Juicing 101 – A Beginners Guide To Juicing + Juicers

A Beginners Guide To Juicing + Juicers. If you have ever wondered about juicing then this Juicing 101 is for you! I cover all the basics about juicing, address why you might want to include juicing into your diet, and help you understand the basics of selecting a juicer.

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S Nate says:

I’m looking for a juicer the leaves no pulp in the juice,
and cost under 200.00 can you recommend one.



Faizan Mckagan says:

I learned alot from your video . You’re lovely as well. Thank you

Adam Bottjen says:

“mmm,oooo, It’s so green” … translation … “Oh my god this stuff tastes awful! lol

Darling Stuff says:

Girls are NOT Guys and yes it MATTERS

Anonymous Person says:

yes both juicing and blending are beneficial. Yes that’s true but we do need fiber to have better bowel movements to remove waste..

snowsurfer says:

Juicer has the technology to slow down the oxidation process??? … ummm… not buying that.

Marc Oneill says:

First American I’ve heard saying pasta correctly. It’s not POSTA!!

And while I’m at it, wtf is NOOTELLA??

Anthony Baker says:

Just an advertisement:(

Wild Wings Art Studio and Homestead says:

I feed my pulp to the chickens…they love it…great video, thanks for sharing 🙂 from Wild Wings Homestead and Art Studio, North Bend, PA

Anon Anon says:

I mix the fibre with eggs or flour and make a vegetable pancake..

apuz13 says:

I love your videos and I also have the Green Star Elite and was wondering how you keep the gears so white?

Botos Josel says:

Olivier, I’ve been using your juice recipes for 3 weeks. I started off being groggy every morning, I never had morning wood, and I was tired every day. Now, 3 weeks later I feel great. I’m stronger and morning wood is pretty much my alarm clock now. Thanks for the great product.https://t.co/JjfVlih8SQ

Mark Vin says:

I don’t know if it was the only one but seems that most of the time she was just advertising her fancy juicer instead of guidance on juicing

prodigalus says:

there are some myths in this video. watch this video to learn about the truth behind fast vs slow juicers, and heat/oxidation issues:


Jan Jones says:

Use fiber as compost.

Andy P says:

lemme juice that pussy baby

Johnny Boy says:

Hello. Watched the video above. At 04:35 you stated that fruit juicing promotes insulin resistance and heart disease due to studies. With due respect, I feel you did not seem to realize that they were talking about fruit juice bought in stores. I only know this because I can’t seem to find anything BUT articles talking about this. Juicing with natural fruits with no added sugars and all being organic is totally healthy, especially for one working out for 30min to 1hr a day. Cheers 🙂

Mark of CAIN says:

I’m 60, black and face the challenges that come with the former descriptions. This video was awesome. Thorough and csrefull to emphasize the important bullets. Beautiful job young lady. Going out to get a juicer tomorrow.

Jose Rosales says:

She HATES the taste she cannot stop blinking lol

Bobby Jokel says:

I suppose the pulp could be dehydrated and used to make natural soap. It would be really good for the skin. Loved the video. THANK YOU and GOD BLESS

Marcelo Ribeiro Simões says:

I think that juicing is not the best way to eat…
…The Creator gave us the fructose, fruits sugars and carbs on vegetables surrounded by fiber with a propose…
…Oh, you don’t believe that there’s a Creator…
…ok, even you can understand that all that material (water, sugars, fibers…) are there for a reason.
So, when you eat a plant or a fruit you are getting that sugars and that fiber helps you to get all that energy slowly avoiding a insulin peak (insulin peaks stops any chance to burn fat in your body).
Now, when you take all that fiber out of the equation you are forcing your body to shoot a trunk of insulin IF those veggies have too much carbs or not…
That’s is what I know…

Steven Ochoa says:

Throw it into your yard

Lady Hawk says:

The extra pulp is great for your garden!

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