Is Your Blood TOXIC? Drink this! – Saturday Strategy

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Is Your Blood TOXIC? Drink this! – Saturday Strategy

Today I want to talk about something we all need to survive.

It’s something that we’re born with, all different types and is absolutely necessary to keep us functioning every single day.

It’s also something we take for granted.

I want you to listen up today because what I am about to share with you in an incredible testament to HOW POWERFUL your body is. And how detrimental toxic overload is to every single system of your body – both internally and externally.

You know I am a sucker for JUICE – and chances are, you’re probably on the GREEN JUICE train too if you’ve been a part of our community for a while.

There is a reason I am such a passionate dork when it comes to juicing! Yes, it’s delicious. Yes, it’s great for energy, balancing pH, skin vibrancy and so much more.

But my personal FAVORITE reason to drink my greens every single day is… PURIFICATION of our BLOOD!

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InGreed666 says:

can u do this with only blending this stuff in a blender without the shells?

Bossotronio Tongue says:

So you give every other social media app in the description but your snapchat

Joy Scout says:

you need to learn more about blood buddy, blood isn’t toxic it’s homeostatic.

Furkhan Khatib says:

can we use another green juice

Koniaczek Koń says:

Well the “Is it safe to drink your own blood?”

Fantaisatou Gai says:

I have all the symptoms I’m so sad how do I fix it?

Leo Quintanilla says:

Drew I love this is one of your best ever videos! thank you so much I am a single father working hard to pay for my moms living quarters she is ill and I am eating healthy as I can and i am very proud of my efforts and yet I can not afford a juicer could you add me to the rost of people maybe I am able to get one one day. thank you for the reality shock!

Katie CuppyCake says:

I would love to be able to juice at home. I try to buy juices when I can, but $10.00 a pop can drain a wallet very quickly. I just turned 28 and about 3 years ago, I was diagnosed with 2 herniated disc’s in my lower spine, osteoarthritis, a degenerative spine, a pinched nerve and a bit of scoliosis. I would ALWAYS throw my back out of place, causing me inability to walk, let alone even use the restroom by myself. My doctor wanted to give me epidural injections and I was too scared to do that, since it’s essentially putting a bandaid on a broken bone. I remember being so depressed, I wanted to die and that’s when I discovered videos (including yours!) about anti-inflammatory diets and decided to go full-fledge into it. 2 months later, I lost 20lbs (without changing anything else in my lifestyle) and healed my pain! I didn’t have any pain since then, except for the occasional pain here and there. Now however, my ankles are extremely swollen for no reason! I went to the doctor today and they’re testing me for other forms of arthritis. = I haven’t been on my AI diet, and I feel that I’m feeling the effects. Needless to say, I will return to that and would LOVE to try out juicing in my home!! What are your opinions on cheaper juicers? Sorry to write so much and thanks for being a huge inspiration! Your videos have saved my life!

Betty Reyes says:

will start when I can afford a juicer,great info

Musical.lyWithMe ENJOY says:

dude why do you have like two fitbits

Nicky Nox says:

hey I m from Nepal and i m being very health conscious these days
i love the juicer u used
wanna buy this same juicer

Eric Jabar says:

How many times in a day we need to drink this?

Todd Sloan says:

I learned that trusting this is hard.

chelsea valley says:

Wow! I’m loving your videos. What do you think of drinking lemon essential oil water daily? I can’t afford a juicer right now but I had a live blood analysis done and it showed that my blood was pretty acidic, chemical AND metal toxic and that I have small crystals of undigested fats in it. This news was very shocking – I eat a plant based diet consisting mostly of local produce and although I felt that I wasn’t eating ENOUGH I never expected to hear I was very toxic and in need of a liver detox. Your videos inspire me to get a juicer someday, for now the lemon EO and smoothies will have to do! thanks for sharing this recipe – I was wondering if you had any recommended smoothie recipes? thanks 🙂

Mozammel Quddus says:

Hi Drew. took your advice now drinking lemon water and walnuts and not feeling hungry much at night haha… I am a South Asian Guy and eating rice with gravy is a big thing in our diet. can you recommend me some good gravy recipes healthy one which are not fatty?

Sandra Leishman says:

This looks amazing! Can’t wait to try this one! Thanks! I live in Canada, can I win also? Some only deliver to U.S.

Kevin Longworth says:

Great video! Funny my wife is doing a liver cleanse this weekend (I, as usual, was skeptical) and passing a lot of disgusting liver stones. Anyway, the funny part is I came across your video (Iwasn’t looking for it), showed it to her and now we are apparently looking for a rather pricey juicer–which is better than the alternatives the doctors suggest.
Thanks again.
p.s. I’m sure I’ll be next in line on the cleanse thing

Darnell Howell says:

Your blood do have things that is not supposed to be in it .. blood cleanse would be a good term to use

Jahanger Vorell says:


Luna Llena says:

yeah and the list goes on and on and on!! andyou like that dont you! mothafucker!

maxcohen13 says:

I saw someone put a bunch of vegetables and fruit in a machine, but I didn’t see a proper recipe.

