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Where is the color coded program you mentioned? Can I print this up?

MilkNoSugar says:

20 minute treadmill run for a beginner?! Yeah right, lol! Can anyone provide a link to a video for a 64kg (141 pounds) 5’6″ 31 year old female who has literally !!LITERALLY!! never ever stepped foot inside a gym XD

Bharathi Satish says:

Nice and perfect video

Joel Joseph says:


deepika dasara says:

To everyone who finds this video creepy, just set the playback speed at 1.5 . It’s pretty normal then.

Dianne Graham says:

Thank you 🙂 going to try some of these for tomorrow

Selina Asad says:

Thanks a lot.. U are the first one to explain how to use the equipment which I didn’t know how to use it.

laurenwalnut199 says:

This is great. Thanks! Nice and simple for getting back into it after a sickness left me very weak.

Renae Forbes says:

I am going to start exercising now and trying to be fit and so my body can be fit better and lose of some weight

Jacob Ladage says:

This workout is actually pretty in depth, I love how everything is explained and spoken about throughout the program. Each muscle is explained in detail, and that’s something that a lot of others don’t do as well. A lot of my friends have been trying some beach body workout, and they’ve had success with this one as well.

Laura Gharakeshishyan says:

Has she only walked 20 min. on treadmil or walking was only 5 min and then she started to run????

Royal Wolf says:

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Esmartiz says:

The two most awkward people on this planet decided to make a fitness video… I can’t decide which one creeps me out more, camel toe Catherine or the trainer!

একরাশ কাশফুল says:


Maryam says:

Thanks alot.. It was quite productive ..

Black Barbie says:

Very informative

Huong Lan says:

This really helps. Thank you very much for your training <3

Vain says:

Once again I see and hear so many things that are way off.

The morning is the best time for a basic strength workout…really?

Let me guess…higher testosterone? Fasted state means more fatloss? Both have been debunked already.
The takeaway: train whenever you have the time and feel the most energetic, for me that is after 8pm.

Stretches before a workout…really?

You might want to skip that if you know anything about working out, this is literally the worst time to stretch.

You need a lat pulldown ‘machine’ in order to perform a lat pulldown…really?

Any cable will do.

Grab it where the straight and the curve start to meet…really?

This depends on the width of the person.
This depends on the bar (different sizes).

Nothing is moving here except for the arms…really?

Never heard of ‘retraction”? It’s her shoulderblades that should be moving and initiate the movement, otherwise she won’t be able to train her “lats” properly which should be the focus in a “lat” pulldown.
Also may I mention how her lower back is completely arched? Don’t do this.

Hard to spot from this angle; however I might add that while demonstrating the bench dips her elbows move too much outwards while they really should go mostly backwards (depending on mobilisation of the shoulder).

Easy to spot from that angle; I can tell that she used almost no back in a back exercise called a (cable single arm) row.
Again: First retract the shoulderblade, then ‘follow through’ with your elbows. Don’t let your shoulder move so much to the front during the eccentric either. For optimal tension on the lats, only move your elbows until they are in lign with the upperbody and then complete the contraction by trying to move your elbows into your waist.

Besides…this is a “beginner women’s program”?

Call it “beginner female athletes program” and I would have agreed, however most women won’t be able to perform most of these exercises in their first workout either way because significant strength is lacking or they don’t have the necessary proprioception.

Reps and sets are fine eventhough I’d advise to do only 2 sets for every exercise you have never done before.

No cooling down?

Why would you ever advise anybody to switch to another program after only 8 weeks?
That’s the time it takes for your body to learn the new exercises and increase the stimulus to your muscles; it takes atleast a few weeks before your muscles actually start growing or getting stronger (other than strength related to neurological/neuromuscular changes).
I see this everywhere “after 8 weeks, switch to the next program” in fact this is killing your progress.
There are few reasons why you would ever have to switch programs.

– Boredom
– Your goal has changed
– You were on a beginner’s program which ultimately is made to prepare you for the more complicated compound and the most effective exercises and you are now able to perform these compound exercises.
– Something else suddenly has changed (for example an injury).

That pretty much covers it, other than that: stick to a program and get dedicated to it.

Debbie G says:

Hottest guy ever

Regina R. A says:

No he is not creepy. He is quite professional about what he’s doing, I won’t mind him being my instructor.

Sweet Kitten says:

What can I do as an alternate for 4:06 and 6:40? Only have weights but no other equipment

Dody Safwat says:

Thank you, It’s very helpful and exactly what I need.

nepe NEPE says:


gabriela moreno says:

he’s hot lol

Amy North says:

I like the video and found it helpful. It was also kinda funny because if you watch Kathrine aka blinkie, she is CONSTANTLY blinking her eyes! Think she needs some eye drops.

Ann Cathryn says:

This was great, I have been researching “female weight training program” for a while now, and I think this has helped. Have you heard people talk about – Seyliana Strength Salgado – (just google it ) ? Ive heard some super things about it and my work buddy got great results with it.

Lifetime fitness uk says:

Sorry but this is a really bad video

Karen T. says:

Im sorry but to say before breakfast is the best time.. I think not. Personaly i did that once and i felt so sick after I puked. Anyone else have the same experience?

Smiley Garcia says:

Why she looking like that tho lol

Dilbar Karimova says:

so easily explained and very helpful for beginners! exactly what I needed. thank you for the video!

Rose VN says:


Queen C says:

So many critics! Point us to your videos since you got sooo much to say…ugh!!

Gayathri Pillai says:

i dont know there are a lot of bad comments about this guy but to me this video was totally useful….and the instructions were so clear …u nailed it

Talitha Jackson says:

Umm anyone else notice dis bish don’t breathe?

Manjula Niit says:

Do you do this every day of the week for eight weeks?

Criswin Fuyes says:

which comes first advance or d intermediate..thanks

Chaitanya Talegaonkar says:

The rest is on pornhub.

Phoebe Singss says:

He can’t count very well

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