Hey Babes! Welcome back to my channel! This video is all about my top 6 tips for beginners looking to get fit! I know its hard and we all need some guidance on where to start! I am sharing with you what worked for me and tips you should consider if you are ready to get into living a healthy life! #weservingbodyall2018

I also have more exciting news….I’ve decided to come up with my own version of Vlogmas! I know everyone on YouTube does Vlogmas….but instead of Vlogmas I will be doing “12 Days of Toi” for this holiday season. For the month of December, I will be releasing 3 VIDEOS A WEEK ON RANDOM DAYS!! Be sure to put on your notifications so you’re in the know for the next video! It’s gonna be cray! Like seriously. 3 videos a week. Of me. Straight craziness!

These are just some tips and guidance on what helped me turn my life around and focus on getting healthy. Being fit is a lifestyle and I hope this video helps motivates you before 2017 is over!

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Sports Stop With Deondre' Branch says:

WHat got you into fitness ?

Princess Saidah says:

Yes! So excited for 12 days of toi!!! Nice tips!!! To be honest I love working at, I just have to get my diet in order.

Meika Renee says:

Toi!!!!! In time you are going to kill this game being a Youtuber while being black!! I found your channel through Vynnessa and one of her videos was commenting or opening the dialogue about there not being many black fitness industry YouTuber and you and her are doing an amazing job at this! While watching your videos, I’ve see your subscribers go up by two already! I love your energy and I love the representation that you are putting out there!!!!!!!!!

iamsilentprogress says:

Yess 12 Days of Toi excited! Lordt knows ima need this motivation this was motivating!!!

Jane G says:

I was afraid to go to the gym and postponed it for months 🙂 One day I went with my friend and realised how silly that was

Linda Skidmore says:

I loved all your tips. They incorporate both diet and exercise. I like the idea of planning. I think it would keep you motivated longer instead of getting bored with the same routine every day.

Legion Fitness says:

Subd and smashed that like button!

Michelle Mills says:

Hey girl! great video you are so cute!

Monyette's Makeup says:

These were some GREAT tips! I definitely needed this motivation! Do you have any recommendations on how to boost your energy? I sooo want to workout more, but I need that extra boost to get me UP & AT IT!

Crown of Beauty says:

I like you own version of Vlogmas. I like these tips, it make fitness attainable. I have definitely been eating better recently

Catherine Catoura says:

I’m with you on Vlogmas that’s a lot of work lol

Justcallme Shy says:

Great tips, definitely going to share this with people that need some help.

Luis Ordaz says:

Hah that’s super clever! I definitely see a lot of vlogmas right now. Love that tip on attainable goals! ❤️

Mark Eader says:

Great Advice! Love the video. You’re a rockstar!

Teasia Battle says:

I enjoyed this video boo! I love love love rewarding myself. After you’ve worked so hard to meet your goals rewarding yourself is so important and it motivates you so much more to accomplish your goals.

Nikki Charlton says:

I find it so helpful to make a journal for myself and set goals by actually writing them down!

Jessica Valdez says:

just binge watched all of your videos lol love your channel!!

ClassyMiaa says:

Do you meal prep? Or calorie count. I typically don’t each junk – cookies, chips, soda, juice etc. I tend to consume a lot of carbs though.

SlydellSTUDIOS by Ty Slydell says:

So ready for this vlogmas !!!

Nicole Flint says:

Vlogmas can be stressful! Meal prepping has helped me TREMENDOUSLY!

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