8 Months Body Transformation Fat to Ripped | Before & After

17kg ( ≈40lbs) weight loss transformation over 8 months period. Started 1st of March 2016 at 92kg (≈202lbs).

“The Road To Six Pack marks it’s final chapter here today. 92kg (202lbs) left and 75kg (165lbs) right. 8 months apart.

My life a few months ago was a mess. I’ve always been the person that would smile regardless of how tough the situation would be. But back then, after failing university courses, being fired from my job, going through a break up, gaining weight fast I found it hard to smile genuinely. The only thing I could wake up to do, was to go to the gym. I picked up my camera and decided to vlog this journey and this weight loss journey has been more than just that. To everyone who’s followed my journey on YouTube, I want to thank each and everyone of you. It wouldn’t have been possible without you. And I mean that. These months have been the most valuable in my life. Today I’m blessed to have a healthy body and mind, a job, supportive family and friends, a wonderful girlfriend AND ALL OF YOU! All because of that one step I decided to take 1st of March… Time went by and everything seemed to fall in place one after the other. Thank you.”


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Music by Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0


SCHLITTE Zombie Vidz says:


Shiv B.K says:

great inspirational video…can you tell your diet plan buddy….

D Thomas24 says:

im fat right now i 5″11 265 pounds im trying to get to 175 by next August

Wizardporn2008 says:

Wow you’re a total hottie now.

Yamnz Social TV says:

This is one of my favourite transformation videos  I could watch this over and over again! You’ve  inspired to do my own tell me what you think ?

Oleg Panov says:


Michael Mansouri says:

Liked and subbed because it’s clear your transformation was actually natural

Soud Albarrak says:

ur the best 😉

Ahmad Najib says:

how tall are u bro?.

Minimum Shit says:

i used to like to eat
but now i cant wait to go fitness club

BigZ Al-Ajmi says:

I was 139kg last year now 109 kg without supplements and diet just less food and more workout but i wanna reach 88kg
do you use any supplements to get ripped?

sotomercado3 says:


Mubeen Mubi says:

hey bro
you gave me something that
I needed

K D-wolf says:

didn’t you get ripped in 3 months?

Simone Bonfiglio says:

Great Choice. Great self esteem. Great motivation.

Pepe KLM says:

?Who else watching this while eating a bunch of Oreos

jalil boudjourfa says:

Even his Iphone got better

Jokar Iraq says:

did you have a water retention after you lost fat?

Rakibul Islam Opu says:

how taller are you?

MarioƎ CS:GO says:

I will have seen this video 200 times

HAnsi Fischer says:

nice done, here you can see that all these “90days/15 weeks/3month and get ripped-programs ” are fake ,i gues in 8 month its maybe possible!

james p thomas says:

good job

Adam Skead says:

Better than being obes

Çağatay Kullebi says:

Amazing video

chris dennis says:

messi lookin ass

Red Onion says:

It’s not just about looking good anymore.. (im not really a plus size..but..)

It’s about being MENTALLY and physically FIT. I’ve never really did anything big or above average. Ive low self esteem.. and living a full lazybumm (i dont care attitude=life is good) lifestyle. :'(

D Thomas24 says:

im fat right now i 5″11 265 pounds im trying to get to 175 by next August

polymorph self says:

roids work

LequiD 1337 says:

What’s the name of the last speech?

Pxyycho says:

i start tommorow and i fuck all

Phyo Thiha says:

Hey I really want to know your programs. Can you share?

ching wik Huang says:

Can I please get the workout plan and diet plan you used for this transformation??
And the supplements you used

Anthony Cummings says:

Dude, this is odd, I relate so much to this, I’m 97kg and 24.
I have also had enough! And your video(s) really help me. Great food ideas, work outs especially the “if you can’t do pulls ups etc” thank you so much!!!! Hopefully I too will get to under 80kg

Cyrail X says:

Holy shit. My respect!

Justin Wight says:

the thumbnail for this looks like Karo Parisyan next to Gegard Mousasi.

Peter Joy says:

8 months. Is this possible? I want it to be but I’m sceptical?

Rong Chen says:

TIME AND MONEY to get this body

Corrado Malfa says:

Me cojoni.

quin laure says:

your insta is dead
also not sure if it’s just me but..
you look a lot like Mulder.. the actor in X-files ^_^ (with a better physics now)
keep up the good work XD
subs from me

J. Avellaneda says:

in 8 month he change ther iphone. end

Paolo Manaog says:

what is your diet like?

Álex Lainez says:

do you have an instagram account?

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