Juice Detox Cleanse Program from Blender Babes

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Blender Babes offers a Juice Detox Cleanse for anyone interested in learning how whole blended juices can remove toxins from your body. This is NOT a starvation diet! You will consume many more calories than a detox using a juice extractor. In this video we go over the detox, how to prepare, why it’s important, how it’s different, and the possible side effects.

The Blender Babes Detox is a blended whole food detox so you will feel fuller longer and you will also get more vitamins, nutrients and minerals from the skins and seeds of the ingredients. The Blender Babes Detox consists of 6 delicious, easy to drink, juices that you can make at home in your blender, and the best part is that it’s FREE. Sign up at www.blenderbabes.com/detox

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JayHuerta says:

the blender babes are awesome

Leslie Harris says:

I love to juice and make smoothies

Mary Grace says:

I love juicing 🙂

Seaglass Mamma says:

great stuff

Karen Delaney says:

I haven’t tried one as yet.

Andrea says:

Is this channel a seller of the two? By the way nice videos!
Even if this is sponsored vitamix is known to be really good anyway.

TheCurrencyMan says:

The menage a trois starts at 13:22 🙂

Charlene Drake says:

No I haven’t tried on yet, who knows what the new year will bring.

quantmlife says:

I have not tried a whole food detox but I have tried other types. Thanks for the great info.

Cantetinza17 says:

I tried to put my hubby on a cleanse since he came back from Hawaii ( he was stationed there) and he was eating crap the whole time! 4 years of eating CRAP! he couldn’t make it through 3 days, lol Bless his heart for trying.

Danielle S says:

I have never tried a whole food juice detox and would love to try it.

Rhonda Martin says:

I’ve never tried a whole food juice detox. I really need a blender!


I tried a juice detox before but it has been so long ago.

Terra Incognita says:

I live on about 10 pounds of blueberries and strawberries everyday. Juice might bring some variety into my otherwise poor diet.

Tuesdayswith Evan says:

I haven’t tried the whole food juice detox yet. Love to know more 🙂

Ginnie Clarke says:

can’t wait to try one of your juice cleanses.

Tea Tea says:

I am starting my juicing.

Brandy Navarro says:

Sounds interesting I’ll have to figure out this whole juice detox

mauserati says:

I’ve done a smoothie detox a couple of times, but am at an age when I need to focus on preventative. TT

Kate & Julie Gould says:

No I have never done a detox But I believe I need one for sure 🙂

Christina Gilbert says:

I’ve never tried this, but I would love to try it!!

adriana saucedo says:

seems amazing, need to try it.

Doris Calvert says:

I have never tried a whole food juice detox

Renea Duffield says:


Veronique Daoust says:

I just got a new Omega slow juicer! So excited to use it.

Terry Probart says:

the directions were supposed to be 1 and 1/2 C coconut water but she kept saying 6 ounces…there’s 8 ounces in a liquid cup so that’s 8 plus 4 to equal 12 ounces, right?  or ?  What’s the approx. calories and sugars or nutrient basics for the drink?  thanks, Momma T 

Shannon Pickin says:

I have never tried a whole food juice detox.

rust hawk says:

I’ve never tried a detox.

Jan Sanderson says:

I was thinking of trying a juice detox with it being the new year!

evrywoman says:

I do a whole food cleanse several times a year. I am gearing up for 21 day cleanse. Wish me luck!

Tom Davis says:

like the detox program

Tanya Sgroi-Wilson says:

Juicing and cleansing are new to me and #1 on my New Year’s resolutions

Lorri Dockery says:

I need to do this!

Debra Holloway says:

This is something I am very interested in, it looks like such a healthy way to loose weight.

Yaritza S. says:

I’ve never done a juice detox, I don’t have a juicer, but I do have a vitamix. Can it still be done?

Raxana Castillo says:

The lady in the black dress was she recently at a sams club selling the blendtec in torrance ca????

laurel keating says:

i love your clenases thanks

Allyssa Conroy says:

Looks like fun!

Katherine Riley says:

I have never tried a whole food juice cleanse.

jet s. says:

I haven’t tried it yet but would love to, I’m hoping to be better to myself on 2016

Mary VanTil says:

I have not tried the Whole Food Juice Cleanse, but I just started juicing and making a list of the best products to start with Thanks

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