Lose weight with this incredible pH fixing detox drink – Saturday Strategy


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Lose Weight With This Incredible PH Fixing Detox Drink – Saturday Strategy

We’re already a week into the New Year…

How are those resolutions coming?

You know I love the holidays just as much as you do… but I don’t love the bloated belly, disrupted sleep and erratic mood swings that come with a less than optimal holiday diet and schedule. Ya feel me?

I am willing to bet that you don’t either!

There is something that I do every single day that helps put my body BACK in balance WAY faster… and I KNOW it will help you too!

Join me in this video as I walk you through the reason that this ONE habit is so powerful and be sure to read the blog for tips on just how to incorporate this micro-commitment into your life each day.



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Randy P says:

love this drink

Kaye Roebuck says:

My son has been battling cancer & I’m interested in ordering the Organifi powder but there’s nowhere to order it at the bottom of this ad!!!!!!!!!!

Magaly Fernandez says:

I Love it !!!

Earlena Perry says:

I just ordered my green juice

Ronny OnBass says:

The BEST juicer is the TRISTAR – hands down. No question.

GM B&G says:


milkweedsage says:

fresh turmeric is not available in my area. is powdered acceptable?

Virtuous Woman says:

How many times a day to drink the green juice and is that’s all I don’t have to do nothing else please answer any one I want to get on it but not to sure

Georgia Raynes says:

Hi, have been juicing the last few weeks thanks to your posts which are so encouraging . I have a question…..I have been on lots of meds which I’m trying to get off but am experiencing awful withdrawals. I was on 23 pills per day…now on 3. My feeling is if I get my pH levels sorted I can get the last meds out and gone forever. Do you agree and do you have any additional suggestions veg/fruit, spices etc to make this a bit easier? Thank you

NikkiNik says:

Question do you have a recipe for someone who has hashimoto (hypo-thyroid) and stays away from cruciferous veggies. losing weight has been an extreme challenge.

Gwenneth Guan says:

Hey I want to win the juicer next week

Joann Johnson says:

say man I’m a 54 year old man with more health problems then I care to list I talked to my doctor about your green juice power hee did blood work to check levels in my body I’m sure I’m going to order it when I go see him again I hope he says I can cause dude I got to loose about 40 pounds knees bad congestive heart failure you had a video fat and nearly dead sad to say but that’s me

Kaye Roebuck says:

Never saw where I could order the Organifi!!!!!!!

Andrea Brown says:

How long should I use the lemon and baking soda

Chris Mason says:

I graduated high school at 155Lbs. I weigh 280lbs. Put me down for your juicer sweepstakes entry. I probably need it. I think.

Bb Arif says:

u said that peel the orange but didn’t see ..???

luchi says:

So very interesting and helpful. No fads, gimmicks, deprivation. Just a sensible way of living that fits in with normal life. *Read More → **https://t.co/WPdhDgbIE0** :)*

Trang lu says:

Hi! I can’t believe I haven’t found your channel all this time… I’ve been trying to take care of my body a lot more and live a healthier happier lifestyle. I have around 7,000 combinations of articles, tips, and pictures on how to detox, reduce inflammation, foods and nutrition and much more ( pretty hard to manage, but I’m trying) I currently don’t have a juicer or a blender to blend the drinks and juices on your channel but your tips really help me loads! I just chew the veggies and fruits but I’ve heard that you don’t get as much nutrients from chewing alone, it’s fine I guess. I’m subscribed and hope your channel keeps thriving!

Thank you for your tips!

Harry Worth says:


Well breakfast black coffee one slice of dry toast no butter no jelly no jam

Lunch just some lettuce two celery stalks no booze no potatoes no ham

Dinner one chicken wing broiled not fried no gravy no biscuits no pie

And this dietin’ dietin’ dietin’ dietin’ sure is a rough way to dieSo pass me a carrot stick peel me a prune a glass of skim milk and that’s all

Turn off the TV for the Big Mac commercial it’s drivin’ me straight up the wall

And I’m think’ of french fries sausage and waffles spaghetti and cookies and cake

And each night I’m dreamin’ of chocolate ice cream and

I’m starvin’ to death when I wake all for your sakeYou’re fixin’ the kids all those creamed mashed potatoes

But it’s bouillon and water for me and you got a lock on the refrigerator

Lord knows where you’re hidin’ the key

And while I am starvin’ for food late at night I’m starvin’ for lovin’ from you

But you say that when I can see my own dick you’ll be glad to look at it tooSo supper two pieces of cauliflower raw some beefsteak the size of a nail

