Detox Yoga | 20 Minute Yoga Flow for Detox and Digestion

Join Adriene for this sweaty cleansing Yoga For Detox practice! This detox yoga sequence is designed to make you sweat as you build strength and twist it out. Massage the internal organs, tone the body and shed weight with this mindful yoga flow for detoxification and digestion!

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Intro music by Shakey Graves


Kim Wright says:

Any suggestions for improving balance? I struggle not to fall over while trying to complete some of the movements carried out from a lunge position.

Lisa Kirmsse says:

Amazing workout, immediately subscribed 😀 Keep up the great work Adrienne <3

heavenlybeast12 says:

I’m at Snap Fitness and intended to do a yoga program on their bug screen, but their internet was down. So I tried your detox on my cell phone and it was good. Thanks.

Captain Bleu says:

I love your videos, Adriene! This one made me feel amazing. Namaste!

Lee DeCook says:

Hi Adriene, I have been doing yoga on & off for 20 years now and at present I have not been going to any classes (for financial reasons).I thought why not do classes online, I hunted for a good teacher & waalaa I found you! I love your classes, you have a good way of explaining things. I feel like your almost in the room with me and guiding me. I particularly like this detox workout it really gets your blood flowing & feel alive after. Thank you so much for guiding us all who follow you. Namaste all the way from New Zealand x

Sheila Williams says:

This was a great session! I feel the burn in my legs and so glad I was able to do the full video without giving up. New yogi here!!! So happy I found your channel.

Captain Shar says:

Tips for rolling over the toes to get from plank to up dog?

Punto de Yoga says:

beautifull video! you are amazing I love your classes, kisses from Argentina

Crystal Medina says:

Why do my legs so going numb and falling asleep when I’m crossed legged? What can I do to prevent that?

Cen Ben says:

Hi! I deeply enjoy your videos!! However, I do wish you would take some time in between certain movements to really hold them. I almost feel rushed while transitioning. Also towards the end of your videos, you should try to incorporate a longer shavasna that’s longer. I’d appreciate it! But stay wonderful!

Anne Belle says:

It’s only 20mins but I really did sweat

Janice Ruiz says:

have been trying for a long time to do chatarunga (sp?) but my shoulders always collapsed when elbows get to about 45 degrees. How to strengthen weak shoulders

Jessa Glover says:

I have gave back issues for months now, walking, standing, sitting, stretching hot baths, essential oils even muscle relaxers and nothing has done the trick… I did this routine this morning and I just realized at almost at 11pm I haven’t thought about my back once today!! I’m nearly in tears from relief… Thank you Adrienne-

Naomi Ohayon says:

Love this video. Perfect for a nice morning routine that also makes me sweat!

Mabelyne Goh says:

Hi Adriene Dr diagnoses that I had zero-negative rheumatoid. I can’t even lift up a cup of water as the nerve sensation all over my body is very pain. Which yoga should I start with?

Anna Shaleva says:

that was awesome! Thanks Adriene!

Rebecca Hughes says:

I needed this. Thank you (:

keith young says:

Best 20 min of yoga I’ve done so far. Adriene your great to follow. thanks auto correct wants me to put another n in your name. Silly auto correct

Léone says:

Damn I felt that heat

Jose Martinez says:

Your amazing adriene!

VeganZey says:

Doing Begin Again for the month of October. Day 21! LOVED this one! <3

Priscilla Little says:

Thank you so much for sharing your practice Adriene. You are an angel. Namaste <3

Jaxon Dickey says:

My second favorite to yoga rinse! Oldie but so goodie!

Joelle Gilmore says:

was looking for something I could do to remover from the emotional and physical aftermath of thanksgiving-you delivered as always 🙂 Perfect length for me to squeeze in before guests and kids woke up!

Dearlove Health says:

Love it, just what I needed today. Thank you!!

Linda Trimble says:

Loved this! Thank you Adriene, Namaste

Matt Baron says:

excellent class Adrien, just the right amount. Thank you!

Sudipta Dey says:

thank you for this

Talia Horovitz says:

we definitely forgot to do the left side at the first half.

chloecovers says:

I love this flow. But does anyone else struggle with Warrior foot placement? I NEVER know how to position my back foot. It always feels awkward, and like I’m not doing it correctly. It makes me feel like I’m not getting all of the benefits of the posture.

Rositsa Ilieva says:

Hello Adriane,is this workout for the morning better or for the afternoon?Greetings!

Linda Mench says:

I tried a different yoga program today and regret that choice immensely. Yoga with Adrienne I will never cheat on you again!

Natalie Fletcher says:

I’m a little late to the party here, but whenever I go into that squat, I really feel some pain in my hips. Does anybody have any advice or thoughts on what I may be doing wrong?

Maryam Arabi says:

Hi Adriene, could you do a new detox episode? I have enlarged and painful lymph nodes, and my liver hurts a lot, and I’ve noticed that your sequence “Yoga for back pain” in yoga basics REALLY helps me a lot, but I kinda want to expand that to do more for my arms and legs and neck. I also have fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue so I can’t do a lot of the ones that get you all sweaty (like this video), so I was wondering if you could make a gentler detox sequence?! <3 <3 <3 Thanks for everything you do!

Kristi Barry says:

Of all The YWA videos, this is hands down, my favorite

Adri Montalvo Music says:

Hehehe adriene is so cute
“So put on your yoga clothess”

Sherryl Francis says:

I️ love this workout but I️ felt like we work the right side a lot more than the left was there a reason for that.

Iron Eagle 444 - Doomsday Yoga says:


chini says:

I love this!!!

Lindsey O'Neal says:

Thank you for such a great practice. I’m just beginning a fast and plan to do this practice everyday to keep me focused. You’re amazing. As always thank you. I might have some issues because I’m without my yoga mat. But still great.

Morgan Hadley says:

Love these so much. my body feels like I️ just worked out, but my mind feels like I️ just took the best nap 🙂

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