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pumped for this video because I would love all these gifts so much! the holidays/your birthday is the perfect time to ask for fitness gifts that will keep you on track of staying healthy and motivated.

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Hannah Lee says:

Can we buy stride merch?

Autumn Rasmussen says:

I am legit so happy you are back!

Mike Anthony says:


Cris Garcia 6 says:

That is very awesome Tori. I have never seen that you teach spin at pretty much at my age. But I wanted to say that you can do it. I’m not going to stop on getting fit and taking spin. I would take spin class but you teaching spin. It will be so so fun but I’m far far away. I like sending positivity and support and I hope that you have a wonderful Christmas.

Misty Dormer says:

Where did you get your choker? It’s super cute!

Oyuncak TV Dünyası says:

Merhaba çok güzel sin

J says:

Tori all I want for Christmas is some stride merch, girl! I missed the chance to snag it when you sold it online. Will it ever be available online again?

katie lehrer says:

And maybe a juicer or blender better knives for cutting the veggies and fruits :))

Lizzie says:

Literally so happy that you started posting again LY

Alejandra Hernandez says:

Heey!! I am so happy you are back doing videos! I LOVED this video! Thank you!

Melissa Herrmann says:

What are the Nike sneakers called?! I love them and would love to purchase them!

Katie Reynolds says:

Foam roller would be good too

Gabrielle Onken says:

Ur really pretty always. Makeup or no makeup

Gabrielle Elizabeth says:

GAHHHH I’ve missed you soooooo much!!!

Emmy Smith says:

SOOO glad you’re back!!

Ashley Morgan says:

can you please do a what’s on my iphone!!

Annie Haynes says:

Your hair color looks great!! Loving the blonde


I really like how unique this vid is ❤️

Shiv Shambhu Mishra says:

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angel toledo says:

Tori!! Listening to you talk about other gym memberships, just out of curiosity, have you ever tried CrossFit?

Also! Another good gift to get for someone hoping to get in shape would be a food scale!

Isabel Coady says:

you should do a workout attire collection!

Morgan Thompson says:

I love all of your fitness and health videos so much! please keep on making them, u know if u want, hahah. ily

Aubrie McIntyre says:

How long did it take for your hair to grow that long with the collagen peptides?!?!

Gianna's Beauty says:

Im so happy you’re back, Love this video!

CmatthYBR says:

Why aren’t you selling merch on the Stride website, madam? I’m just curious. 🙂

April MacIntosh says:

Your makeup and hair looks so good. Under armour sports bra are good cause they do cup sizes too

Kiera J says:

Love it

Brianna Kouzoujian says:

Can you do a video on what you write in your health journal?

Adriana Espinoza says:

QUIIICK question, just our of curiosity because I listened the pretty basic podcast today on Alisha Marie’s break on YouTube. Did you loose many followers?? So happy you’re back 🙂

Tori's Stories says:

I am actually so excited for this. I am getting married Nov 9th, 2019 and I wanna lose about 50 pounds to get healthy and feel good mentally/physically. I don’t really care so much about the amount of weight I lose, just about how I internally feel and I know that if I change my diet and lifestyle, the weight will naturally come off (especially now that I stopped the depo shot and have already lost 5 pounds in 4 months from doing literally nothing but not getting the shot lol) so I really love that you’re doing fitness videos like this! I would LOVE to see more fitness videos and your workout routines! and any tips and tricks to getting started in the gym and another beginners guide to the gym!

Christina Lee Shewchuk says:

I’ve always wanted to try spin and maybe teach it, but the closet place is an hour from me.

Jennifer Lauren says:

I have the same gym bag its my favorite the pockets are amazing

Alejandra Hernandez says:

Also what do you think about fabletics? Have you tried it before?

Amanda Berlin says:

Love how u r fully going fitness now!!!❤️

Jessi Sobczuk says:

GIRL I am so pumped that you’re back on YouTube! And I want your shirt lol

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