COMPLETE FITNESS GUIDE (Weight Loss & Muscle Gain Knowledge)

I used to weigh over 300 pounds. Then I lost over 110 Pounds. Now I’m building the physique of my dreams and I want to help you do the same.

COMPLETE FITNESS GUIDE (Weight Loss & Muscle Gain Knowledge)

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In this video I go over absolutely everything I know bout fitness including:

– Dieting – The fundamentals, advanced knowledge and my tips
– Weight Lifting – Beginner and advanced tips and tricks
– Cardio – The different styles of cardio and my advice
– Extra tips and tricks
– My routine

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Grinch Obama says:

Thank you. Have you considered making a video about skin care? as someone who deals with acne it’d be really nice to hear your advice

Mudkappin says:

good guide for beginners and a nice refresher for veterans. keep it up

The Sci-Fi Dragon says:

I’m currently skinny fat right now, so should I cut first or should I bulk first? And do you think you I should start out with cardio or should go right into weight lifting?

Erron Francis says:

Great job I learnt alot from this video …wish I could like more than once

Trust in Dog says:

Currently eating OMAD most days. I have a salad first. The salad has greens, fruit, cheese, olive oil, some other veg, nuts sometimes. Then I eat meat/fish/poultry with avocado. I exercise 4-5 times per week. Next step is increasing how much I walk.

I don’t count calories or macros, but if it stops workingl I’ll adjust.

I have 66kg to lose to my goal weight now. I started at 77kg to lose.

Brittany Thompson says:

did you take any rest days?

Joey Saves says:

Hey guys, If you learned something new and think this is a valuable source of information can you quickly share this video? Thank you!

Ryan Cannady says:

Hey! I have a question man, in one of your videos about what you ate to stay healthy as your staple foods in a day; I wrote everything down, im going to modify the amounts but emulate the concept.
My only question is, how do you make your Chocolate chip protein pancakes you talked about? Thanks in advance Joe you are the best upcoming in the game!

FODCOM says:

You’re good, I like your style
But do you know the ways of 3D Testosterone?

Pravda says:

I use to be fat (not as fat as you)but I have been going to the gym since late 2016 and have been consistent since; havent missed a week. It took me about a month to get me hooked and turned into a habbit. i liked how I could see my gains almost everytime I went to the gym and seeing improvement not so much now. (The change is very little now lol) but I still go cause I like the way I look.

Bobby EveryThing says:

A lot of good tips in this video, just started going to the gym about a week ago. My hardest thing is going to the gym consistently. I also drink my coffee with butter and hazelnut. So I guess I gotta stop that lol

Dan Grady says:

Joe! Thanks again for the fitness tips! Been constant in my diet and using the intermittent fasting! It is now a habit. Started my weight loss goal in September I weighed 230! I weigh once a week on Monday. 3 months in and i weighed this past Monday and I hit 196 lbs!!! Goal weight for me is 160lbs! I am enjoying this journey! People are seeing the difference in my appearance and my energy level! I’m excited about the future and this process of developing a better me.


Hey Joey, I recently found your channel and thought your story was pretty damn cool and super relatable. Like we’re almost the same person down to the personality and everything.

I wanted to comment while you’re still small and have the time to respond(You will be big one day 100%). I think what really catches the eye about your channel is the relatability. And i think if you really keep that in mind it would help a ton. Because we both know there are a million and one channels that do fitness/fashion tips/male self help. Disclaimer( Ive never made a successful youtube channel or anything of the sort. Just wanted to put into words what makes me want to watch you rather than the other well established channels that have bigger budgets, better clickbait etc etc)

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