The Perfect Detox Cleanse Healing Protocol

This video outlines the perfect healing protocol for preventative care as well as existing issues. I took the sum total of all my knowledge and broke down exactly what we need to do to gain and maintain healthy states of being.

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Lysa Wade says:

Dang I miss the old into music.

Butterfly Love says:

Great video, I’m now going vegan as I was vegetarian. Yes your right I have eczema I went on a fast skin cleared up very quickly. I was so tired of the steroid meds it’s just not healthy. So changed the way I eat. I no longer buy any lotions for my skin. I make my own shea butter moisturizer. Like you said if you can’t say the ingredients or label on something your buying don’t put it on your body or eat it. So I thank you for these kind of videos!!! We definitely need to love and take care of our body!!!!!

Ariyah Annika says:

I love this video

Ufuoma Umuomo says:

I live in Paris and I found the distilled water along with the cleaning products. I was so scared to buy for consumption and they said it was for an iron.

Butterfly Love says:

Can you also do a video of what you eat in a day. When not fasting and when you finish a fast.

Margaret Blair says:

Chris, please expand further about your experience with juice fasting. What type of juices and did you juice your fruits or vegetables? Thanks

The Cross Family says:

I thought DR Sabi products was compromised after his death? I saw a video on YouTube from his wife saying the people at the office are imposters and the products are not the same as when DR Sabi was alive.

Mohammad Hasan says:

High I’m 18 and 335 pounds and would love to start water fasting but everytime I try I get too scared because of the thought of loose skin is their a perfect schedule where I loose weight at a good rate but no loose skin ?

aguaynube says:

Hey Chris, do you still take Sebi herbs at all? Ever cycle them in and out? Or did you just do one round of them on your fast, and that’s it?

Knowing Nia Knowing You says:

I can attest to experiencing the negative reactions associated with the rewritten to eating/drinking bad things. I stopped eating certain foods, using Splenda and using perfumed lotions and yup, EVERY SINGLE TIME I would go back to using these certain things I sneeze a lot and my nose would get stuffy and starts to run, so thanks for amplifying this vital info!

Reasons Why says:

Chris, should the water be put in a glass container only while sun energizing it?

BJ The Black Onyx says:

This video has helped me reevaluate my process.

SLK Ent says:

How come you don’t promote alkaline water ?

Legend of Linda says:

Yesss what a great video, Chris. As always! And VERY motivational. Thank you!

SLK Ent says:

Chris can u make a video on healthy hair growth tips ? Your hair looks awesome bro

Stephen Michael says:


Mcshanda 2019 says:

Oh ok ! like my stomach growling even though I just ate, doesn’t mean im still hungry its going through a process of cleansing or reacting to senses. sight, smell or taste or even former relationship with a particular food when you get stomach pains ?

Wildhoney says:


God's mercy and Grace says:

A quick question pls. Why do distilled water says ” for appliances” on it? Is it safe to drink?

shunniew says:

Thanks for sharing what you have learned. I am so excited about the journal.

Nikki Brianne says:

I definitely made sun water after watching your video but yes there was a soft sweetness to it and I loved the idea because it was like I was drinking sunshine

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