I quit using my phone for a week, see what happens!! All the money from this video is going to Centrepoint, a charity to support homeless people, thank you for watching! xxx

My fat loss training and nutrition guide (10 week programme, approved by GB Olympic Team expert) + MOVE (how I train):


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Kimberly Cross says:

Love this self experiment!

Ciinnnddddyyyy says:

loved this video!

Bahar Solgun says:

Is that lululemon pants you were wearing:) what size are you in those?xxxx

R A says:

how could people even dislike the video????

Em C says:

where is your watch from?

chitra guha says:

I have been here, and I can say I have found my balance, just go to settings and turn off the notifications of every app, except Gmail or something important. But I have turned the notification off for all my shopping apps, games, social media everything, I just check them when I want to now. ✌️

Samantha Choo says:

Is it possible for you to do a “I quit using the Internet for a week” video? Hahaha that’s really really challenging tbh but worth a shot! Btw I love your channel and content 🙂

fina says:

there’s actually an app named forest where you can plant trees for a certain time e.g. 15 min or an hour. If you try to leave the app you have ten seconds or otherwise your tree will die…so you have to stay in the app or leave your phone on standby

i think it costs one or two franks (im from switzerland) but it’s really worth it. And the best thing is, that you can plant real trees if you earned enough money:)

welsie00 says:

Very interesting video! The whole waiting-for-people-to-show-up would probably drive me nuts. Using the phone booth seems so much fun though! P.S. Thanks for donating the ad money to a charity 🙂


Hi Natacha!! I’ve bought your CUT program!! So excited to start it today!! But the gym in my accommodation doesn’t have a leg press machine any subsitutions for the workout?

Andjjj says:

All your videos are always super useful, love the content!

Lauren Thomas says:

you are an angel

Allie Joséphine says:

I quit social media for a couple days and had the same realization as you! I am writing a blog post about it, i will link your video on it!

jihane s says:

You’re so sweet Keep on going girl! ❤️

Cristina Aguayo says:

You are so kind!! I love that you are giving back to your community ❤️❤️❤️

L-Jo says:

I left Facebook. I love life!!

kee kee says:

Ha i rhought u was in America not here in london

Jennifer Mouzooni says:

So interesting, my phone is way too addicting!

Dimitra Patsioti says:

And I was wondering , where did she go all these days? Is she ok ? Hahah. What an incredible experiment, this must be a trend for 1 to 3 days for all people worldwide. We would have been amazed by the change in people’s behavior .

Eddie Buford says:

I have to ask, what kinda lens/camera did you use to shoot this video? It’s insannneely good looking. I’m guessing a Sony A7 or A7r w/35mm lens with a looow aperture

Nora Gerhardt says:

love the video and all, but most of all LOVE the colour of your gym leggings!! where did you get them?

Volde Tord says:

I think if you substitute the phone alarm with an alarm clock you could have substituted Spotify with an old MP3-Player or similar for your workout 🙂 but apart from that, great video!

Amber Kirk says:

You’re such a babe with a big heart, love that you’re donating to the homeless ❤️❤️❤️ you’re such a motivation in so many ways!! Have a lovely day!

Marley Bayne says:

You know what would be really fun? A full workout with only a stability ball

Austin Myers says:

I’m asking for a video camera to begin my own YouTube channel. And a video you gave me in mind, a week without social media.

Natacha Océane says:

Hey my friends!! Thought I’d experiment by taking away the one thing I use the most!! Hope you enjoy!! Lots of love as always xx

Anna Lagerstrom says:

This reminds me of the times that i would sometimes leave my phone turned off all day a year ago and how truly amazing and peaceful it is to just look around instead of looking on your phone all the time. Thank you for reminding me of that

Ella Hurdy Gurdy says:

i love your little experiments! soon you’ll hit the 300.000 subs – so well deserved girl! <3

The English American says:

The ending <3 You are such an inspiration!

kaysia younes says:

omg i want to do this

Andjjj says:

P.s. think this was harder than a food challenge

Arwa says:

I did a no internet (except for work) challenge for two days and I accomplished what I usually do in a week or even more.
It was such a great experience and i want to repeat it again but for a week

next2years says:

Loved this video! I might try something like this so I can find a better balance because I’m always distracting myself with my phone. I would love to see a video on what apps you find really useful!

Cassie Autumn says:

I genuinely want to try this phone detox. It’s seriously surprising how much we rely on our phones just to have something to stimulate our minds with, when in reality, the whole world around us can do that!

Caitlin Andrews says:

I really love the way you work out. You genuine train for strength and fitness and just to feel good rather than jut aesthetic reasons which I feel is the main reason for so many fitness youtubers. I am a rower, weight train to go faster, frequently have men in the gym telling me I doing an exercise wrong although I’m just adapting it to best train rowing specific muscles (like Russian deadlifts instead of conventional), love how you work x

49jubilee says:

I think kids under 13 shouldn’t use therm at all.
They won’t be able to not have them later, and be controlled.
Parents should use house land lines

Franca Nonn says:

This is so inspiring! I’m gonna do a digital detox once I’m done with my uni exams, too! ♥️

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