BEST Workout & Diet ADVICE for SKINNY GUYS ft. Mike Matthews | How to Build & Gain Muscle FAST

Today, learn how to build muscle & gain muscle fast if you’re skinny, how to build strength, how to get stronger, what to eat to gain weight, and MORE.

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Hamza Kadmiri says:

2.34. Souelet hahahaha

El Savagedor says:

Some examples of richest men with muscular physiques
1.Bill Gates
2. Mark Zuckerberg
3. Jeff bezos
4. Warren Buffet
5. Elon Musk
6. Larry page

Fernand Blanc says:

You fuck people while transformed in a goose?

Jared S says:

Must be nice to be skinny. At least you’re in a group that’s considered sexy. I wish my problem were that I can’t gain weight. At least being skinny does not damage your body. Imagine eating one meal a day and exercising and still getting so fat that you get stretch marks that make your skin flabby no matter how hard you try to be fit. Once you’ve gotten fat, regardless of losing the fat, there’s no hope for ever being sexually attractive again.

HESO YAM says:

zeus who’s the real god of war? kratos or ares?

Eye Surface says:

When a God forgot that he is a God

Ramza says:

Here’s the issue. I’m a skinny guy, and I want to start exercising for it’s benefits. It would be nice to see visible results of my exercise like bigger muscles. But I also think cardio is important. But as a skinny guy, if I incorporate cardio like running and weight lifting, I won’t really get big. But I don’t want to neglect cardio just so I can look nice to the eyes. So is there a way for an ectomorph to gain good amount of muscle ( I know I’ll gain strength) and a strong heart and be able to run like a cheetah? I can’t find any videos about this.

kc2704 Mutia says:

We love you zeus visit my country plzz

the original 1z says:

Fuck I need bigger pecs


what’s a rep?

ryuske satou says:

Keep it up!

Ashwin Wilson says:

0:12 This is me..hehe

the original 1z says:

I need like 1760 calories

Trent Denzel says:

I’m fat and I’m watching this….. why

Spectra says:

The plug

Bladimir Cruz says:

But what exercises should I do ?

Mohit Panwar says:

I waana meet you one day too

Jayus 1 says:

Zeus skipped leg day.

thesassyvids gamer says:

This video really helped me what to do cause am naturally skinny hard gaining thanks bro

Kaizen says:

Any advice you can give?
I really have that weird body type where my legs are all muscular and big but my upper body is almost skinny.
Like the proportions are way off, Should I focus on building my upper body then? Would my bulking be the same
to make my upperbody as big as my legs?

Edit: I just want my back to be a bit bigger so that my upperbody doesn’t look like a cylinder with almost thin arms but
big muscular legs.

bidyut chanda says:

If you are skinny and want to have a musculine body then this the best product for you be musculine and impress the world

Marco Pohl says:

for a deity your animation isn’t that good

Stefan Klauber says:

you’re making 9-12 sets a week but you only train one muscle group on one day in the week (for example chest on monday) – i don’t get it

Donatius Pynethz says:

I think it is possible to not gain weight even if you eat tons. There are types of metabolism that doesn’t store any energy.

Daniel Morgan says:

Unless you have type 1 diabetes

Jackson Morris says:

Based Zeus is the goat

Booteh warrior2002 says:

I will not subscribe to based Zeus
I will not subscribe to based Zeus
I will not subscribe to based Zeus
I will not subscribe to based Zeus
I will not subscribe to based Zeus

Studios 27 says:

This help me out a lot !!

Raunaq Singh says:

Do you take one day rest after work out

Based Zeus says:

Let me know if you liked this video! Check out Mike’s article on calculating macros and be sure to check him out for some of the best advice in the fitness industry.

Robodude says:

what if i gain muscle but not weight?

DylanJT 123 says:

If you notice this comment you will notice this comment wasn’t worth noticing

Sofea Richie says:

It’s ok to be skinny legend and not the buff one I prefer skinny guy than big and buff

Lebon Lurzan says:

So what type of training should we do? Full body? Push, Pull, Legs?

Naughty adventures of mcBrouhaha in a vacuum says:


So i need 120g of protein a day. Sounds doable. But considering pasta bowl contains ONLY 8 grams of protein, that means i need to eat 15 goddamn pasta bowls a day that doesn’t make any sense at all

Renz LaVictoria says:

Congrats zues!! You’re one step over to million subs!!! Hope you reach that and even higher subs.

Marius CST26 says:

But how long must you eat more calories?

Most Unique says:

1. Get better lighting and take photo on angle.


Poppin Clean says:

For me it’s so easy to gain weight and makes it difficult to get lean

Herman ze German says:

Why the f… should skinny people diet?

pratham chhabra says:

I’m skinny and smaller then all my friends but I’m heavier then all of them because I have very heavy and dense bones and I’m still confused how

Odemus says:

if you belive the thumbnail this should also make your nipples move

Luke Whitehead says:

666 dislikes… ahhhhhhhhhh we are all going to hell!

Nineetalez says:

I’m 14 years old and just wonderin if it is possible to get a body like tom holland (for example) without going into the gym. It is just my goal to have such a body but where i life ,there arent so many gyms around for my age .I already searched much for working out , but everytime someone said that is bs and so on . so im not really sure what to do

chinmay says:

I am 17 years old Indian boy . My height is not growing, what should I do ????

the original 1z says:

My dad’s name is Michael Matthews lol

Mason S says:

I’m Asian skinny

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