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Monster WeiGht Loss says:

2018 Supermodel shares how to DETOX your body and lose weight! SHE IS HOOOOOOT!

Raymeester says:

Drinking Game:
Take a shot every time Gabby says “like.”

Cha Marie says:

Hey Gabby!! I’m doing your 6week summer plan currently is their anyway to get the detox plan separate from the guide?

Jess Phillips says:

eleventh gorgeous was in the store when it happened! and its on their vlog!

Charity Pratt says:

Detox is a total trigger word. You shouldn’t perpetuate this. Detoxing isn’t a thing- you can juice or low calorie diet all you want, but the only detoxing your body does is via your liver or kidneys. Anything else is just bullshit. You should know this, especially if you are counselling others in nutrition. Don’t say “be careful doing it”, say “don’t fucking do it because it’s bullshit”.

Felicia Crowe93 says:

I detox every day but I use lemon juice and Apple cider vinger
Maybe I should switch it up to tea and Apple cider vinger

Victoria Latella says:

BOOTY GAIN holy crap Gabby! I love you!!!!

Sarah Dors says:

hey gabby!! just found your channel! probably going to just watch a billion videos now 🙂 youve got a new youtube friend for sure!! question about the detox, i dont really need to kick start a diet or get my nutrition in order, i feel like i have a good balance! but would you consider this for someone who has a lot of issues with bloating or insensitivities to food? i feel like every time i eat more than like chicken breast i bloat like crazy and my stomack is upset. would you recommend this for someone as a potential way to fix that? i was considering an elimination diet for this reason as well

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