My Fitness Journey | WHITMAS DAY 13

VLOGMAS DAY 13 | My fitness journey, how I started and finding happiness. I hope you enjoy, xo.

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Rebecca M says:

Thank you for sharing that with us! I’m glad you feel much better now, to me the gym is part of my life, I cannot got back to where I was before, even dough I do not see the results for all that hard work working out is my passion. your tips motivate me to keep pushing and pushing …:)

Alex Gless says:

awe youre so sweet

Beth Garsea says:

This really does happen to people who are super depressed. Thank u for sharing this story.

rea frantz says:

So much respect for you and every message you sent in this video. Soooo motivating and inspiring!!!!

Meenakshi kumari says:

I love you dear so much

Libby Terjesen says:

Hehe I’m watching this in 2018

Cheyanne Blandford says:

Thank you for sharing your journey!! A job in Norway on your year mark???? Say whaaa’? Talk about mind blown!! I’m saying everything happens for a reason!!! I’m at the point where I love yoga and weigh-lifting; I’m reading Weight-lifting for Dummies. Yeah, but it’s actually enlightening – anyway, I found your Dumbell only Back and Bicep Workout! Thanks for your WhitTips so I can help my back feel soo much better! <3

Kyleah C. says:

Don’t worry Whitney. I hate Utah too.

Cintia Perez says:

whitneyyyyyy i love you so much !!! ive been watching u all day everyday for a few days now and ur so inspiring, ur heart is my goals! i can just tell ur heart is still loving even after the hurt &hard times. im so excited to see where i am when i hit my one year mark 😀

Ashley Norman says:

Watching this brought me to tears because of how similar our journeys have been. I’ve been watching your videos and such for a little bit now and I honestly believe we could be the best of friends! You’re so genuine and inspire so many with your passion and love for life. Our hardships make us who we are, and you Whit are one beautiful human being! Love you bunches darling, and never let anyone dull your sparkle ❤️

Michaela Štěrbová says:

When you want to hit subscribe after watching the video and then see you already did months ago lol. <3

Chelsey Trout says:

I’m so happy I came across this video. You inspire me to try harder when going to the gym. I’ve been having such a hard time this last year. Stuck in a job that effects my mood and happiness in a negative way. Finally started going back to the gym and it helps so much. I’ve noticed my moods are so much better on the days I make it and this video just helped to know 1) it happens to others 2) if you can do it and look as amazing as you do then I can do it too! You are truly inspiring. Thank you for sharing your story.

Leonor Arriaga says:

Whitney any tips on sore arms after a session? I lifted some weights for the first time and i absolutely loved it (u really inspired me to start) but the day after i literally couldnt move my arms..:( It´s been three days and im still sore..Any tips to recover faster?? Should i still workout (since i want to lose weight asap) having extreme soreness?? And will i gain weight if i dont workout or eat on calorie deficit for 2 days to recover??? lv u xx

Kimberly Jimenez says:

Hi whitney! I just want to ask if you use bcp? Did it make you gain weight?

Whitney Simmons says:

Trials, heartbreak and sadness… it happens to all of us. It’s about picking yourself up and finding your happiness. The gym became mine and I’m so happy it’s helped so many of you too. I have so much love for you, thank you for following me on this journey and sharing your own. Xo

Swetha Ragothaman says:

I almost cried when you broke down <3 :'( I have been literally watching your videos for quite a long time! And then today, I have subscribed for my membership at a gym inside my university. It is all because of the way you have been motivating people and pouring in so much love for all of us! I am going through the exact phase of being humiliated and all that stuff! I hope, an year from now on I would thank you for making me realize the life I deserve! love you so much! you will always be my greatest inspiration! 🙂

Ashley Hall says:

I have finally become fed up with my unhealthy lifestyle to the point that I’m actually excited about eating healthy and working out. While I am overweight (230lbs) I still want to lift weights. Is it bad to start lifting weights now? Or do I need to wait until I’ve lost weight? I have been going to the gym 3/4 times a week for about a month now and I want to start weight lifting in moderation.

debs Mercier says:

U r my motivation thanks:)

arianne hernandez says:

Dear Whitney,
I was exactly where you were when I began watching your videos (thankfully, I had the YouTube’s). Your workouts helped me to grow confident in the gym, in myself, and in my capabilities. I’m a year into my workout journey and I’m in another rough spot, I’ve been feeling so emotionally drained and have had no motivation in the past three months until recently. I’m just now watching this video and hearing your fitness journey and it is so in line with the place I was in and just the feelings of discouragement. Thank you for not only teaching us how to look great but FEEL great, one is nothing without the other. Thank you for always popping up on my YouTube list and reminding me to get back in there and keep going. You’re awesome.

Lauren Williams says:

I really want to thank you for this. I am new to weight training, because I was cut from my college swim team. I have a very similar story, and it was so amazing to know that I am not alone. Thank you.

Lauren Warner says:

I went through something similar in college and it was a start of a spiral for me too. When your identity is wrapped up in something and then it’s suddenly not a part of your life, it can be so difficult not to mention when that happens at a young age. Thanks for the story and the inspiration!

shawna lee says:

You are amazing and I love your story!

Little Queen says:

I know this is old, but now that I’m fat, what did you wear to the gym when you were heavy?

good vibes says:

Same here…..

CaptnKyrsh says:

Recently started watching you, and I’m just binge watching at this point. I think a lot of girls can relate to this story!

Rebecca M says:

Thank you for sharing that with us! I’m glad you feel much better now, to me the gym is part of my life, I cannot got back to where I was before, even dough I do not see the results for all that hard work working out is my passion. your tips motivate me to keep pushing and pushing …:)

Gabbrielle Smith says:

Thank you for your honesty and trueness! Glad I subscribed!☺️

Alyssa Coville says:

Every once in a while I lose motivation to go to the gym, usually because i’m so tired with school and work (nurse back in school upgrading to a degree). When this happens, like others, I turn to the internet to find healthy recipes, workouts, etc…. Usually i leave feeling just as bad as when i started searching. It’s videos like this that inspire me to continue to work on myself and motivate me. I know this is an old video of yours, but you are truly one of the few people I follow on social media that I don’t personally know. I have followed and unfollowed so many people because they don’t seem to have meaning, beyond fame and fortune. You are truly inspiring. Keep doing you girl. We need you 🙂

Betty Ventura says:

I’m glad you didn’t make the cheer team. God had a bigger and better plan for you. You have great parents and your dad was very motivational. He knew you had the courage and motivation to push and keep working harder.

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