How to properly do intermittent fasting (Complete Guide)

This is the complete guide of what to do when intermittent fasting. I breakdown all the things you need to know when utilizing intermittent fasting. There are a lot of misconceptions out there and hopefully this video helps create more guidance. enjoy the video!

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* I’m not a nutritionist nor am I a doctor all information given has been gathered by personal experience and information that I researched and compiled over the years. Always consult a physician before starting a new diet, eating regiment, or workout plan.

Enjoy the video!

Are there any aspects of Intermittent Fasting that you would like me to touch on? If so let me know in the comments section below.

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Keyaun Clark says:

I’m trying this I gained too much weight over the holidays.

Random Gaming says:

Great Video for new people like me like i have 300 millions questions! thankyou! about 3 weeks into IF

Si mon says:

I have been eating only 4 hours a day (eating window strictly 5pm-9pm) for quite a while now, and based on my experience the advice given in this video is spot on. The only thing I would say it took me about 6 weeks to fully adjust, where I finally stopped feeling hungry, and I got vastly superior results from drinking only filtered water and nothing else.

Jacques Agnant says:

Bro you trimming or getting your eyebrows done lol.

Madison Willis says:

I have PCOS and am on met formin for it. I also have POTS and am on two different meds for that. I also take a probiotic. Will these affect my fast?? I only take them when I eat and I do OMAD

Eleanor Allas says:

is it advisable to do intermittent fasting 16/8 ….6 days a week?thanks new to intermittent fasting

Joyce Wambui says:

Thank you for the video watch you from Kenya

Steve Magana says:

Does a 5hr Entergy shot break a fast?

malcolm adderley says:

The Moebros beard has its own religion in Dubai. Leave fasting to the Flash or followers of North Korea!

SkippingLegDays says:

Make a video on fasting while having a cold or flu. So many people say don’t and some people say do it.

Wanna hear what you can find and think about that.

I believe fasting is good why would anyone keep their energy levels high while sick when you need to rest.

I also believe autophacy is great while being sick instead of feeding your body including the cold or flu.

Thanks, hope you read this.
If other people see this comment, let me hear what you think or talk from experience.

Thanks all.

Vera Caniglia says:

Just starting! Wish me luck!

xTressabellax says:

Can you eat too few calories in an OMAD diet (like 400-800cals, definitely below 1000)? Will eating too few calories slow down or stop the weight loss? I eat a normal sized meal when I have my OMAD dinner, but I don’t see the weight flying off (I have a good 60-70lbs that I could lose).

Ann Pringle says:

I been doing it for 6 months. I dont know what the junk is all about.

gourmet53 says:

Hi, big fan of your channel. I would like to know your take on recent videos I’ve watch now saying that a very high carb diet is the best way to bring IR down. Doesn’t make any sense to me, but some of these people are biology doctors that claim intermittent fasting does work for the short term but not in the long run. My wife is a type 2 diabetic for about 2 years now and I talked her into doing the omad fasting with me, but now I’m very concerned that I may be giving her bad advice. I’ve lost over 50 pounds so for and feel great. Could you please shed some light on this. I’m sure more of your subscribers will be seeing this information also. Thanks for all you do.

Mike Thompson says:

So when are you going to start your Thomas delauer 8 weeks on 8 weeks of the “rock” cycle delauer and the rock have made a lot of money from the tip of the needle

Adaliz Abreu says:

What about if instead of loosing weight you going weight doing IF, HELP

bby nuck says:

I wonder if coffee places have noticed an increase in people buying just black coffee since IF has gained popularity ?

Adam Symons says:

Do you think it’s ok to keep fasting after working out? Iv always been taught get the protein in right after a workout but I wanna work out from 615 to 7 in the morning and don’t wanna break my fast till 1130.

General Rigs242 says:

I lost alot a weight doing IF then switched to keto for 2 months. Recently switched back to IF but am finding difficulty with it for some reason. I feel like I am putting the weight back on and it’s terrifying seeing as how I lost it so quickly. I feels like the second I eat some pizza or a sandwich or two it’s like the food goes straight to my gut and I feel super bloated

shianne lee says:

if i do intermittent fasting, can i lose my butt from it? i’m trying to gain but idk if intermittent fasting is gonna make me lose my booty?

Neely Fullest says:

More “healthier” bro? Poor grammar, especially the basics, discredits you. You are a public speaker, fix it. Other than that, this content is superb and has changed my life.

ricardo diaz says:

that old guy at 2:09 lol

Rodrigo Bravo says:

Ive been doing IF for about 90 days and have only lost 15 pounds… Does anybody lift weights and IF? Im asking because i think my weight loss would be greater if i didn’t lift weights and just did cardio i would have lost more weight but dont want to be a scrawny guy

Charles Badger says:

Hey Bro,
My wife and I figured out that both of us plateau at 8 weeks with our fasting. So we took a 2 week break over the Christmas and New years holidays. We both gained 6 to 9 lbs, but that is because we were cheating.
Now we are doing a 6 week fasting keto life style where the 1st 2 weeks we do 16/8, the next two weeks we do 16/8 4 days a week and 20/4 for 3 days a week, then the last 2 weeks we do 20/4 during the 5 weekdays then do a 16/8 on the weekend. Then the next two weeks do a 12/12 fasting keto diet to rest our bodies out of that plateau and then start those new 6 weeks again. Essentially an 8 week process, but with it changing that often the body will not or should not ever plateau, but we will see.

