My Health & Workout Routine! Curvy Fitness Guide & Nutrition Guide w/BodyBoss!

Weight loss, healthy eating, and workouts go hand in hand for my healthy curvy body! For my curvy girl workout routine, I use the bodyboss workouts and bodyboss healthy recipes in the nutrition guide and fitness guide!

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My Fitness Routine 2018! These are the curvy girl workouts & healthy recipes I cook to lose weight! I’m so excited that BodyBoss is the sponsor of this video, because Body Boss is a huge part of my healthy lifestyle and weight loss. My fitness journey is still in progress, but I’m learning how to lose weight the healthy way through exercise and eating healthy.



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Hi!! My name is Sierra Schultzzie and I make 2 new videos every week about DIY projects, wedding planning, Curvy Fashion, Curvy Lifehacks, Routine Videos, and Disney! People also know me as Sierra Schultz or Sierra Schultzie!

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Mara Grace says:

Have you tried Fitness Blender? They also have some fun HIIT workouts

Brooke Carter says:

You should talk about hygiene.Or a shower routine just to switch up your content

Katie Zampiello says:

finally! a video that shows you can be curvy/plus size/thicc and work out

krishnan shruthi says:

Watch your form on those lateral raises girl, otherwise amazing video❤️

The Grace says:

if we have video idea suggestions can we comment them?

Allie Teusink says:

I love your videos!!!

DP Beauty says:

I love your channel so much ❤️

Bonnie Belle says:

About a year ago I started eating healthier for the pure purpose of weight loss, as well as exercising vigorously in my bedroom alone. I didn’t know what was good for me to eat, I went vegetarian but pretty much survived on sugar free ‘healthy’ snacks like cream cheese, sugar free cake, and lots of pasta. Surely enough this wasn’t getting me the results I wanted and at one point I started to restrict my calories below 400 a day (I know it’s ridiculous). But a couple moths later I went vegan and it has honestly been the best thing I have ever done. I love cooking and making healthy food and I don’t care how many calories are in the food I eat because I know it’s good for me! I do yoga, and meditate which keeps my body and mind fit, and I also just go for walks and runs when I feel like it! I’ve reached and healthy weight now and I love my body. Not because I lost the weight, but because I’m treating it right.

Its Sierra says:

What’s up with all these sponsored vids?

Éimhear & Aoife-Rose says:

I’m going to get great use from this video. Thank you x

Tianna Ouellette says:

I love how yo kept saying healthy lifestyle because diets may work but for long term results a healthier lifestyle is the best way to go! you are looking great girl 🙂

Amy Longley says:

Hey!! did you get a new ring?? its beautiful!

ioana.16 says:


Caua Benini says:

“i love my body” – Sierra wow I also want to be able to say this!!

Emmy M says:

I love this but bodyboss is extra money that I can’t afford. Can you do a non sponsored video with maybe an exercise routine or what I eat in a day?

Nastya HNO3 says:

That is so great, that you enjoy workout and do it not only for weight loss

jillybean says:

Ok but honestly, have you lost weight while doing it? I get it’s It about that but if you’re in a situation where you have to drop weight for your health I need to know if you’re seeing results

Nastya HNO3 says:

That is so great, that you enjoy workout and do it not only for weight loss

Gina de Nicolo says:

I know that some people are upset about this being sponsored, but if they truly watch your channel and your vlog channel as well as follow you on social media, would know that this is a real part of your life. Its something I’ve seen you talk and post about in non sponsored content and also is just a general theme that you promote here. Congrats on getting a sponsorship with a company you love! Love you and all your content Sierra!

mycatsaysmeow1 says:

I don’t mind sponsored videos, but I literally have no patience if they sound like infomercials.

Danielle Lanier says:

I have those exact dumbbells! 🙂

Jewel Jasmine says:

Cute workout top!!

Teepanjali says:

Hey, haven’t you already done a veryyy similar video before?
I love your content but I’ve never seen you repeat anything. Just took notice!

Ana Maria Cardenas says:

Love how you explain everything detailed

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