Fitness Transformation + Healthy Meal Ideas ft. BodyBoss Nutrition Guide

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Kay C says:

Could you make a video explaining intermittent fasting?
Considering it but not sure

Gabriela Brito says:

Talk more about the fasting!!! Please!

Cara Byrne says:

I’d absolutely love to see some workout ideas. I am definitely in a rut, I’ve just completely plateaued and I need to shake things up. Any ideas or routines would be brilliant. Cheers x

Anya Marie says:

I ended up getting Bodyboss when you originally talked about it on your channel, and I am loving it! It kicks my butt, but I find myself looking forward to doing it because I am seeing the results.

Eryn Eaton says:

It seems no matter what I do I’m not getting any skinner or more muscle

Lizzie Parr says:

Thanks for this!❤️

Christine Leggett says:

When were you 145 lbs? When was that before picture taken? 12 weeks ago when you “started” was end of Sept and all your vids from Sept have 135 lbs in the description. Been following you for a long time on here and insta and.. if you like a program- great. If you’re able to build your brand with sponsorships- fantastic. But don’t lie and say you were bigger to sell someone else’s books. Source:

Kat Kay says:

I have been working out at home its working the gym thats in my area is pay to go.

i dc says:

pls talk more about intermittent fasting how you got into it why it works who it works for etc i’m curious

Jelena Lee says:

Omg I love this video!!! Much needed since the holidays is when the heavy foods get funneled into my mouth! Also I love that you promote variety and that it’s ok to change up the routine if you’re not getting the results you want :)))

Kate Lyman says:

You should try mansports workout supplements they are flavored like candy with lots of different flavors I think you would like them

Cyntera May says:

I randomly woke up one morning and stopped eating meat… So the current battle is trying to get everything I need in my diet while being a collegiate dancer. Maybe something like bodyboss would be a good tool!

Lisa Vang says:

Hi Hopescope. Was wondering if u tried spinach wrap?? A healthier version of wraps.Eggs in the muffin pan,Now,I gotta try that!! Thanks for sharing.

Lexi Hamm says:

I recently just got out of a fitness rut! I went to see a new general doctor and she asked me about my goals etc and she told me everything I was doing wrong. Now I’m on the IF train too. I drink tea and lemon water in the mornings (along with that apple cider vinegar shot because it stabilizes insulin levels and reduces insulin resistance which is v important since type II diabetes runs in the family) and then I drink matcha powder mixed with water when I’m feeling snacky at night. I’ve also switched up so I’m training less. I do yoga 3 days a week in the mornings instead and it helps my stress levels a ton while strengthening my core and correcting my breathing. I train fasted twice a week and do a lot of isolation work to strengthen what’s weak. After my body is evenly strong, I’ll switch to an overall growth approach again, but for right now I’m happy as heck and my energy levels are finally through the roof again.

Desiree Grauds says:

Is that food guide available yet? Im not seeing it on their site 🙁

Robyn Werling says:

Id love to see some workout videos too! I’ve been doing weight training for about a year, and while I enjoy it, I don’t feel like I’m getting the results with my body that I want :/ I’m def going to look into this meal plan!!

Emily Frank says:

Yeah – I’ve tried counting calories – I felt amazing, but I was starting to obsess with it and stopped enjoying the social aspect of eating.

Gain Genetics says:

Great channel keep it up!!

Katie Johnson says:

Oh my gosh thank you so much for this video. I love these kinds of videos

Samantha Andrews says:

Yessss vlogmas day 14!!!!!!!

Kay C says:

Oh, the nutrition!

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