13 Year Old Bodybuilding Journey Thus Far

Teen Bodybuilder Journey

A HUGE thanks goes out to Evan for the awesome video editing!

This is a small showing of my timeline from being a fit little boy to 3 years later in the present, as a 13 year old who is looking to compete in the future.
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Scott Adkins says:


Sardar Khan says:

he has only upper body.Good.But some mistakes.

Rahul Pujari says:

what do you eat

Elio Pista says:

ma come cazzo li fa gli esercizi?!!

Jilani Khan says:

what is your age

Michael K says:

good job kiddo. keep it up. Many kids aspire to work out but not that many actually do it.

Mini Mudge says:

His posture is shocking

slogan man says:

man youre lit

AK Fitness Official says:

He should do only bodyweight or else it will affect his height

Mann Mann says:

Oh mein Gott 13 wow Hot body wow Killer Boy

Jocelyn Panaligan says:

my mom doesnt allow me to go to the gym but there allowing to do everything everywhere cause they say im to weak and
expirience pain but i say to mom that i can handle it and he say no but my gave me new phone instead

Garlynn Davis says:

he has all the hoes

I am FrouTxLooPz says:

Calithenics are wot get u built way faster and are healthier for teens because there’re body weight exercises

akowned1 says:

Nice work! I can see you do a lot of pressing but don’t forget about those rear delts.

Garry Sharma says:

wrong way

Maximillion Sanchez says:

bro don’t u get back pain if you do too much of that lifting bro I had to go to the doctor cause I was doin too much

Shay Wakeling says:

What do u eat and how often do u workout??

PlayingWithKyle says:

Every like this has is how much girls he has

MLG Pro 17 says:

I’m 12 and my parents say I should stop lifting weights or my health will be affected.But your 13 and have bigger arms than me.I knew my parents were wrong.

Naveed Ahmad Khan says:

Alex Driggs people says that with exercise you have better food and more food than normal food is it true?????

X-Planer says:

Youre biceps is kinda small compared to the rest of your body, but great physique.

Tacogamer129 says:

sub to me


does this kid live i am the same age i need to workout and eat what he does alex plaese i am well mucsled just not like you

Ichmagenten _SF says:


shlomo porges says:


Xander Scott says:

he’s too hot for a 13 y/o boy.

Mann Mann says:

Wau geil Body

Arnav Sharma says:

what is your diet please tell me

Shramp リミックス says:

Wheres the abs tho

Jaeem Hasham says:

your triceps are mad but I can say that my arms are bigger than yours and what about your legs don’t forget that especially those calves

Rea per says:

dude you own the school xD

Bikutoria UvU says:

Hay un poco de video en tus esteroides

King Rodruigez says:

I’m 12 years old and I’m pretty sure my triceps are wayy better built and I have more mass…but I do not get any guidance in diet or anything really…my parents granted me amazing genetics in 5 days I quickly lost my fat and made it into muscle….I need help there is no one to help me however and I have no guidance…I want to be a bodybuilder but I have no help…. contact me my Snapchat is big.babadook

AdamDean says:

Nice work! I did like this too. At school, everybody keeps calling me BB (BodyBuilder). and im so proud of myself rite now.

Snarz says:

Do u take any supplements

A-R -G says:

song name plzzz tell me

Mary Hambaryan says:


Yaro Yaroy says:

Thanks bro! Very nice!!!

Zdubpa says:

yeah I know this my look like I am spamming but I am really here to make a change in my life and maybe help someone else get through theirs. I have been judge for doing what I love to do and that’s to help people out and all I ask from you the people is to help me become known so my messages can be spread around to others thank you

TurboChargeMania says:

just saying but you should work on your abs a bit

Aarti Sharma says:

Hey Alex driggs ,you look very fit and smart and a great body . Can you tell if chin ups and push ups will stop increasing height . I am 13

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