What I Learned Throughout My Fitness Journey | Important Lessons & I Wish I Knew | #SelfLoveSummer

I hope this video helped you like I wish it would’ve helped me in the very beginning. Thanks so much for watching! (: If you liked this video and want to see more, make sure to give this video a thumbs up! (:

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christian castellanos says:

You are so delicious lol

Wendy Bravo says:

I love how honest you are, you’re my inspiration

Daniel Rodriguez says:

Great video…the food part and telling us that form is more important then weight is so helpful. Great job

Guadalupe Calderon says:

but seriously this is why I actually continue following you and watching your videos bc you tell us how it is. You don’t try to fake anything, like you said you tell us when you’re sucking in in a photo and breaking your back

Edith Correa says:

Half way thru this video and I’m already crying I struggle with my weight everyday it’s always so heart breaking for me specially cause I dream of doing those cute photo shoots in crop top and shorts but words like this videos like yours always have me look on the bright side and that is why I support you in everything you do! Thank you so much for using your platform for good maybe soon I can buy your ex fit guide! Lots of love and blessings ❤️

James Jones says:

Love you EZ, is all that thick, shiny hair really you? How many hours a week do you put in at the gym? That facial bone structure tho. Thanks for showing the real.

joselin solis says:

Can you do a video on form? Because I really don’t know the right form to workout at the gym

Kathleen Totten says:

You are body goals and just goals is general!!! I’ve been working really hard in my strength training class to work towards what you can do and get a bigger butt, a small stomach and better arms and legs. I’ve been cutting out certain foods and drinks too.

Daniela Polanco says:


emilyjohnson says:

yes girl i feel this, especially the heavy part, like my guy friends make fun of me cuz i can only squat like 115-135 and thats only for a few reps, but like OK CHAD U KEEP QUARTER SQUATTING

Viola Zsuzsanna Langer says:

Major respect

Hailey Canchola says:


Guadalupe Calderon says:

* watches thru the whole ad so you can get that $$ *

BrookeMarie says:

I love this so much! You are beautiful inside and out and so inspiring! <3

Yo Rocky says:

You’re an awesome person, and you should be very proud of what you’ve done, and how far you’ve come. Keep kicking ass. 😉

aziz ahmed says:

Look at human body; how beautifully and perfectly each piece of flesh has been positioned….. Why not admire it!! https://bit.ly/2jq8bG1

Sandy Negron says:

I wish you knew how much this video has helped me. I love that I can relate to this video. Thank you Elizabeth ❤️

Amber Dusharm says:

I absolutely loved this! I’ve just recently started to get back into fitness and this truly inspired me ❤️

beccs5050 says:

Okay….what does cutting mean?!? I asked Whitney, Nikki B, no one will answer me. Im assuming it means eating less, but im not 100% sure.

Jennifer Medina says:

Thank you so much. I really needed this you have no idea! I would really like to hear more about your journey and all the other tips you have. 🙂

Shelbie Toole says:

This video is amazing and everything you’ve said here is 100% true ❤️ Thank you for always being real!

Karina Rutledge says:

Thanks for this video babe!!!

Cassandra s says:

Yes part 2 please! Very helpful

Frank Henry says:

I love your hair!

Annie Biagi says:

I look up to you. You’re honest

Alex Musker says:

Love this! Switched from more bodybuilding style workouts to oly weightlifting almost a year ago and recently compared progress pics before and after and the difference is mad! But the main difference for me is I’m much happier training something I enjoy ❤️ Love seeing your videos, you always come across as super honest and down to earth

Grace L says:


Cristina Crespo Morillo says:

This video is honestly one of the best ones you’ve ever made and I’m so proud of you ❤
You are such a genuinely amazing person ❤

Sophia Kang says:

I love how real and upfront you are. It’s really refreshing seeing an insta fitspo talk about the less glamorous (but no less real) parts of the fitness journey. You’re sincere and not just a walking advertisement. I love and appreciate you for that. On another note, can you review more insta famous fitness brands?

Jade Harrifit says:

This video is so important and I’m glad you talk about these kind of things. You’re truly an inspirational queen <3

Kayla Marie says:

Could you talk about plateuing? I’ve been stuck since January and feel like giving up on my weight loss journey

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