling
fat/obese so i decided to do the caveman/paleo diet so would this make more sense doing this workout after dinner so around 7:00 my dinners at 6:00 but would it make more sense because if you know about the caveman diet then you know that dinner you can eat as much healthy food as you want do to the fact that you only eat 1 meal before dinner and thats a small portion of nuts and fruits for lunch so would it make sense to do this after bulkying up from dinner?

Justin says:

Nice video. I’ve been using an awesome program and I got incredilbe results. You can see the video about my body transformation on my channel

Kevin Crook says:

Hahahaha. Nice calves.

salim subah says:

i cant do push ups , close grip push ups and toe touchs
as for other exercise i can do those for 15 sec highest
i have fat belly and i’m over weight
where should i begin ?

insert cool name says:

what’s wrong with his right foot? Looks swollen.

David Baker says:

did he ever do the squats????

Wolf says:

How legit is this guy?

Liam Walsh says:

Can someone tell me why Henry told me he had a trick to make girls horny instantly?

Liam Walsh says:

Is it ok to begin with 2 sets? I’m 14 and have just started training.

saketbbsbec says:

how many days a week ? IF I am doing this all day then arent we doing the same muscle daily ? Isnt that bad ?

ThemiS's world says:

But bro, you cannot do calisthenics, can you?…

Muhammad Sajjad says:

i. am a beginner, so i can do these on daily basis.

suhail marjik says:

but I want Ur personal contact becoz I haveaa problem in increasing my muscles

Vanessa Schelborn says:

there are abs jhoz m what else

Dana Taylor says:

Training to beat the Huns 101

tony bielski says:

hi i like to use this method toohttp://4ui.us/nux0

Something Scrub says:

How long did it take you to build those muscles?

RuffleCrumbs says:

steroids I called it

Daniel Cook says:


Entertainment With Keyur says:

in how many time is result is visibal

매튜 says:

Where did mike go? Wasn’t he the one who made this channel???

Pranav says:

Hii sir ,
I am 15 yrs old boy and this is a good video but i want to know that body building effects to our height growth and other body growths?because i m not tall enough and want to be more tall should i continue muscle building pls guide should i stop body building and start stretching exercises like yoga

BeyondLeon's says:

Rest in Peace Mike

Varchasav Kumar says:

are you sure by these exercises we are not going to lose any weight or muscle???????

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