YouTube Fitness Commenting Guide for DUMMIES


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Mutt Fitness says:

This video is a ripoff of Athlean-x

ZuluFoxtrot75 says:

Clickbait view-whore!

Captain Mantastic says:

But Steve, you’re too big and strong to be giving out lifting advice.

The FU Crew Channel says:

HA !!!


Keep up the great work, Brother !!!

jbs36 says:

clickbait dsafsdff sdffisdaffsad sdff sdaffksdffmk kfaksdodk dsod

Dbz-Dbs and Gaming says:

You should do a face reveal

Reed B says:

How tall is Steve?

Leximus Maximus says:

Dude, do you even post videos about training any more? Pitness whore.

bbrock RailFan says:

I agree with you on this one Steve. Allot of commentors are just looking for a reaction, I guess it makes their day.

Noah Tucker says:

Clickbait drama. Steve, do you even lift you big fatty…. How tall are you even?

Timothy VonVictory says:

Hey bro, when are you gonna do some vids with your shirt off? Jeff cavalier can go shirtless 24/7-365, so what’s your deal short guy???

Robert Teague says:

I was dying watching this video LOL

bbrock RailFan says:

I have a feeling most negative commentors are newbies or youngsters that are just into going into the gym and showing off. I doubt the majority of them have ever spent years training hard constantly, just looking for that immediate satisfaction.

kevinkac1 says:

“How tall are you?” is probably done mostly by gay guys to know whether or not they would have to look up or down at you when they think about you in their private time. And “why don’t you post more lifting videos?” would probably be posted by the same guys doing the same thing.

Abdurahman Haji says:

Gotta pay the rent somehow I guess?

TheBroMoe says:

Fuck this drama seeking clickbait video producing channel, you are obviously doing this for views. Why dont you post lifting videos?? You are obviously too fat but also too small at the same time to be taken seriously sir…

Ps. How tall are you?

Mutt Fitness says:

You’re really good at benching. Really good. I mean that. You must have spent a lot of time sitting on the bench on your high school football team.

Diderpderp says:

I think a lot of guys want to grab fitness chicks by the vagina for non antagonistic reasons

Eric Dale says:

Lmao. This is awesome. I now understand what really pisses you guys off. How about the sudoscience comments. Bet those drive you wild too.

andruhaxxx83 says:

You are too weak!!! hahaha…

EstParum says:

When we ask how tall you are we are asking cause it helps us fantazise bout yall. Nothing sexual just you screaming at us to not eat candy or not going hard enough in the gym

Mutt Fitness says:

I benched more than you in high school!

Travis Williams says:

FIONA!!!!!!!!!! Only comment needed.

Kia says:

Answer my question on your previous video.

bigDrob says:

You forgot any random question that was already mentioned in the video. Imagine if you could replay the video and actually listen, man that would be something. What about an arrow in a semi ccw circle, that would be the best thing since… since pants with pockets.

McKinney Fry says:

Steve’s guide to trolling, lmao.

J Shawn says:

How about calling them a fake mercenary?

Andrew Kitchen says:

What’s your Instagram link? Apologies if I missed it elsewhere.

Terry Newton says:

Cry me a river, princess. Do you even lift? In Australia, we’d ask “ are you fair dinkum, mate”?

Andrew Sterling says:

Could you repeat that list of seven again, please? Thanks.

Jason Wessel says:

So.. you posted standing next to the twins, those dudes made me question how tall you were at that moment… Guess that makes me a weirdo or something… I dunno … Question, would I get better results with less frequency?
I’m going high volume to failure six days a week chest/lat -shoulders- biceps/triceps w/squats…. I want to gain 30 lbs between my elbows and my ears….HELP MR GURU STEVE! IM ADDICTED TO THE GYM AND I HAVE TOUCH OF BIG-O-REXIA!!

bbrock RailFan says:

I get a kick out of people who post a thumbs down but dont have the balls to explain why, I run a small model train video You Tube channel and get this. I dont even post any controversial comments on my videos at all. I have never said one negative thing. Also If they dont like they way something looks then post a suggestion. I will never understand this. If you are going to post a thumbs down then have the balls to say why.

The Jump Journal says:


MrTrenttness says:

Hear, Hear!
When I write my crappy comments I have you all know I’m over looking my fantastic spread of land ( moms basement )
Sporting my fantastic threads
( no shirt/sweat pants )
and looking back at my fantastic lifting career.
( intermediate level/two year bulk diet )

Jeffrey Bergstedt says:

I had a 1SG back in my Army days that would always exclaim “You big dummy!” whenever we fucked up. That’s the whole reason I’m here…

Kevin Araujo says:

This was funny. Steve u killed it today.

Joshua Klesel says:

I love it!!!

Tyler Overton says:

8th type of comment- call them a fake mercenary

Derek Johannis says:

Do 80% of the youtube commenters even lift 95% of them don’t post on YouTube. I am the 5%. Rich Piana reference.

Fletcher Gross says:

Wow man, just another click bait drama video and you’re probably shorter than me too! Ugh! Hahahahaha, fucking fantastic video dude.

Jose Garcia says:

Steve, that was hilarious. We do love your good looks, brother

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