Water fasting vs Dry fasting~ The levels of detox

As requested Here is a video with my take on the methods and effects of water only fasting Vs Dry fasting Both are high level detoxification processes that should only ever be practiced by those who have prepared their bodies to allow such processes to be highly beneficial for physical, mental and spiritual health. There are many levels to true health most of which many people will ignore through desperation and ignorance they will try to jump to a level they are far from and suffer the consequences of this with serious health problems or even death. I’m in a unique position here as i am one of few alive today that has undergone extended 40 day water fasts and extended 7 day dry fasts. Let me share with you my first hand experience to hopefully guide you to work your body up through the levels to achieve highest health and true human potential.


Yemaya Azul says:


Ayari Kiyo says:

Distilled water is the purest form of water you can put in your body. Rain water will collect all the nasty particles in the air. Especially with the presence of weather modification programs (aka chem trails) that are occurring in today’s age.

mark f says:

Can you follow a water fast with a dry fast? I started off with an intention of doing a 40 day water fast. I’m on day 7. I have switched to a dry fast today. I plan to do it for 3days , if possible even 7, can I then continue with my water fast? Thanks.

Hector Lalalala says:

I have a question and no one is listening. I did a water fast for 13 days, but i sopped. I freaked out when my blood sugar level dropped down to 50. Normal is from 80 to 110. I don’t know if that was normal

ACHIM says:

I think you won’t find unpoluted rainwater at the moment. Operation solar shield is in full swing at the moment.

Sayian God says:

Are you from Jamaica or Ireland?

Part-Time Vegan says:

I’m scared, I’m currently in hour 22 of my water fast … I’m so scared to do dry fasting though

M. Fender says:

Shaun, have you read the russian books about dry fasting?

Grew Tame says:

cool guy, we are capable of much more then we think. start a dry fast first thing in the morning, do a little yoga pranayama breathing exercises to warm the body up, after a hot/cold/hot/cold shower to increase white blood cells. dry fast until you feel very thirsty and begin to feel pain or trouble breathing, have something to drink

John Kennedy says:

I’ve done vegetable and fruit juicing; I’m ready for the water fasting stage. I’m going to Costa Rica for the next month to do just fruit, juices and coconut water. Then, back home for water fast. It is exciting stuff!! Thank you for sharing all your experiences, they are very insightful.

Sam Elliott says:

Are you purposely trying to piggyback/plagerize Snake Diet?

Alpine Frost says:

how much weight did u lose?

Susie Jones says:

Best vid on the topic! Others getting all convoluted! Short and simple yet exactly what one needs to get there!

Gina E says:

thanks ^_^

Mr. X says:

Would u do dry fast or water fast for prostate problems??

jimboslice613 says:

Hey up Shaun. Recently started watching your videos and honestly some of the best I’ve seen on YT. Just curious, do you not “drink” any water whatsoever? Just via fruits? What are a few of your personal favourites? Do you eat throughout the day or time restricted? Finally, what’s your approx daily caloric intake. Sorry for so many questions all at once! Cheers, James

Suzanne Du4 says:

I’ve done a 15-day lemon-water fast and 4 bouts of dry fasting lasting btwn 24-40 hrs. Have you ever tried a combo alternating between the two? I wanted to know your views because I was thinking of doing 2-3 days of dry followed by 2 days of water and repeating for up to 2 wks depending on how I feel. I’m doing it for healing and weight loss.

Jennifer Mosby says:

Great message!!

Josh B says:

I’ll have to try this out in the future.. I’ve already done a 21-day water fast.

purityblog says:

Nice and informative vlog, +Shaun Walsh Raw Vegan, thanks for sharing!

May I ask; what software are you using to create the motion logos at the end of your videos?

Cheers and greetings from Thailand, should be back in HK sometime soon again… 😉

yentl says:

does dry fasting have the same results on eczema as water fasting does?

Viktor Junek says:

Hi Shaun, I think we can agree on the superiority of fasting and that it is the ultimate healing tool, right?
Could you than please explain why you advice for the sugar-heavy path of vegan -> raw -> fruit -> juice -> fast?
From my research and experience this makes transitioning to fasting regimen MUCH harder on both body and mind compared to the alternative paths like vegan -> lowcarb (raw or not) -> fasting. I don’t imply that fruit is bad or anything, but freeing oneself from addiction to sugar BEFORE fasting is a helpful for you don’t have to deal with it on top of everything else WHILE fasting. And juicing doesn’t free you from sugar. Au contraire.

TheHAPPYalix says:

Gave me an amazing WOW moment here……. reading, as you wrote that there are only a few people who have actually experiences 40 day fasts…….. I have myself NEVER meet one to share my 40 day fats experiences with!!! Feeling a bit humble right now!! <3

Ben I am says:

Very good info! Keep up the good work 🙂

jimi baker says:

mate shut up about killing yourself you know fuck all about it

John D says:

Just look at them energy levels ! Evidence is right here people , been struggling myself with sticking to a raw vegan diet. Just want to say thank you for carrying the torch into these forgotten areas of health.

Grew Tame says:

ur really against spring water? it cleans itself as it flows down the river bank

Caroline Cousins says:

I do a 24 hour dry fast every week but that is the limit for me. I get a huge detoxification with this and my kidneys filter so much better. It’s enough to give the body a rest but even that expels huge toxins so I am filled with aches and pains and detox symptoms a couple of days after. Take it slow. Great video.

Robin Kilgore says:

I enjoyed your video, Shaun. I was concerned for your wellbeing when you spoke of drinking “rainwater”……There are so many pollutants in the air that we breathe and rainwater picks all of those pollutants up from the air and carries it down in the rainwater.

mark f says:

I will. Thanks Shaun

Matt long says:

rain water 300 years ago yes 100% now there is enviromental pollution in it so i personally wouldnt mate , you should check it out distilled water its jsut the same without the pollution ,get a tensor ring around the container and ice cold and youve got the best water ever

Olive Mule says:

you jew bullshitter

Mas says:

Great video and good to see you in such a good shape after the fast 🙂

julia pilat says:

youre fantastic!!!

Essie Aku says:

The Bible is not an esoteric book! It was written to be understood by everybody because God wanted EVERYONE to be saved.(Matthew 10:25)At that time Jesus said in response: “I publicly praise you, Father, Lord of heaven and earth, because you have hidden these things from the wise and intellectual ones and have revealed them to young children.

Clean Living in Crete says:

So much cool linfo..just lots of little pearls of wisdom in every sentence. Cheers!

Phinehas Elohim says:

What about water that is first filtered for fluoride and then distilled?
I’ve been drinkng nothing but this water for over a year and I feel amazing.

hagenoft says:

Consider spring water

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