Beginners Guide To The GYM

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Welcome back, babes! Here is my second rendition for my series: Beginners Guide To Fitness! I know entering a gym can be TERRIFYING but remember the positive changes that will be made once you do so. I hope you enjoy! Xo

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Rachana M. says:

I LOVE YOU!! just your optimism and personality you motivate me so much!!! i just got a gym membership and I’m ready to gooooo

Nikki T says:

girl you are hilariousss lol, and great advice, thankyou!

kalani Johnson says:

Love your lipstick!!! ❤

Rosalind Charles says:

Writing myself a workout has helped me so much. I also give myself a few options. If the free weights are busy or I’m not feeling it I put machine equivalents in. Getting there with my confidence and occupying the space!

Karen Baron says:

Your arms are #goals

tenfortunecookies says:

Okay I’m two minutes in and I already love you hahahaha

Alisi Rasuaki says:

I’m so glad I found you’re video been feeling anxious going to the gym cause I know I look lost 99% of the time. Thanks for tips just subbed!


Whitney is there any way you can do a short video on beginners supplement for workout. I hate to get any advice from a man that doesn’t really know what a woman should take. Unless if the women’s product or does it even matter. for me im work on losing weight then building muscle. I’m working on light lift since I’m still new to the weights. Any suggestions. hope to hear from you soon. Thank you for the motivation.

jenna aberdeen says:

you’re awesome. I’m so excited to start my fitness journey

Zola Beaches says:

i am so impressed. wheter its your enthusiasm, your eye make up (which is gorgeous btw) or your motivational skills! i signed up my gym membership about a month ago and i already recognize progress! xo from europe!

jeanalyn bardago says:

i like the way you talk 😀

amziani anissa says:

haha gurl you slayyy!! so sweet

April DuBose says:

You mentioned every thing that I feel when going to the gym. I thought I was the only one…
But I will now go in more confident !!

Jae Lynn says:

your rock

Sarah Alyssa says:


Chloe Maguire says:

Do you have a workout routine for a beginner? X

chenina_bina 4 says:

I seriously love all your videos

Tessa Passafiume says:

You are funny!

Taylor Cavazos says:

Just found her channel and I absolutely love her! Such a great personality and such great advise/workouts/videos.

Rebecca Obrien says:

I think you need a guinea pig …… ya no prove what you do works 🙂 LIGHTBULB I could be your guinea pig come help me lol

Christy Ross says:

Can you please do an email personal trainer program? I’d love that! Email weekly meals and work out guides.

Kelly Matthews says:

love your videos…just started the gym and you are my new fave!

Olivia S says:

Can I just say you’re AMAZINGGGG!

Gracie Borchard says:

So glad I stumbled upon this video today!! exactly what I needed to hear!

Angelique McConell says:

what do you do about creepy guys at gym?

Robyn H says:

my partner makes me feel shitty at the gym when im a beginner and he looks at other women saying oh she knows what she is doing and gosh like duhh im new to working out

Zuckerglas Püppi says:

Thanks for the advises. I was always affraid but maybe now i will try it myself >3

Kira Tucker says:

I love this video so much! Whitney, you’re so inspirational and amazing. This actually helped me get into the gym and getting over my fear and Im truly grateful!!

Emilie Stutz says:

Thank you! I literally just decided to say that I WAS going to cancel my gym membership because I never go. But I found your channel, subscribed, and I’m giving this whole gym thing a serious shot. Wish me luck!!!

Cindy & Ben says:

I literally just watched this before heading to the gym. I feel so much more confident now. Thanks a bunch ! subscribed

Mercy Olajobi says:

i love that u made this video

Erika Delacruz says:

umm yeah this is my first video by her and yup.. she won me over #subscribe

Danielle Wilkinson says:

Just starting my journey – two months at the gym / two weeks into a weights and watching my macros + calories. Your videos are so helpful. Thank you!

Emily Scott says:

what’re some of your favorites workout clothing brands?? Trying to avoid those see-through leggings lol

Asia Gomez says:

Ily so much lol

Cleling Lopez says:

i love your videos youre halirious!!

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