Supplements for Beginners | Ultimate 30-Day Beginners Guide To Fitness | Day 5

Today is all about the basics of supplementation. Learn where to start when diving into the dietary supplement market and what to take first!
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Supplements have become an undeniable part of the fitness lifestyle for people around the globe in recent years. But the funny thing is, of the many, many successful transformations that happen on, nearly all of them say that their diet, not their supplements, made the real difference.

The supplements just fill the gaps in their diet, and help them dial-in their physique to that “after” picture. They helped with the detail work, not the foundation work. So what should you take away from this?

– Get your diet in line first! The opposite approach is what we call “trying to out-supplement a bad diet,” and long story short, it doesn’t work.

– Start with the basics. For Steve Cook and many others, those basics include nothing more than a protein powder, multivitamin, and fish oil. If you’re like many people, you might already be taking all of these! To learn more about each, just click on the articles below and check out the video and category guides!

– Have reasonable expectations, and let supplements work over time. They make a cumulative difference over time when working with the stimulus provided by your training, as Steve explains in today’s video.

| Day 5 Challenge |
– Learn about supplements on this page.
– Look at some successful transformations and the “stacks” that people use.
– Sleep well tonight and plan out your day for tomorrow. You have another workout ahead of you!

Once you’re training regularly and feel like you’ve got a program you can stick with for a few months, you’ll be ready to think about a “stack” to meet your specific goals. Look at successful transformations on our site, and you’ll see every kind of stack. But until you’ve been at this for a while, it’s OK to stay with the basics.


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Husnu Coban says:

hahahaa it is so funny that after 2 years from upload, there are only 2 comments at comment section. hahahahaha


David Threakall says:

The vitamin A in multi vitamins because it is not in the natural beta carotene form will probably lead to osteoporosis later on in life. This is because the body is designed to take as much vitamin A from the beta-carotene as it needs were as if it receives it in its raw form it will over stock itself in the bone and cause them to weaken over time. Not that I am against supplements, even multi vitamins are great if you have a deficiency in your diet, it is just best to get your vitamins and minerals from your diet alone. But then again I am not trying to sell supplements for a living… 😉
TL/DR: Get a multi vitamin or vitamin supplement without the raw vitamin A if possible and do not use vitamin A supplementation long term.

Ravi Anand Veludandi says:

We all “WORK” out at a gym or somewhere… my dream ambition is to convert that work to some sort of kinetic or electric energy in order to produce or enhance the power system of the surrounding ambiance. Imagine your calories burn in order to help someone or to help generate electricity. Can you just spread this humble thought of mine or even innovate it somehow. It would be of a great help.

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