My Green Smoothie Girl Detox thoughts!

My take on the Green Smoothie Girl 26 day DETOX. Juicing, dry brushing, and coffee enemas — OH MY!


M Miller says:

You haven’t followed up with a post after the detox program finished…are you still alive? Did the coffee enema kill you?

Trista Bytheway says:

I don’t see a video after you finished the cleanse. i would LOVE to know how it all went.

Zeldabug24 says:

What kind of oatmeal did you start with

Back to Nature Living says:

For your gallbladder, you might want to try Chanca Piedra tea. You can get the cut leaves through Amazon. Chanca Piedra is also known as stone breaker tea. It works to dissolve the stones in both your kidneys and gallbladder. It is an amazing tea from Peru.

In regards to coffee enemas. Be careful. It allows the caffeine to get into your system faster than drinking it. Caffeine overworks your organs. Since I had never drank coffee before, I once had to go to the hospital after doing just two coffee enemas. I started posturing, fell to the floor and felt like I could not breathe…

I ate vegan for 18 years…always felt tired…I tried raw for 6 months, I couldn’t sleep at night and was tired as well. I find that the best diet is the one that Weston Price promotes…which is a similar diet to what the longest living super centenarians eat, who are having running races at 100 years of age…the Okinawans. Vegans and Raw-Foodists don’t live any longer than those on the SAD diet. You might want to check out Stephanie Keto Persons on YouTube. She has one of the best Keto programs out there which has you eating a high cruciferous Organic veggie diet with healthy organic fats such as grassfed butter from Ireland (Kerry Gold), coconut oil and avocados, and also including low amounts of Organic Eggs and Organic high fat meats such as chicken thighs, salmon and trout. She advocates no sugar or things that turn to sugar quickly, no caffeine or processed foods. Stephanie is 50 years old and looks like she is in her 30’s. She is totally fit and has energy like you would not believe.

The problem with these vegan and raw food diets is that most of them remove the healthy fats in your diet. You don’t want to live your life with large amounts of sugar whether it is from grains, fruits, fruit juices, maple syrup, etc. Candida Albicans Yeast feeds off of sugar and will turn into the fungal form which enters into the bloodstream and causes a myriad of diseases such as Cancer, Diabetes, Crohns, etc. Your body fuels itself off glucose or ketones (fats). It will only use ketones if glucose is not present. If your body gets a regular supply of glucose (2000 to 3000/day), you will have to fuel your body consistently (by eating) like cows in the field that are constantly grazing. But if your body fuels itself off of ketones (which your body already has about 42,000 calories of ketones), you won’t need to eat as often after you are in a state of ketosis and in turn, your body won’t be fueling the Candida cells in your body or any diseases which were initiated by Candida Fungus in your bloodstream.

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