How to Detox the Brain Naturally and Cellular Detox 2018

How to Detox the Brain Naturally and Cellular Detox is to educate you on the root cause of the symptoms you may be facing.

If you ever wondered why you can’t focus, have poor memory, brain fog, decreased brain endurance, unclear thoughts, decrease mental performance, poor focus, and brain fatigue, then brain healing and detox can be your answer. Many people unknowingly suffer from brain toxicity. Detoxing the brain and doing a cellular detox is the answer for many people.

Brain toxicity stems from chemical exposure to hundreds of different chemicals. Mercury, Lead, Mold, Arsenic, are major contributors, but the list goes on for days.

Some people may be wondering why I didn’t outline a 3 step plan for detoxing the brain and the reason for this is the same reason you wouldn’t find a “how to do surgery guide” on youtube. I believe some problems are best addressed through a clinician who can guide you and understand the problems.

As promised I have a more detailed guide to brain detox that can offer you a deeper understanding as to how this all works.

Brain Toxicity | Detoxing Your Brain

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Lore Murdock says:

I had terrible lead poisoning that lead to many other problems. For 3.5 months I used cilantro, spirulina and chlorella (as well as cacao nibs, fresh tumeric, ginger+) in a shake every morning as the main chelating and “carrier”agents. I got well, my brain woke up (I’m almost 56 years old) and my body signaled me when to stop! Now I’m working on parasites and doing IF and getting good results. I was very successful. If anyone wants more info, I’m happy to share!

Tigress ForTruth says:

Sounds like me. I found out the house we were renting had black mold inside the ceiling and walls when the new owners started remodeling. Do your treatments work for mold exposure as well as Lyme?

Frank mc gorry says:

Great and helpful information, I’ve definetely got all of these symptomns….. I have undoubtebly got leaky brain and a toxified Brain. I am taking supplements to regain my cellular health and detox and have been doing and feeling quite well from these, of course I have good and bad days but overall I can definetely say I’m improving and on the right track. I also take an anti – inflammatory smoothie to help heal my inflammation, I am hoping all these things combined fix my body… I think the most important thing to have in this battle is absolute un – wavering belief in the most super computer of all ( p.s Screw AI ) …. The human body Peace to all in this struggle. P.S – Never drink un – filered water if you can avoid it at all.

KC Smith says:

really need help; do you work with people like me?

Jessica Gill says:

Great Information! I had this problem due to multiple metal fillings as a kid. I had them all removed thankfully. As an adult I also had carbon monoxide poisoning from a gas leak. Thanks for the info!!!! Been detoxing and reducing inflammation for many years. Huge improvement.

Rachel Schade says:

I needed this information! Thanks for sharing!

Doreen Curry says:

Beginning detox process … suffer all the symptoms including many not listed.

Jason Reed says:

I’m familiar with leaky BBB and was watching this video to try and get some possible solutions, I wish I would have known it was just an advertisement to sign me up instead of offering me information that could help. Sorry I wasted my time.

wealthandnutrition says:

I have suffered for years with all of these symptoms. I realized about a year ago that it was possible mercury poisoning. I’ve recently had 13 amalgams replaced and I will have my last one replaced on this coming Tuesday. I have been searching for a chelating detox program but the information I’ve seems confusing. Do u offer advice with your program?

Positive Vibes says:

Excellent content. Subscribed.

Angelica Paucar says:

Dr. Zyrowski you are so clear when you speak. We are becoming with great sensitivity to recognize who speaks the true, keep it that way. I would liketo ask you to expand on this topic because there are many others things after the human brain. KEEP US INFORMED AND I HAD SUSCRIBED.

Eximius Chiropractic says:

Very Important Information …. Thanks for sharing!

Art Simkins says:

No information here.

Big Mama says:

Could headaches in a child also be a symptom?

michael zyrowski says:

Excellent information!!!

Andris Lelis Travel says:

So how to detox the brain?

KC Smith says:

I’m so sick with mine..I literally feel like a zombie and terrified I can’t do it anymore…I feel brain dead.

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