Get Rid Of Water Fasting Detox Tongue

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Super Duper Jessie J says:

What are the exact measurements for the peroxide and the water?

littlemonkey246 says:

Will filtered water work too?

Ronna says:

Thanks boss.

Tonee Jai says:

I just got my H2O2 in last week. Just got hipped to it the week before. Best thing I could have ever done. I finished my fast right before it came in but i will definitely use it next time i fast for my tongue breath.

Anthony Boynton says:

Thank you!!!!

Tim Wiggins says:

This video popped up right on time bro! I’m in the middle of a long fast and was struggling not to end it because of the “yuck mouth” (The only reason why 12 days is my limit). I have a couple of bottles of this at home and will try it later.

Blue Sky says:

Thank you very much for this product

Dayleeyah Kalonji says:

Awesome video, don’t know why I didn’t make this connect because I make a mouth wash out of this and add peppermint essential oil. I use it to brush my teeth also. I put it in a dark glass bottle and use a glass dropper. This is also my flu remedy. Another thing that cleans the tongue is a copper tongue cleaner.

Berneice Guilford says:


Shonn's Journey says:


Còi 5 Phút says:

As i read . 1:1 is the most effective . But 1:5 is my choice .

Flowerbomb90 says:

The water fasting detox tongue is my main problem and because of it I can only do 5 days max of fasting because the taste in my mouth makes me puke. I will definitely try this.

Megan Teal says:

its good for white teeth too check out Gavin Mehl’s videos on peroxide food grade his teeth very white and he is an old guy

Akia Canada says:

If I have 12% would I just use less water?

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