ULTIMATE REVIEW: Gymshark Haul & Try On | SIZE, FIT & AVOID Guide (Lex Fitness)

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New Gymshark Release: Onyx Imperial & Ozone Haul Size Guide, Fit Review, Colours, Material, Gym Kit, Sports Wear & Seamless Products try on + Special Details to help Pass and not Fail your workout test!

• • • TIME STAMPS • • •
0:22 Ozone Hoodie
3:00 Ozone Sweats
4:30 Ozone Shorts
5:54 Onyx Imperial Tee
7:42 Onyx Imperial Tank
8:40 Onyx Imperial Long Sleeve Hoodie
10:40 Onyx Imperial Leggings

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Andrew Roberts says:

Mint video lex I’m looking at ordering one of there living tee shirts mate I’m not sure on what size I’m 5 foot 5in and average build what size would you recommend ? Cheers andy

Ikem Louis says:

I’ll wait for the onyx imperial to go on sale. For now I’ll get the lifestyle shirts and swimwear

Chyvan Mahabeer says:

Hey Mr Griffin, are these items shipped to South Africa? #Crew!

TTV TTV says:

The size guide is really good, just wondering I have similar stats on the chest and waist. But I’m 6ft 3in. Anyone in the comments with similar stats who have the Ozone top. What size did you go for? XL or XXL.

Gains OnGains says:

did he say anything negative about any product or advise you not to buy at least one item?

Brayden says:

looks like you’re wearing your girlfriend’s hoodie. The one in the thumbnail.

Dennis Wagner says:

My first gym shark order was my last. The logos started falling off immediately. One garment was delivered with the decals falling off. I let them know and they started giving me the run around. Since then I’ve spent $500 plus dollars on Alphalete.

Reel Fitness says:


Jason Clifford says:

Are you planning your own line with gymshark with your own little quirks like Steve’s one?? I think your line would be very interesting to see

Anthony scott says:

More like granny and grandad trousers and the hoodie is like a cardboard straight jacket ,. try wearing comfortable lose fit by bobby long stock and Albert yulug it’s so cool and Fantastic and you won’t get silly Size that is restricted and chokes You . go to bobby long stock .com for a cool PROPPA fitting tops and bottoms

Jacob Quiroz says:

love your hauls!!

dikkeaap says:

Why the fuck do people still watch these trash video’s?? Its all about Gymshitshark with stupid meetups and popup stores.. 1 big marketing joke. There’s not alot of people watching this, you have 432k subs and only 12k views in 20 hours LMAO

Gregory Schaub says:

damn Lex you are a sexy beast

Tom Ryan says:

1:03 that edit tho… XD

Harry Is Awesome says:

Everytime gymshark releases new products, i just type Lex in youtube in order to see your review! Wish you do more about the gymshark unboxing! Have a great day mate!!!!!

Adam Thomas says:

O-Zone line.. so it slowly disappears?

Enrique De León says:

I was waiting for you to put up this video and this seriously helped me decide. I missed the first Onyx release, didn’t even realize there was a 2nd, but definitely wasn’t going to miss this one. I just wasn’t sure what color, size, or style. Happy to say that your in-depth review helped me select the following: hoodie, t-shirt, & leggings in both black & “cement” lol.

Thank you for this review! Gymshark owes you big time!

Sami Constantin says:

The clothes are blue not black, right??

N4uT says:

One question to everyone that might be able to help me.
Will the shown sizes still fit me if I´m quite the same height but not nearly as muscular as Lex?

Wobbuh says:

@Lex Fitness Love the clothing, jsut doesnt fit 🙁 90 cm (35 inch) chest ectomorph. think about us tooooo

jim Jimerson says:

No man should be wearing clothes this tight full stop

MajorStra says:


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