Hey everyone!

Today’s video is for any of you who want to start going to the gym or working out but aren’t sure how to! I’ve gone through some of the training styles I use (weightlifting, cardio, functional and calisthenics) but it’s by no mean an extensive list because there are so so many ways to get healthy, lose fat and build muscle! I hope you enjoy it!

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Charlotte says:

Amazing video! As a rower however, I did see that you definitely have some upportunity to improve your technique on the rowing machine 🙂 I really liked this video for this if you’re interested: Keep it up!! 😀

Hannah Casey says:

This video helped a lot!! I was curious as to where you can get workout leggings that go that high? Im very tall and the ones I have form fabletics are high but not high enough.

Akram Tobbieh says:

Good Video. You look great

Tessa Jangmi says:

You make me feel like I can do this!

cookieaddictions says:

I just joined a gym and I’m so self conscious to try any of the weights or resistance training machines. I just do classes and go home, which is still good for me, but I wish I felt good just doing weight training without worrying about people judging me.

Intelligent Functional Training says:

good work! Excellent videos! Go to see also my page!

Shantel Fullerton says:

I know that you can get solutions for that on Unflexal website :)))

Ariana Podesta says:

Thank you so much for this video that makes all the different types of exercising clear! It can be so confusing sometimes knowing what to do for what results at the gym and this info really helped. My only question is how to combine these different types of exercises into your weeks training to get a balanced work out routine?? Thanks!❤️

Destiny Beasley says:

Please tell me someone can suggest a book or something, that covers all the different types of training, equipment, lingo like hypertrophy, Plyometrics, mind-muscle connection. Help!

Nicole Babb says:

2:58 sweaty guy checks out her ass

hannah22bananana says:

This video is everything. I have watched so many of these over the years regurgitating the same information but contradicting in advice. You cover it all with science and explain all sides!!!! Ill rewatch this so many times. Youre awesome! so glad i found you!

Bhargavi sawant says:

How do you do the tread mill? So well

Bur says:

I’m gonna take weight training my sophomore year at my high school (It’s a class) ; So in a few months and I’m so nervous because I’m so out of shape and I’m weak. I also don’t know how to use the equipment and am scared I’m not gonna know what to do while looking weird. Soo nervous ah.. Any advice would be so helpful

ACDC says:

Natacha can you make a video about crossfit? I’m thinking of getting into it and i’d love to hear your opinion

Sara Armas says:

those leg bands can cause broken capillaries, btw. not a big deal for young women who can recover, but for us older girls, the damage can be permanent…i’d find an alternative method.

Jimmy M says:

You’re absolutely mental! Your jumps make me so jealous!

semih m says:

Dora Trevino says:

Very informative.

Zalina says:

Great video! Very informative.

Brittany Flegel says:

This is the most practical and straight forward advice I’ve heard. Awesome video!

Sarah Adams says:

At 6:00 she tells you advanced functional training moves. Thanks! Spectacular video

Natacha Océane says:

Hey everyone! So I’ve had quite a few requests for a video on how to start at the gym and I really hope this is helpful!

My next video will be a return to How I’m Getting Lean for Summer, so let me know what topics you want me to cover with regards to how I’m eating or training and I’ll do my best!

Lots of love!

whatwazthat16 says:

That’s a REAL workout! No posing or showing off, just straight up focus and determination to finish the moves. If you’re not sweaty and making crazy faces, you’re not getting an effective workout.

Imane Tahir says:

Hi Natacha ! Can you do please how to start working out from home if you have any ideas about it ? Thank You
I absolutely love your videos keep going ❤

Blueberrysan says:

Daaamn that guy 2:58 had a good work out o.O

Claire Ambre says:

Where are her shoes from?? So cute

vanessa98 says:

@2:59 both guys ‘mirin the booty

The Craft says:

Thank you so much x

Vikin Go says:

I would love to bloody suckle on yeh

Anna says:

I fucking love you and your channel

Tabitha Perry says:

I just have to say, I think you are very inspirational and I love your workouts! thank you! You are awesome!

szpaqus says:

I am amazed what your body can do. That guide was awesome. the best I’ve ever seen. I am dreadful to go to the gym… Getting sweaty near other people, doing “weird” movements, using machines I’ve never used before. This was very helpful <3

maayan Horowitz says:

soooo helpful!! thank youu!!

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