Foods To Detox Your Body Total Wellness Cleanse Review Guide


“Imagine a house, just like yours, where all the garbage bags and toilets are constantly being piled up with crap, every single day. But… the toilets can only be flushed once per day, and the bins emptied once per week. Imagine the stink.

Every toilet is overflowing with sewage, which is leaking through the carpets and floors. All the bins are surrounded with flies, and the garbage is spilling all around the floor, and being trodden around the whole house. And every day, it gets worse and worse, because the waste is piling up faster than it can be removed.

Now imagine what your house would look like after a few weeks. Imagine the sight, and the smell. Raw sewage would be dripping from the ceilings, and running down your walls. Rubbish would have been trod around almost every inch of your home. Flies, maggots and rats would be all over the place. The rotten stink would probably even be generating its own heat.

That’s just a few weeks. Imagine the mess after ten, twenty, thirty or maybe even forty years. This is what happens when waste piles up like this, with nowhere for it to go.

That is what is going on inside your body right now.

It’s being bombarded with so much toxic junk — from the food you eat, the water you drink, the cosmetic products you use, the air you breathe, and countless other sources of toxins — that your liver can’t get rid of the toxins fast enough. And so it all just piles up, and piles up, and piles up, over the years.”

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