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♥ Are you always bloated, constipated, low in energy and can’t stop eating bad foods? Your body maybe TOXIC OVERLOAD!
♥ Here are 4 SUMMER DETOX WATER to help reduce bloating, burn fat, curb cravings and lose weight! Try them out, Snap & Share with me! Tag me @JoannaSohOfficial #JSohRecipes
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1) Reduce Bloating
– 6 Cucumber Slices
– 6 Lemon Slices
– A few sprigs of Mint
– 1L Water

2) Fat Burner
– 1L Chilled Green Tea
– 1 tbsp. Apple Cider Vinegar
– A few sprigs of Mint

3) Curb Cravings
– 6 Apple Slices
– 2 Cinnamon Sticks
– 1L Water

4) Ease Digestion
– 3 Ginger Slices
– 6 Lemon Slices
– 6 Cucumber Slices
– A few sprigs of Mint
– Pinch of Himalayan salt
– 1L Water

These drinks will promote a more active metabolism and help burn fat more easily. But remember guys, you won’t magically lose weight just by drinking these and do nothing. You will still need to maintain an active lifestyle and eat a well balanced diet. All the best! xx



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Purvi Sharma says:

you are amazing jonnha I just wanted to ask u I m not a follower of gym if I do your workout at home will I be able to loose weight I m always get confuse from where to start….can u please help me…

Alia Khan says:

Ma’am can I have these drinks??
I m 13 years?

Kaushal Parmar says:

Hi , how long do u soak the ingredients?

badiseba memmedli says:

hi Johanna.can i count green tea and coffee as my daily water intake? thank u <3

lekhachills says:

Hii! thank you for this video!! can I have the detox drink at any time of the day? or does it have to be on empty stomach?

Little Nawwal says:

hello.. can u do a zumba workout dance video ? hehe.. i love your channel..

Brooke Cisneros says:

Joanna you have helped me SOOOOO much. A couple of years ago had to get surgeries on my feet so I was out of shape you helped me to get back in shape and help me to stay healthy now. I can’t thank you enough!! ❤❤❤❤

blue bird says:

my favorite is you .

Kthk Ranu says:

hello joanna i m vry enjoying ur videos nd like u vry much
u know i loss 5.5 kg wait in just 28 days

Jasmine Chen says:


Hamza n Reyhan says:

v informative video thanks,

Aniqa Yahya says:

thank you soo much i will try them

Tsubaki Hime says:

Those look very tasty! Thank you Joanna!

bri bart says:

can u put cinnamon schnapps in the apple drink instead of cinnamon? 😛 hehee

Trtr says:

This is definitely very helpful video Joanna. Thanks and loves.

aishwarya shukla says:

hey joanna hii i m ur fan since i started watching ur video waiting for you to come live

gone forever says:

when is this best to drink?

Nageswararao Puppala says:

super execellect joanna nice keep it

Deborah Hopper says:

YesI will make some, Thanks!!

Paula B. says:

HI, Joanna! Thanks for the helpful video! What is the benefit of Himalayan salt?

J For Jacqy says:

Dr.Mike said Detox water really doesn’t work as our body cleanses itself and all we have to do is drink enough water!!

Mark JR Alipio says:

Hi! Nice video. Can I use ground cinnamon powder instead of the stick? Thanks

Christina Long says:

Okay I really need to make these soon. I have very bad digestion 🙁

Food And Health says:

Great video

Esther Perez says:

Green tea is my favorite! thanks

Esprance J Misquitta says:

I mean some easy exercises plzzzzzz

Samra Qasam says:

I also can use this

Joanna Soh Official says:

Hi Guys!!!! Thanks for watching this video. I’ll be LIVE on YouTube & Facebook Thursday, 15th June 2017 on these times:
6am PDT / 9am EDT (USA)
9pm Malaysia / Philippines
6.30pm India
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Come join me for a casual chat and I’ll be answering your questions too. xxx

Samra Qasam says:

bcaz I m pregnant

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