HEALTHY Grocery Haul | Get My 5 Day Detox!

Vlogging my best tips for grocery shopping for the Free 5 Day Detox, plus some of my favorite products! I’m also sharing some goodies for all the girls dealing with Hypothyroidism like me! Join the Detox + 21 Day Refresh Challenge

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Rachael Frederick says:

I am curious as to why do you not like natural sugars? Is this always? Or just for the detox?

Love Sweat Fitness says:

Are you doing the Detox + 21 Day Refresh Challenge with me?? Join in FREE

Shanice S. says:

Where is your bag from? It is so cute!!!!

extrinsic1311 says:

Are you not supposed to put all those veggies in plastic baggies? Or you just throw them into your cart loose?

Dejah says:

I’m looking to download the detox and meal plan but I can’t find it in my email

terellagin says:

Wish you can find another way of giving your sweets/ food away and not throwing it out.

Hilal says:

You’re definitely my fav YouTuber!! Ahh love this video can you make more like this

Daniela Villarreal says:

what protein powder do you recommend using because i purchased a plant based one but it had a terrible taste and made everything we used it with taste horrible

Allison Mangrum says:

Actually,.please be worried about all the fat in the coconut oil! My mom’s breast cancer was fed by hormones and the fat from coconut oil. Not that it will happen to everyone, BUT for some it definitely can be a recipe for disaster. Healthy fat or not it absolutely can feed cancerous cells. Per her oncologist.

Indiya Ledingham says:

i have signed up for the detox and 21 day refresh challenge but how do you get the free guide? xx

Official Royal says:

I have a question, What is the name of that store?

Just notice the cart, its whole foods.

Mary Allen Barranco says:


Danielle LePage says:

I always have a waterbottle graveyard!!!!

Katie Paige says:

I just cleaned out my water bottle graveyard today! I have a clean car besides that…

Sarah James says:

I LOVE that you do videos with Ryan. It’s the cutest. 🙂 Also big fan – I’ve followed you since I was 16 and now I’m almost done with college. I take you with me wherever I go. <3

Manasi Deshmukh says:

Eating curd/yoghurt will help your gut health instead of spending hundreds of dollars on fancy probiotics. Save the probiotics for a stomach infection.

Aspen Sasso says:

Yessss, love this! Could never do too many grocery hauls! 🙂

jordyn mary says:

100% have a water bottle graveyard in my Jeep

Jewel Lee says:

I signed up for the challenge. Where do I download the plan?

beYOUtiful by Marina Kim says:

Can you please do a video with what you will be making with these groceries!!

Cristine Vitale says:

Yes grocery halls!

d.mahape says:

With all the snack foods your getting rid of and just throwing away, you should make little snack bags with waters and give them to homeless people around your area. Don’t throw away good food!

Eleena Kendal says:

Hey girl, love your videos! Just wanted to ask when you say you’re getting rid of your unhealthy snacks are you giving it to friends/family or literally throwing it in the bin? Could 100% be given to others or even a food bank so that there’s no food waste to fill up more land fill ❤️

wynne baker says:

Great job in the gym beautiful!….. Happy New Year!

xojamie says:

YES PLEASEEEE more grocery hauls! love your videos xo

DIY Everything says:

My mom has a water bottle graveyard

Natasha Perry says:

I can’t keep my lights up after New Years either but it is depressing taking them down lol. Love your hair. You should do hair tutorial!!!

Carolyn Ingrid says:

Curious how much this type of grocery haul costs about? Do you have any resources for those wanting to do this on a budget? Thank you!

Andrea Viola says:

@ 11:42 detox

Sam Iha says:

Is Ryan her partner ?

Nicole Biggs says:

Just a thought – You should donate the unopened food to shelter or pantry, if you haven’t thrown it out.

Ermira S says:

love that sauce ………my favorite .
Very nice lifestyle

An'Dee Wood says:

I’m not going to lie….I am so happy that you are okay with drinking. Every health YouTuber I watch do not drink because “alcohol effects your metabolism.” But they never say what it does. They say it doesn’t necessarily make you gain weight unless you are drinking beer or drinks with lots of sugar (I do not, I am a neat whiskey girl.), but I also wondered what was so bad about alcohol. Anyway, I love your channel. Your thyroid issue hits home because I’m going to get checked out for that.

Do you really like the celery juice? Another youtuber I watch uses it but she has to force it down.

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