741 Hz ❯ Spiritual Detox ❯ Remove Toxins & Negative Thoughts ❯ Mandala Meditation Music

741Hz Music to Spiritually Detox.. Remove the negative thoughts patterns and toxic energy. Here are some signs that you need the spiritual detox ;

Have you noticed yourself being overly negative – lots of negative thoughts and emotions. Your heart aches and you feel kind of numb, Happy people piss you off and you dont sleep well too. You feel like a victim, unable to change, unable to transform.

Meditation is one of the key things you should do everyday, for atleast 20 mins. And give yourself this gift, every morning. This 741 hz based meditation music and mandala and geometry will help in making your meditation practice more effective. This is not just music, but a sound healing tool, which you can use even when you are not meditating.

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firestorm1717 says:

Sorry but this sound is not good for me is very dark and i Thing not for clean but for install bad vibration for people
The sound is not the light for me is the gate of demons
The mandala on movie is very nice but the sound is devil

Aerodil says:

I found a soul crying for help, and I tried rescuing her. We started to date, and she proposed to me. Three months later (or possibly earlier), that very same soul decided she wanted nothing to do with mine and so she looked for others. She cheated, to put it bluntly.
Her soul seemed unaffected by her wandering, but for me it was horrendous. The emotional shock I had from having to end it so fast (I broke up with het before she did) has damaged quite a bit. I need time to repair myself, so anything helps.

Rodion Romanovich says:

[Press Play]

Cosmic Kryptonian says:

try meditating to this on mushrooms or LSD

Mike Wilbur says:

This frequency brings me extremely good vibrations even when my external environment is a negative one.



Mallaury says:

It’s my favorite one

ytdone says:

I was just hit by a thunder and bitten by a cobra, but this is flushing out all the toxins in no time.

Christopher Thomas says:

Omg people quit being so dramatic.

마넹 says:


Night Flame 2000 says:

Balance is the key to everything, without it, all will fall.

Katie Welikanna says:

Do you need ear buds for this?

fem gemini says:

The music itself makes me feel completely safe thank you

PygeonPlays says:

There is a problem here: there is no scientific evidence that prolonged exposure to frequencies can “detox” toxins aren’t sentient, they won’t just go away when you listen to frequencies. Also, “spiritual” things are complete bs

The 5th Estate says:

What a crock of shit

Polly Braswell says:


XBLspartanx170 says:

love the track, great ambience, but this comment section is full of weirdos.

Filip Štrobl says:

Sorry for disrupting this nicely peaceful and spiritual comment section, but, i mean, DAMN, this reminds me so much of Mettalic monks of Fallout! I mean, just listen to it, its even in the same scale! https://youtu.be/EUeAOUkUVO0?t=10m23s

Arian Mustafa says:

This is Love this is Life ❤️❤️❤️

William Franks says:

Anybody else keep expecting to hear the tinkling sounds and synth at the start of Shine On You Crazy Diamond?

Mr Clean says:

There is more to life then just religion

Sylvain Medina says:

I’d love to know how this visualization was made – I’m attempting to make a music video and this type of image generation would be perfect

lowpresssure says:

this one is my favourite of the hundreds of beats i’ve listened to. thank you so so so much.

Mike Blanton says:


Laure Chua says:


Ancient Bloodline of Light says:


Devil of hells kitchen says:


Shashi Kant says:

Amazing, This took me to a completely different world. PEACE 🙂

new name says:

I just farted at 70 Hz.

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