How To Cleanse For Fertility – Detox Tips →→ Learn how to cleanse for fertility. Natural Fertility Specialist, Hethir Rodriguez, shares tips for detoxing before pregnancy.

Fertility cleansing is one of the best ways to prepare conception. In this video Hethir shares with you how to optimize detoxification and how you can best benefit from fertility cleansing.

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Carmen Rivera says:

Thank you so much for uploading this video. It has been very helpful and you answered some of the questions I had in mind about the cleansing

Diego Ramirez says:

I need this in Spanish for my sister any reference?

Martina Mckoy says:

Will this fertility detox help if I’m just getting off birth control?

Ashley Berg says:

Is it okay to do this fertility cleanse while breastfeeding? My period has been kind of all over the place (I’m guessing that’s because I’m still nursing) so I don’t know exactly when I would start this cleanse if I go off of when my cycle begins and ends.

hawaiiancutie79 says:

When do you start this if you haven’t stopped bleeding for months? How can you stop bleeding to get a starting point?

Geraldine Ekhator says:

Prayer is an excellent way of meditation and extremely relaxing. I go to sleep while praying. I use my cellphone to do my prayers and even pray in my sleep. I have never rested so well before I did this. I will have to try some of your other advice though because it is extremely smart. Thanks for all your help!

Natasha Strasburg says:

What if one is about to have laparoscopy to check for endometriosis? Is it better to wait until after the 1st cycle from the surgery or does it not matter? Could I do it before the surgery?

Angelica Cortez says:

Can I do this while on the shot ? I had my last shot a moth a ago but I want to start trying for a baby I’ve been on the shot for 5 years now but I will not be getting it anymore just wanted to know if I can do this

Eliza Emma says:

Please how can I get and I have problem of pirod without taking pins if you can help me

Helga Patrícia Vieira says:

Hi Hethir, I really enjoy your videos, thank you. I just got AF after an unsuccessful round with Clomid and I want to do the cleanse before trying again. I’m sure you’ve been asked this before but can I still take my Vitex, Maca and Royal Jelly while cleansing? Or should I stay away and just focus on the cleanse and diet?
Thanks again.

Triann Corbin says:

I have a fertility problem what product can I use for that.

Silver Love says:

Pls how can I get dis cleanse

Na Young says:

Questions! Can you have intercourse while doing the fertility cleanse? How long do you have to wait after the cleanse in order to start other fertility products?

Rahdhika Chari says:

plz hw can I get dis cleanse supplements for me in here in India plz help i want dis fertily cleanse

mariam bakkour says:

Hi,do u think partial blockage isthmus is due to endometriosis?or do u even think hsg test is really accurate

Amber Miranda says:

I had a huge insight after watching a couple of your videos. Thank you for explaining so clearly.

Ladyofvirtue247 says:

Cleansing: Does Fibroids or Endometriosis material pass out of the body or does the body re-absorb it? During a cleanse is it wise not to use tampons during this time?

Daphnee Velus says:

thank you very much

Crazy Gigi says:

How much?

Justine Dalton says:

I’ve been on birth control patches for a year and i want to have a baby what do I do now?

Daphnee Velus says:

Hi, what to use for blokage filopianntube please

Tina Rowe says:

The best solution is cupping, Islamic hijamma

Reshmini Ramnath says:

How long do you have to do the fertility diet for?

khadiejah ebrahim says:

what if you can’t afford the products ?

K G says:

I need help with this. 🙁

Lady J says:

Great info. Any herbs to clear tubes?

Ms July says:

Can i take Vitex and Maca during Fertility Cleanse?

Janner Austin says:

I really hope this helps will try it on Monday

Coco Versace says:

I don’t get a period do to hormone levels what days do I start

Cheryl Rodriguez says:

a year ago I was told I had a cyst on my right ovary… when having sex it is very painful. I would like to get pregnant.. I just saw your kits on the site. is there one I could do to help me???

raji thiyagu says:

hi, I have been using vitex and maca together for a month now..can i still use castor oil pack along with this supplements? i and my hubby are trying for a baby for almost 2 yrs. Please help…

Zulfa Hamisi says:

havent heard any fertility problems or rather would say am not sure if i got fertility problems but i want to get pregnant as soon as i can how do i start… lemon juice also a lemon detoxifying for fertility

Worthy Daily says:

How do you feel about herbal detoxing tampons? Yoni pearls or detox pearls.

Sinead Kavanagh says:

Can I use this cleanse while doing the long ivf protocol? Or is there another way to increase blood flow to the uterus prior to embryo transfer?

Jamila Shata says:

I am not ovulating, what is the remedy?

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