The BodyBoss Fitness Guide | An HONEST body positivity review

For more info: | So excited to share my honest experience these past four weeks with the BodyBoss Fitness Guide, specifically from my perspective as someone involved in the body positivity community!
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While this is a sponsored video, all opinions are 100% my own and completely uncensored.


Tania Hopfensperger says:

Thank you! I loved the end of your review! I would get so discouraged when I’d flip to a page with one of those “motivating” messages.

Lala Jhuon says:

Nice dear.
Looking nice
Take care always.
God bless you always.
I Like your channel always.

Nathalie Landry says:

Thanks for the positive comments. I just received my package on Friday and started yesterday. However, I don’t pay attention to the about imaging self on a beach in bikini with Ryan Gosling 😉 I do agree that it would be nice to have not only thin women in the book but also pictures of curvy women….Women with curves are also sexy….

Martha Alvarado says:

You’re amazing!

court xo says:

So helpful! I love how you approach it from a body positivity standpoint. I need to start doing that myself! Thank you!

Ahmed Salih says:

That is great !!!

Danielle Levy says:

reasons to workout: getting stronger, building stamina, becoming more flexible, better quality sleep, developing kinesthetic awareness, getting energized, developing discipline, improving balance, practicing better body alignment, preventing diseases and illnessesetc etc etc. It’s so much more than losing weight or how you look. #healthateverysize

Danielle Levy says:

i’ve always been stronger than most of my boyfriends. its all a matter of training. being skinny means nothing. i remember going to the gym and seeing the skinny girls working out next me. none of them had muscle so they weren’t very strong and didn’t have very much stamina. that’s not to shame anyone skinny. perhaps they were just starting out their workout journey to get stronger too. what it says is that being skinny and being fat don’t mean anything in terms of being fit.

Crystal King says:

Ahh! I couldn’t agree more! I love the hiit structured work outs but have been looking for something more body positive. Ie. I don’t want to hear about what this will do to my bikini body because I already put my body in a bikini!!!

Have you found any other structures HIIT workouts with a more body positive position??


Ada Secor says:

I’ve been doing Body Boss since January, and one thing you did not mention is the AMAZING Facebook community of #Bossbabe that uplift and empower each other at all shapes, sizes and stages of the journey.

Karine McGraw says:

WOW!!!!! You are amazing! And you look great! I weight 222 haha… And its not because I eat burgers 😉

MsSleeplessFreak says:

Hi! Thank you for this wonderful video. 🙂 I came across BodyBoss as an add on IG, and have been wondering about it. I started reading reviews and watching videos, then I came across yours. I like it a lot! All of us women should realize that we all come in different shapes, size and even color… and there is not ultimate standard on how you should supposed to look, we are “our own” person and we should learn to love everything that’s given to us. We are beautiful in our own way. 🙂 I’ve always felt conscious of my body, and what people think. I can easily gain and easily get stressed out that my metabolism slows down easily. I easily get self-conscious… I know it’s destructive and I know I can’t expect for things to change if I’m not willing to put the work into it. It’s expensive to go to the gym all the time and I wanted something that can guide me anywhere I am and I can continue at home. I don’t really know other kinds of exercise guide, but BodyBoss seems a good place to start.. Before I think that having a great body is priority, but now I think building a healthier lifestyle is way better.

How was the Bodyboss program for you so far? 🙂
I hope you’ll continue to make body positivity videos. It’s inspiring!
Thank you!

Kay Bowen says:

I love your comments regarding how Bodyboss fitness guide and how you brought out the fact that they havre one type of person to use as their example. Not good in my opinion.
As well I thought it was great that you commented on the positive aspects of Bodyboss Fitness Guide.

sannymilk says:

Thanks for your review, I think I’ll get this, and you’re beautiful!

Kiersten Schiffer says:

Great honest review! I love your message Elle…especially the do it because it makes you feel good part…You are a wise woman!

Lala Jhuon says:

I Like your channel dear *** ELLE

Olga Rantalaiho says:

I really like this video on the guide, especially your views on the body positivity! Was also really put off by the pictures in the guide as I’ll never look as “perfect” as them, and that bikini-comment really put me off when reading it too. I like how diverse and different this review is, I’m starting the pre-training on monday!

Winnie Loves Life says:

I bought the bodyboss. How do I get the sports bra?

Ahmad Alou says:

Hallo, Elle

Danielle Levy says:

it wasn’t really that hard starting out, you just have to warm up first. going into it right away is gonna be hard for anyone, but a good brisk walk or jog beforehand really gets you ready for the work out and it seems easy peasy after that. warming up is everything. its hard to go straight into any workout without a warm up, even if you are in really good shape. my warm up: i went on a 4 mile walk with my dog. for those in a hurry, maybe a 4 mile walk doesn’t suit you. so perhaps you could try an easy 15-20 minute jog beforehand or maybe 10-15 minutes of jump rope. even 10 minutes of yoga might be enough. its all dependent on what your body needs. for me walking was enough and getting out into nature is really good for the endorphins.

Raina Hughes says:

Thank you for making this video it was very informative for me. I just purchased BodyBoss can’t wait to get started

Chloe Shapiro says:

Really appreciate this review! Thank you thank you!

Dee Bello says:

your awesome

John Carter says:


Robin B. says:

Thank you for posting this video. I’ve already bought BodyBoss a few months ago but it’s nice to see a body positive member do a truly honest review of the program and be very open about the challenges they faced doing the program. I especially appreciated that you mentioned the time it takes to complete the workouts, which are much longer than suggested, as well as the type of models they use throughout the book. When I was looking up the program a few months ago there were very few, if any women who were plus size like me, that actually did review the program and of course they don’t have any plus size and/or women of color models within the book.

Lala Jhuon says:

Looking so great full dear.
God bless you and good guide you always.
Take care always.
I Like your channel always.

Bernardo Patino says:

Super cool , lol.

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