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MEDITATION FOR BEGINNERS : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q5thMTntbOY&list=PLfNW_1ECVaTioa4C5cWuNGOy5-T4NG8gr

What’s good my Teenage bros & broettes? Today’s super special video is a detailed guide to being a teenager AND keeping your body fit, with a focus on how to grow taller. Your teenage is a very crucial phase of your life since this is the period that will determine how you will LOOK for the rest of your life! Your muscle mass as well as your adult height is decided by a few factors during your teens – your growing years!
In today’s video i’m giving you the basics on exercise for teenagers as well as basics of nutrition for teenagers. I will also cover sleep patterns and their roles on your fitness as well as your end adult height. We’ll also talk about the role of psychological factors on your health and height. Think of this as an intro to your teenage fitness routine for both girls as well as guys! Teenage health tips, in one crisp video!

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ritesh kamble says:

Hii bhai my age is 19 and i want to increase my height my height is only 5.0 ft so kya hum badha sakte hai

ETzockiT says:

Do one for Clubbing Outfits in India!

Biswa Abhilash says:

How to loss thigh fat and thigh size

Lucky Bajaj says:

Future balance life

Virat Kohli Channel says:

Bro apne kal jo post dale the usme curly hairsme acche dikh rahe ho
Nice look

abhiram ak says:


Kamran shaikh says:

Nice Great.

Barnali Roy says:

Thanks a lllllloottt bhaiya .i follow ur channel blindly

vivek abraham says:

bro..Make a video about nofap

Akshat Chopra says:

waiting for video on fashion for winters

99Hdmovies download says:

hi bade bhai I am 19 will I grow ??

shakti swarup das says:

Hyy !! pls give some tips on how to increase height in the age after 20s…:(

Rishabh Verma says:

I’m 5’7 and I’m 18, can I still grow???

Pikzel Steven says:

I am 20+ is this video is helpfull for me

Raghav Khajuria says:

Please make a video on Lower Back Pain.

Pratik Tulsyan says:

Bete height bharne ati toh tu apne pahale bhara leta, chutiya banana chor de ab

varad marathe says:

Thx bro

AroxFTW says:

The relative height scale you showed is soo accurate. My mom is 5’6″, my dad is 5’8″ and I am 6’0″. I am only 16 so there is a slim chance that I might gain 1-2 inches.

Pratik Panigrahi says:

I’m 20 and 5’2 can I gain atleast 3 more inches. Help me out bro.

akshay verma says:

Sir, what to eat if we are living in hostels and not at our home?

aarush mehrotra says:

Just play a sport
Have a proper nutrition
Take less stress
Try to hang daily on a hanging bar
Thank me later…..

Simon John says:

It’s great how this guy tells and proves most myths!My parents believed that weight training stunts height and even I believed that weight training stunts growth But, I showed the BEERBICEPS video to my parents and the way they thought for over a long time changed! Now I have gained 10 pounds of lean muscle mass in 6 months and….. I’m 14 years old!! Salute brother!! #BBARMY

GangXter says:

Hello sir, My age is 20 years 4 month And my height is 5.5 feet, my parents height is my dad’s height 5.4 feet and my mom’s 5.0 feet. Can i still grow and add about 2-3 inches.

Sagar Bagul says:

Bro 1 video on nofap challenge…want to know about truth…..

Rushaan Soni says:

Bro I am 13 and my height is 6 2 what to do

Siddharth Dabas says:

Is this myth real that if we lift weights in our teenage restricts our height?

Nitesh Mohite says:

MH 01 DA 8400

Heart It #BeerBiceps.. ❤

Bishal Mondal says:

I am 21,my height is 5.4′ ..how can i grow taller ?

Gaurav Thakur says:

Videos on masturbations


Good one

Kush Prakash says:

Thanks Ranbeer, i was gonna start the low calorie diet or even planning on a keto diet, but now that i know that carbs are important in teenage, i will not.

Anshul Daksh says:

Can this be applied for a 18 year old guy?

ever guitars says:

Bro is doing jump rope at morning and doing weight traning at evening is good for health or not

Rd yachilibo says:

What Behind u red botel?
Bro u r alcholic


Why you eat everyone Brain by useless chit chat like bitches ? Do come on point dude…. Dont suck new viewers

Sunita Phougat says:

Can you please tell the name of lader like thing you were jumping on at 6:19

Mayur Totla says:

Hi ! I’m mayur and I’m at age of 24 what I do for my FITNESS & HEIGHT. I’m 5.11″ in height , whats the my fitness guides according to you….

Sübhräñşhû Bîswâs says:

Bro does height also decreases

rishyl fernandes says:

Is there any chances for me to grow taller ? I’m 20 !

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