Female’s Guide to Fitness Supplements (Top 5) | Joanna Soh

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Female’s Guide to Fitness Supplements (Top 5)

Products Mentioned:

California Gold Nutrition, Milk Protein Isolate, 85% Milk Protein, Ultra-Low Lactosehttps://www.iherb.com/pr/California-Gold-Nutrition-Milk-Protein-Isolate-85-Milk-Protein-Ultra-Low-Lactose-16-oz-454-g/71030?rcode=AOR2642

Purely Inspired, Organic Protein, 100% Plant-Based Nutritional Shake, French Vanillahttps://www.iherb.com/pr/Purely-Inspired-Organic-Protein-100-Plant-Based-Nutritional-Shake-French-Vanilla-1-50-lbs-680-g/71571rcode=AOR2642

California Gold Nutrition, Omega 800 by Madre Labshttps://www.iherb.com/pr/California-Gold-Nutrition-Omega-800-by-Madre-Labs-Pharmaceutical-Grade-Fish-Oil-80-EPA-DHA-Triglyceride-Form-1000-mg-90-Fish-Gelatin-Softgels/85180?rcode=AOR2642

FitMiss, BCAA, Women’s Branched Chain Amino Acids, Strawberry Margaritahttps://www.iherb.com/pr/FitMiss-BCAA-Women-s-Branched-Chain-Amino-Acids-Strawberry-Margarita-5-6-oz-159-g/66865?rcode=AOR2642

Dymatize Nutrition, Creatine Micronized, Unflavoredhttps://www.iherb.com/pr/Dymatize-Nutrition-Creatine-Micronized-Unflavored-10-6-oz-300-g/69048?rcode=AOR2642

NLA for Her, Her Multi, Complete Female Multivitaminhttps://www.iherb.com/pr/NLA-for-Her-Her-Multi-Complete-Female-Multivitamin-120-Tablets/66849?rcode=AOR2642


Joanna is a certified Personal Trainer (ACE), Women’s Fitness Specialist (NASM) and Nutrition Coach, with over 8 years of experience.

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Female’s Guide to Fitness Supplements (Top 5) | Joanna Soh
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Jerine Anna John says:

Love you … You are so motivating…

EeLing Wong says:

is BCAA really a must ?

kherygaming says:


erwani shafie says:

I’m overweight what supplements should I take to losing my weight .

fish khan says:

Best video @joanna soh please tell us diet after delivery and exercise????

lopamudra singh says:

Hi Joanna! Please suggest the best and fast hair regrowth supplements!

Naniizar X says:

and also, the loyalty credits are amazing!!

Roar of Lioness says:

You are so cute, Joana.

Dolly Doll says:

Love u Joanna from India….but by exercising my stomach gets bloat…could u pls answer the reason behind it??

Janhavi Reddy says:

hey, I enjoyed this video. But have a question regarding customs, I ordered supplements before to Malaysia and its often held at customs. Do you have this problem too? Thanks in advance.

deon ferndale says:

Thankyou for this super informative lesson, Joanna.

josephine lilly says:

Educative trainer love u joahanna

April Joy Licudo says:

I really love your videos. I’m using Dymatize L-Carnitine, Fitmiss Delight women’s complete protein shake and Spring Valley fish oil, PLUS your video exercises and diets. You’re the best Ms. Joanna.

Surya As says:

IAM from India could I get this

princess S Naz says:

Nice video joanna

EminemVEVO 0 says:

Im male.. And watching this vdo… Will the society accept me?

Julie says:

Unfortunately iHerb doesn’t ship to Germany at the moment. So sad!

Diweni says:

Love watching her videos … are advice are always so helpful. Thank you

qtbeddecor says:

The information you provide is detailed, and well explained, so we can understand what is suitable for our personal healthy goals. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!!! xoxoxoxoxoxo

Christina Long says:

K so im just about sold on tbe fish oil!

Aleksandr Morozov says:

5% discount on the whole basket and *10%* bonus on your next purchase, code
*15%* discount for first order *ANL2521 + NEW10*

Naniizar X says:

not good brands at all, not a total accurate information buuuut! you are amazing on your workouts, I like it! MRM brand and grass fed beef, soy free organic eggs (NO DAIRY NO SUGAR AT ALL is very good.. goat products are really better choice) Wild cut salmon, organic sardines, and everything else marked with no nitrates, no hormones, no antibiotics is the best option… and calculated macros combine with a balance establish routine is the best for everyone. pay more for organic and your health will show better results, do not buy brands, do not pay more for sugar!

Tomi Akiode says:

Wow Thank You. Just the info I was looking for .

Cielo Azul says:

Joanna you are great coach, take a natural multi vitamins and I bought a bone broth protein from grass fed and it has 19 amino acids is from a brand natural force , and I workout 3 times a week

heera kannan says:

J pls do butt reducing workout plssssssssssss

Im too tanky says:

best tip : don’t take any

bri bart says:

so when is JSoh going to start her own vitamins line? 😉 😛

Maya Ghosh says:

Mam could you please tell me that which supplement is best for weight gain?? I need to gain my weight. My age is 21 and height is 5’4″

Mayuri Chan says:

Can I take any “two” of them together . And also I’m a teen.

Christie Hee says:

Do you need to pay tax?


Is the multivitamins from natural sources and where does the fish oil come from and is it from a safe source I usually burp some brands and some are easily absorbed no burping. P,ease answer thank you

Martyna Wieckowski says:

Thank you for including vegans! You’re the best!!

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