17 Year Old BODYBUILDER 1 YEAR transformation from FAT to MUSCLE [HD]

****read me****n
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Chest and triceps- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tePYOMQfHDY&list=UUBeu_MuPjl_ZwQ3Vl8ByxLw

Chest and back- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NcnmGH3LyIw&list=UUBeu_MuPjl_ZwQ3Vl8ByxLw

Legs and shoulders- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NhMwyncP9t0&list=UUBeu_MuPjl_ZwQ3Vl8ByxLw

back and biceps- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m_ky2URlHKc&list=UUBeu_MuPjl_ZwQ3Vl8ByxLw

how i lost 100 lbs – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G7bJuozMjhs&list=UUBeu_MuPjl_ZwQ3Vl8ByxLw

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Judy Hinch says:

how does it help us

kaan ozbozkurt says:

Did u make cardio?


isb fitness….one thing…NEVER GIVE UP…thats it

Diego Ochoa says:

What exercises did you do?

EXtrminator00 says:

gonna start the gym next week lost almost 23 kg already im now 90 with 1.80m

Joseph Zoellin says:

I’m 5’2 13 almost 14 and weigh about 105-110lbs and I don’t know if I were to lose some weight if I would have loose skin? Someone help

Creeper5076 says:

I know this is old but I’m currently loosing weight because people are calling me fat especially my sister so I’m gonna prove her wrong, she says this to anyone that is at least a little fat, and she herself is not that skinny so she shouldn’t be talking. therefore thank you for this inspiring video

Julian van der Plank says:

Hey bro, I’m currently in the stage you are before you made that amazing transformation. What exactly did you eat in order to become that ripped?

El Samurai says:

que dieta usaste???

Gabriel Gonzalez says:

my name is Gabriel

akhil kambeti says:

man how did u lose those love handles man ……. I am on my weight loss ( lost 24 pounds) and all my body looks great but the lower part dosen’t look that great back love handles and lower abs belly is coming out , sticking to what I do and giving it some more time be enough to lose those stubborn fat areas…… and again good job though.

Gamemindproductions says:


Pedro Hernandez says:

bro how did you loose so much weight I need some tips like what work outs did you do&&this is really inspiring

Privatserver WoW says:

One question do you have any job or education? I mean if you have the whole day time and you are healthy then this is may be possible but if you must work or studying I doubt that you can transform your body in one year like this. Wait so actually it took you two years?

Jayde Kukahiko-Kealohanui says:

I my inspection bro I come to you always for motivation

GUNZ says:

What happened to the old song;/ i cant get motivated like this

Single Guy From U.S.A. says:

Keep Up The Good Job !!

Cristian M says:

When you call yourself a body builder, but don’t work out your legs smh. Everyone just cares about arms and chest. Them legs are the most important thing of your body. Flex your legs instead of the muscles in your arms

Alexander Christian says:

lose all that to get a grotty ass bird lol

Ali Khan says:


King of Darkness says:

How tall are you now?

Max Acevedo says:

Awesome video, checkout my crazy transformation on my channel !

polo says:

hello friend look i am 17 years old but i have 185 lb and 1.72 mts so i NEED to weightloss cause i want to go to the college fit how i have to started?

Jack Silm says:

The music please?????
At the beginning and at the end

Electro Dippy says:

Do you have a Instagram I really need help I’ve been going for 2 months but just want someone to talk me through more

CryZikesFX says:

No lose skin? impressive.

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