New Years Resolutioners Guide to Fitness Youtube | AThlean X | Infinite Elgintensity | Chris Heria

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Jaime Colon says:

I am so glad you touched on supplements and said you don’t need them, too many fuckers fall for that

Ich Bin says:

With all those resolutions, gyms, weightlifting, calisthenics, etc, why no one gives a duck ’bout swimming? If you do not mind me asking, what’s your opinion on swimming, everyone seems to be supercrazy about fitness, but I rarely see vids on how swimming helps people at least stay in shape, if not progressing. God Bless.

Detective John Kimble says:

Just post videos of obese people eating, that’s motivation right there.

Immersive Sports Science says:

Fantastic guide for beginners, the yellow pages of (UK phone book) for YT fitness professionals.

aaron boddie says:

To all the people taking L’s during the last few months. I just got one question: WHY

Isaac Ng says:

watch Swolenormous without the Bullshit 😀

JessWho says:

I’m just not looking forward to seeing a bunch of people in the gym because the gym I go to is so small already and I’d hate for it to be crowded. But if that does happen I’ll have to go in the middle of the night to avoid everyone lmao

Anaa Abbas Rizvi says:

what about omarisuf??

Joaquín Fernando says:

Red Delta Project is actually one of the best fitness channels right now, mostly about calisthenics but great information on general fitness.

Johnny Everest says:

Everyone new needs to see this video. Great job.

Amir Asadi says:

Hahahahahahahah that jay white v shreds roast xD

Thumpingpine X says:

What do you think about alphadestiny?

Sargon says:

Supplements can sometimes be justified for a beginner. What if a beginner can’t hit their macronutrient goal just by eating food? Maybe they naturally have a low appetite and don’t like to eat a lot, or perhaps they have an inconvenient lifestyle and can’t access nutritious food most of the time. In such cases there’s nothing wrong with a beginner taking supplements such as a protein shake or Omega-3.

Jordan Williams says:

Not, trying to defend Chris or anything ( also not knocking him), but he’s done money challenges like that before

Joel Hall says:

Essop Merrick

Mike AN says:

Check out Bam Baam
Vegan YouTube calisthenics bodybuilder.
I’ve only seen a few of his videos so far but seems pretty good.

Zain Miah says:

For people who are new to fitness or need to regain strength and size i would recommend stronglifts 5×5 as it is great if you are weak and if you arent making progress. Just search it up and its easy to find. It helps make tons of strength gains

Jack R. Abbit says:

Killing me with the cake clip.

Ben Macdowall says:

Wishing all the people starting out the best of luck. Starting lifting weights was the best decision I made and my only regret is not starting earlier! You won’t believe how much you can change your life in just a years time

thespanish21god says:

Hey Alan, that BIG girl you showed at 1:06 is VERY Sexy!!!!! I WOULD do her!
GREAT advice too for the new year!

thebozman1000 Ok says:

The tattoos of faces on her arms were to scale

Zain Miah says:

this channel shows true respect to people. Doesnt mind showing other channels in fear theyre better than him. something we need to see more

ppazumas says:

a key for the new years resolution crew is start off slow and with small goals don’t go in full force and with unattainable goals and then in a week you give up

Morpheah says:

Just noticed…google WILL NOT autocomplete “weight” right after her name,no matter how many letters of the word one types in!!!

Bruce Wayne says:

Those cleans didn’t count because he didn’t do them correctly. Chris Heria should stick to calisthenics.

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