4 DETOX WATER Recipes & Benefits

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Hey guys!

Summer is just around the corner and the temperature is going up! The hotter it is, the easier we can dehydrate and we definitely want to avoid that! BUT, regardless of the temperature outside, we always need to stay hydrated and drink lots of water! I always start my morning with a glass of lime water (I shared that with you in my morning routine) and I drink tons of water all day long. But, of course, water can get boring sometimes and we begin to crave some more flavor. So today I’m sharing my top 4 detox/flavored water recipes to boost the taste of water while adding amazing health benefits!

1. Apple Cinnamon Water
2. Cucumber, Lime, Strawberry, Mint Water
3. Raspberry Lemon Water
4. Strawberry Watermelon Water

These will not only hydrate you, but they will also cleanse your body, get rid of toxins, increase your metabolism, and even help you slim belly fat naturally! Watch the video to learn about all the amazing benefits each ingredient has! Try them out and let me know which one is your favorite!

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Peter Yeezy says:

How long do I leave the ingredients before drinking?

Kiss Nails says:

Its boost not boose

Cindy Kerwin says:

OMG I have an orchard and I never did this! Thank you I am drinking strawberry cucumber, cilantro, mint from my garden!

Mirna Cadena says:

love this video just made the cucumber strawberry and mint water

Jasmine k says:

How long it will stay. When we can have it. Do we need to refrigerate it??

This username is unavailable says:

Dang, how much fruit do you need to have to refill them several times a day? x’3 Or do they mean you can drink the water and leave the fruit you already used in there, and just add more water.

Joanne Kieff says:

Joanne kieff ,

Rebecca S says:

this was great to find. Its a much better alternative to heavy smoothie drinks

Mandii In Wonderland says:

I love the jars where did you purchase the jars & straws? I want them !!

Marcel Benner says:

One thing to add: if you wanna drink this stuff throughout the day, make at least 2 hour breaks in between. Otherwise the fruit sugar will go into solution and your teeth will be under permanent attack from the sugar fermenting bacteria. So you need to give the saliva a chance to remineralize your teeth.

One Fusion says:

Intro 1000% volume. Rest of video %10 volume lol almost blew my eardrums out

Scarlet Woods says:

found a 4 piece 19 ounce mason jar glass set at Wal mart for only $10.99. Awe yeee

ashhenabbyaha says:

Been looking for mint every where and I can’t find it

Eera Jjang says:

did u drink it directly or u let them sit for few hour / overnight??

Dancer Sangita says:

Can I drink everyday itis good for health? ?

iamvanessae says:

Wow! I’m watching this more than one year later and I apologize for all those popping sound effects LOL I wish I could go in there and edit them out!

Miss Dya says:

love your detox recipes

isha kumari says:

can i use 2 or 3 detox water in a single day??

Marcy Medina says:

Where did you get the cups to put the detox waters at ?

Silvia mendoza says:

watermelon and strawberry

Mary Choudhury says:

Okay I tried it but why does mine just taste of washed out fruit ??

Kourtney Vercetti says:

Can u use cinnamon powder instead of a stick?

HKreations says:

I would think that once the fruit has lost it flavor from repeated uses, you could just remove the peel (lime). Pop it into a blender and instant smoothie! Yum!

Rogelio Arroyo says:

how many exact times can i refill it?? and can i drink this whule working out

KawaiiPotato Gurl says:

You look Like Eva from mylifeaseva

Maryah Cakes says:

does it matter on the amount of fruit or mint leaves you put in the water? just wondering.

SimSimmy says:

Can you use cinnamon powder?

malik mom says:

how long can you use the fruit in the jar… just incase I wanted to make a pitcher full

Anonymous says:

can we mix the flavors around ? like do strawberries with blackberries or apples?


how many are you sapose to drink a day to lose weight ?

Tim DeGhelder says:

Found your video… I am going to do a water detox. I might go 3 days without the flavors… any advice?

pooja vyas says:

should we add warm water or cold water for this detox

Shelby says:

I just ordered a Teami Tumbler and I think these detox waters would work well in them 🙂 Thanks!

Angela Gracia says:

Thank you for sharing all look delicious. Thumbs up keep up the great work. 🙂

naseema khan says:

can we eat those fruits after?

Jasmine k says:

Sorry she has answered it in the last portion of the video. I was little hurry sorry

Learsi Kcuf says:

Shit in a glass of water

Grocleom M says:

what should we do with the fruits after drinking the detox water? someone please share.

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