One sliced tomato a small dab of slaw I swear I ate better in jail

Stop eatin’ that pizza right under my nose girl that’s the least you can do

And put down that candy bar while I am singin’ I’m starvin’ my ass off for you

And when I am dead with the insurance paid you’ll look down at me and you’ll grin

You’ll say well the boy tried and he suffered and died

But don’t he look good when he’s thin

Read more: Shel Silverstein – Diet Song Lyrics | MetroLyrics

Mayuri Shetty says:


Katherine Heimnick says:

HI Drew, I as so happy that you are doing a segment  on acid/base balance. I am a respiratory therapist know all about hyperventilation to increase  the PH and decrease the acidosis, however since my knowledge is totally in the medical field I want to follow you and learn about foods that alkalize our body. I love all your  videos just ordered some of your product’s. I have told my daughter about  you and she is now very into your videos. I don’t want to go on too long but I have to let you know I am on a continuing journey recovering from a terrible car accident and dealing with  pain and depression I found myself drinking wine and martinis a great deal more than what is considered very moderate which is what I use to be. Since I am medically educated and knew I was consuming too much alcohol YOU Drew have been an inspiration to me not only about how to eat better but also not to let the things from my  past destroy my life  I was so devastated when I had to face the fact that I would never work again. I did so love my work so much in fact  I entertained the thought that I didn’t want to be here. It  has been 2 years  November 8th.I have one daughter she is a registered nurse an only child and I knew she would never forgive me if I took myself from her. So Drew I am giving  you some credit  for helping me get off the booze and I went out and bought lemons and ACV. I’m trying things from almost all your videos. thanks Drew.

Seebaluck Kamlesh UK says:

you r the richest man in the world.juicing is more rich than gold

Miss Daisy says:

Cancer can’t exist in an alkaline environment. Too acidic- apple cider vinegar, baking soda, lemon,water.

Paul Merritt says:

My wife will be thrilled that I found this informative site!!

rachelcocke says:

I have a juicer at home and I have a six-year-old daughter and we are moving in a direction of a healthier and more balanced life and juicing helps us with that.

Earlena Perry says:

I would like to order the on the go packets I didn’t see the link

Stephanie Bynum says:

just started juicing and love all the advice and videos you post awesome job in trying to help people live a healthier life. Kodos

Sally Arevalo says:

I read there is 50 percent off in green juice,because of over supply order? If so let me know

Andrea Brown says:

Hi Drew i would really like to do the juicing but I haven’t got a juicer what can you suggest..

Geraldine Brown says:

Great diet if you’re not very disciplined like me, but I found it hard to stick to on tired days, still doing it sometimes when I’m not too busy as I believe in the principle. *Read More → **https://sites.google.com/site/loseweightfirst4u/** :)*

Srijan Agrawal says:

Hi Just to add to it a lot of times acid reflux & GERD are due to low stomach acid instead of High . 90% of doctors diagnos it incorrectly . i am suffering from HYPOCHLORHYDRIA i.e low stomach stomach acid for a year or so i was treated for hyper acidity , reflux in 90% cases is due to low stomach acid.

please see videos on HYPOCHLORHYDRIA & low stomach acid . There is a simple test to find this if u experince bloating or reflux after your meals pour 2 tablespoon of appple cider vinegar or lemon juice whichever u like take one tablespoon just before
meals and one just after if you u dont experince bloatin or reflux after it chances are that u have low stomach acid.

Request you to give it a try and not suffer like i did

AJ Grace says:

I am type one and was told about juicing and I have been watching your juicing videos and I would love to win the juicer I am a single mom and I need to lose weight and get my healthy back!! I don’t want my kids to be without the only parent they have ever known!!

Garbage Man says:

Dude where did u get ur nails done ?

anthony pope says:

hi I suffer from chronic acid reflux I have had to big ops to correct it but it did not work would your drink help it cheers

Dokter Jekyll says:

Otto Warburg found out that tumor cells cause an acidic enviroment by fermenting sugar instead of burning it in the mitochondria which cause a liberation of lactic acid…. so tumors can live in alkalyn enviroment…. I like your videos but don’t say nonsense like that it makes you less believable

ExploringOurSelfs says:

if I don’t have a juicer can I make it as the smothie ?

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