Arc Kocsog says:

If anyone’s blood was toxic, they would die. Sorry Drew, but this term is just silly and tabloid.

MJ Emberzo says:

Great information! At first I hated the taste of green juices since I wasn’t used to eating/drinking veggies. But ever since I started juicing my taste buds changed a lot! However, I don’t have a juicer so I use a nutribullet to make my green juice. I blend everything then use a strainer or a nut bag to squeeze the juice out. It works but its too much work. Having a juicer will make my life easier!

D. Colbert says:

Good knowledge dear +Isabel Xue. Happen to know what’s good for growing hair back, as well?

nadir shah says:

I like this

Kate Noh says:

I really enjoyed the juice recipe! I am excited to to try it out, and get on the healthy wagon here. Thanks!

MIchael Wellner says:

Thank You for helping me heal myself I have a blood clot and its one that I can not get rid of ‘ I hope with a veggie diet and better lifestyle choices I can detox myself and purify my system to where I can do the things I love to do. at 51 yeas old I am up and down with depression but you rely make things clear and fun on how I can help myself.I would rely like to juice more and understand how to help others learn what I know is healing me Thanks so Much!

Siren Q says:

i love his snow white teeth :):)

Noah Biggs says:

great video! My mother has many of these symptoms. I have been looking into juicing for a while I just have to save up for a juicer.

Eden Kid says:

Your videos are very inspirational 🙂

Mery says:

Please can you talk about vasculitus please I need to know what you knows

Maritza Alvira says:

this is so cool I like it I wish I had to choose her to do it that looks so delicious butt I don’t have the money for it but it’s cool my name is Marisol Rita and I’m enjoying almost all your videos and I’m watching this looks very healthy that looks so yummy thank you for sharing your thoughts of Health you guys are cool

Felix Burke says:

Keep your eye on the red light

Janus Bevins says:

love it videos. I love healthy things. and have some health problems, but I can’t afford a juicer.

Pamela Sanchez says:

Great Tips! Thanks so very much for sharing! I am working on ultimate health and so appreciate all of your tips!!! Thank you!

roxanne osburn says:

Can I do it in my vita-mix

B T. says:

HEY Drew, I am a dancer and dance instructor, I just found your profile after searching for ways to ELIMINATE TOXINS IN MY BODY, and I am so amazed with all these informational videos of yours THANK YOU!! I have had so many health issues, drinking NYC TOXIC Water, food sprayed with Toxic CHEMICALS, SLEEP Problems and crazy SUGAR cravings to name a few. You MADE ME SEE that i can get rid of these health issues and that it is about time for me to clean my insides and get back on the right track before its too late!!! I do not have a juicer and can not afford one as of now on my after school teacher salary 🙁 BUT even if it takes me a while to get, I will get a juicer eventually when money allows me, and I trust that it will heal me 🙂 so Thank You For Enlightening Me!

Terrible Little Brat says:

I really want to start juicing but I haven’t yet been able to afford and commit to a juicer. I have all these symptoms. I am currently on meds for blood pressure control and for anxiety/hyperactivity control to avoid depression, and having my gall bladder removed due to gall stones, and being monitored for pre-diabetes, suffering with PCOS and Peri-menopause time preparing to start, and allergies. I don’t eat a high fat diet, actually before I got gall stones attacks, I was clean eating some months, low fat other months, I did everything right (no white flour, use oat flour, no suger, switch to stevia, replaced fats with greek yogurt 0% fat, changed dairy to low fat, wheat pasta, more fruit and veggies, lean proteins, cottage cheese and egg whites) i skipped a lot of meals though, I starved off a lot of weight in the past – and PCOS – age, weight, it all made my gall stones get too big. Now I am losing my gall bladder, am on deck for high blood pressure and diabetes, and risk of stroke and heart attack. I need help. I’ve started drinking and taking apple cider vinegar, lemon, water, and I am ready to fix this once and for all. Thanks Drew, I have been reviewing your videos. Thank you

favored1 says:

What kind of juicer are you using?

chiec1 says:

I’m wondering. If you juice, aren’t you then ‘deleting’ all the fiber and other good things like vitamines? Cause the fiber comes in the area you throw away right?

D. Colbert says:

+Arc Kocsog Understand how you’re thinking but not all death is so sudden as depicted onscreen. Factually, it can take seconds – to – days for human body to (in facto & verifiably) die.

Janice Leggett says:

Very good video +Drew Canole! Only one thing I noticed in the video while you were juicing the limes and lemons! You didn’t remove the skin before juicing them! Is that healthy? 🙂

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