Last year we did fasting and keto in October and November with the 1st 2 weeks of December. She lost around 10 lbs without going to the gym and I lost 30 lbs with the gym included. But we both plateaued by Thanksgiving. We cheated over thanksgiving and got back on the fasting keto life style for around 3 more weeks and didn’t lose any weight, but lost inches. So with this new process in the new year we think we will be able to lose fat just as fast and never hit a plateau, but we will see.

I wanted to know your thots?

bby nuck says:

The hardest part for me was skipping my morning coffee. After doing IF for 3 months I now have coffee but not until at least 10am so I don’t go beyond a 12 hour eating widow re Dr Rhonda Patrick’s Joe Rogan interview .

Abhiraj Sinha says:

This man knows what to deliver and it’s quite satisfying

Tabasco Studios says:

I really need help with this, I do a 16/8 fast, I have been doing it for 1 month and I’ve seen no different. I eat less then 900 calories in the eating period.
I eat from 8:00 to 4:00. I try to eat yummy foods and look at nutrition facts and make sure it has low calories and low sugar, and sodium. I drink 5 12 liter water bottles a day. I get nine hours of sleep. And I drink lemon detox water. I also work out everyday. BUT I NEVER SEE ANY CHANGES

Cathy 111363 says:

I like the IF 16/8….I feel I can do it for life with low carb/ keto/ carnivore woe.

C1 says:


-Please make a video about Aloea Vera King OKF SugarFree and Intermittent Fasting, does it break it?

-What do you think about Fat Burner Lean Mode and how good would be using it if you area fasting 17/7

-I know it’s not ideal, but, If you really want some bubble gum, would be two or three Orbit Professional White per day a good option??

Thank you!

أمينه أمينه says:

Vegan intermittent fasting. Love it.Thank you for this awesome video.

Sean says:

What is salsa water ?

Ann Pringle says:

I do 18 to 20 hours, but from the holidays my calorie intake is bad, not from food junk
I’m not a foodie! But I been eating junk on my window which is bad! Drinking only water and herbal teas.

micnpark says:

Is IF good to develope muscle mass? I dont want to lose weight, but lose fat and get more muscle.

CritikulThinkin says:

I’ve been if 16:8 since Jan 1 and counting calories a few times I struggled with the amount of water but I’ve only drank water and I’m still the same weight… and yes working out. I’m unsure what I’m doing wrong .

kevin cudjoe says:

Does half a cucumber break a fast?

Normal IF Guy says:

Right I don’t get it, I’ve been fasting for 110 days consistently with no breaks. I do 20hrs on a week day and 16 hrs on a weekend but I still get hungry during my fasting window.

Jimmie Cooksworth says:

Been watching for about four or five months I think this is your best video yet I’m down almost 70 lbs utilizing a lot of what you teach.

Michael O’Leary says:

How often should you lift weights and for how long

Roald Mar Valentino says:

does gluthathione capsule break fasting?

Lloyd Hlavac says:

Greatly appreciate all your info on IF. I also like how you don’t single out any one particular diet, that this works with various diet choices.

Granger Hughes says:

Can your body get used to IF

Black Beauty says:

Hi. Today is my 5 day doing 20/4. My eating window 2-6pm.
All was going well until I started to feel lightheaded and nausea around 1pm today. Could not hold out till 2pm so I ate a few crackers and peanut butter. Will this be an everyday thing?

Rickard Lind says:

First, I love your work, you’re a great inspiration.
As allergic to milk proteins I struggle to find a good replacement to butter. I’ve been told margarin is super bad for me. Is any kind of margarine that’s ok, any other tips for what to replace butter with? I want to use if for cauliflower mash and oil makes is to lose.
Regards Rickard

Mike Nickels says:

I just subscribed and as soon as I got a commercial in the middle of your video I unsubscribed…no biggie….it’s just a pet peeve

Rauni J says:

Thank you Edward we needed this so much!!

shinyshinythings says:

Interesting perspective. I gave up sugar first but kept some carbs, even white rice and sourdough bread for a while, gradually reduced them as well, and by the time I was ready to start IF, I was already low carb. I’ve heard being fat adapted helps adjust to the fasting periods. But I agree with the idea of ramping up to it so you’re not feeling deprived.

gpooh55x says:

❤ ur videos so helpful for me because I’m starting out thank u so much!!!

iris says:

Is it a waste of time to start my window is 14 fasting and 10 eating…..I would like to work up to 16/8 but it’s gonna take a little time. I do have will power but its really hard for me to jump right into fasting 18 hours the 1st day I start this new way of eating.

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