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Erin May Henry says:

Hi Whistler BC- It wouldn’t let me reply directly to you so I hope you see this! Im not sure how you mean when you say 1&3 and 2&3 overlap. weeks 1 and 3 are the same and so are 2 and 4. This sequence continues through the 12 weeks, i.e 4 and 6 are the same, 5 and 7 also. You complete the week one workouts in your first week then the week two in your second then week three is essentially back to week one and so fourth.  Hope this clears it up for you! x

Noelia Simón says:

There is a BBG workout timer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AzAPSF6VJq8 
Thanks for your video!

whistler BC says:

Hello, i just bought the BBG today! and i noticed that week 1& 3 and 2&3 overlap. I was wondering if you just double the resistance workouts for the weeks that overlap. 

Rosario Patiño Lagos says:

I have a question, yesterday started the program. Today I read the guide training and says that in the second week to do 4-5 sessions LISS, ie every day ??? I get confused because I thought it was necessary to rest the body. The second question is only once a week I do stretching exercises? seems I was wrong to think that it was always after training

Angela Altese says:

i purchased the BBG but I’m confused as to what we do on Tuesday and Thursdays and Saturdays  because she only gives workouts for Monday, Wednesday and Friday . 

Riccardo Martins says:

omg what a difference to the now videos , well done Erin .. this channel is inspiring and no im not a girl boss lol but still get a lot of value keep up the good work

P Salirathavibhaga says:

Hi Erin, I’m just starting my BBG and I’m a little confused as to which circuit I have to do. For example, there are two different circuits listed per page/week, so do I just pick one of the two circuits for that day?

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