Beginners Guide To Getting FIT!

I hope you liked the first episode on how to get fit for beginners! I am so excited for this series! I am going to be sharing everything I know when it comes to starting on your fitness journey from weight loss, to diet, to workouts, to targeting stubborn fat, and much much more!

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Hi babes!

I have a slight obsession with living a healthy lifestyle and would love to teach you everything I know when it comes to at home and gym based workouts as well as nutrition for weight loss and weight gain for women.

I hope I can show you that eating well and exercising does not have to be nearly as miserable as it sounds and inspire you to join me on this lifelong journey!


Natasha Scheuble says:

I went vegan about a year ago and I lost 30lbs in that one year. I’m really small like 4’10” so 30lbs made a huge difference. But now that I’ve leveled off/plateaued I feel like I need to really start exercising but I don’t like to go out to a gym and I’m having trouble staying motivated now to be active. Any advice to stay motivated?

Gamma Rae says:

In regards to cutting out soda, there is a relatively healthy alternative that is really good. Izze, you can find it in your organic food aisle, is a carbonated beverage that’s flavored with fruit with no added sugar (or at least not much) and they have a lot of flavors. It’s not meant to be low calorie or low carb so if you’re aiming for calorie restriction, I do believe they have a “light” version of some of their flavors.

Elise Van Hout says:


Layla Jones says:

What about school food?

Cire says:

Im definitely getting your app. I wish I could be your gym buddy haha youre awesome!!!!

A C says:

Im so glad I found you on instagram! Great info I will be buying your app soon xoxo

Stephen Dowdye says:

I think you are better of without that make up “Swamp” of shit

Mary Mercado says:

Could you do like a look book of outfits to wear to the gym? Like outfits that look good but also outfits or shoes you recommend for exercising that you really like! PS. I love your instagram post’s and i’m so glad you decided to start making videos! 🙂

Kwynn Alge says:

I am not old enough to get a job yet and my family gets nothing but junk food! I really want to get into shape but they refuse to buy healthy food. I drink a lot of water and I will try to workout every day. I just feel overwhelmed because I want to stay in shape but I am restricted

Kate says:

In regards to the fear of the weight section…make friends with the super social people at your gym! There is always that one guy or girl at your gym that knows everyone, they can introduce you around and help you feel more at home. Your gym should feel like your second home and the people that workout there will become like family!

Denae Kilgore says:

I’m a broke teenager

books4ever says:

Do you have any recommendations of fitness trackers? Also is Golds Gym better for lifting than planet fitness? Okay lastly I haven’t been back in a gym because I’m suffering from ankle pain. Did you ever go to a personal trainer?
p.s I love your vlogs especially the traveling ones!

Jess Monastero says:

wheres your top from?

Kim G. says:

Excellent advice, especially for overcoming weight lifting anxiety at the gym. You have been such a huge inspiration for me. Thank you for all that you do. ✌

Michele Tran-Wong says:

I can’t find you app on my Android play store. Please help

Reese Wells says:

I SAY POP TOO!!! EVERYONE ALWAYS SAYS “no, it’s called soda” BUT NO ITS POP!!!!

Marilinda Castro says:

What do you think of waist trainers?

Angela Lomeli says:

should breakfast be the biggest meal of the day?

Kat Stevens says:

I just fell in love with your whole channel in a matter of ten minutes. I downloaded your app and subscribed. One thing I did notice in your app is that you don’t mention the weight of your weights. I’m a complete newbie and I love what you’re doing. I’m only fifteen, but I really want to get fit and you have really inspired me. Thank you!

Kellie Mcmahon says:

This looks so helpful! I just downloaded the app.

Lindsey Murphy says:

I thought chicken thighs had allot of fat in them?

splindora200 says:

Don’t worry girl I say pop too, it’s weird when I hear someone say soda

Sunshine Gypsy says:

Thank you for sharing! Its nice to follow someone who is as beautiful on the inside as the outside, you have such a caring and uplifting personality. Getting healthy definitely shouldn’t be all about looks, though it’s a huge bonus. As i’m getting older (almost 29) my metabolism is slowing, im soo done with being skinny fat, diabetes runs in my family and I have had hypoglycemia for as long as I can remember, unless I commit to making changes it will only get worse, especially when I decide to get pregnant in the years ahead. I can sleep 7, 8, 9, even 10 hours and still feel tired, I struggle through my last couple hours at work, fatigue is the hardest for me, I never feel awake and ready to start my day. Meal prepping this sunday and hitting the weights, at home, atleast until I can build up some strength and not feel so ill. I’ve always been on the small side but never athletic growing up, looking forward to getting in shape and feeling healthy.

dania ali says:


Cire says:

AHH im SO GLAD I found your channel!!!!!!! I love you so much haha

Crazy hair don't care says:

I just started my diet and had my first cheat day the other day, and let me just say, I felt like absolute shit afterwards. So, yes, cheat days definitely help you realize how eating healthy makes you feel good.

Audri G says:

You are human and you will mess up!!!! That is the best advice I can give to anyone who is just starting their fitness journey. The trick is not seeing your mistakes as failures but only as little bumps in the road that you learn from. Most of the time people give up too soon before they are able to see the results they have made so the key is patience!! You may feel like you are making no progress because you see no results on the outside but that is only because it takes time, I promise you are progressing!

Jocelyn Ping says:

This is so random, but I love that you say pop! Lol. When I say pop to people who aren’t from my area, they look at me like I’m making stuff up.
It’s called POP! Lol.

X Aowdey says:

I LOVE YOU :((((

Lisamarie Carreno says:

I’m currently working out and meal prepping but I’m skinny and I wanna gain weight but I have a small belly from mt pregnancy what kind of exercise would you recommend that will flatten my tummy but not lose weight?

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