3 Day Water Fast | A How To Guide

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3 Day Water Fast | A How To Guide is a video where I give you my own experience with a 3 day water fast and show you how you can do this style of fasting yourself.

A 3 day water fast is very beneficial to the body. Sure longer fasts are also great but for those of us that have very busy schedules doing a 4-10 day water fast just isn’t reasonable. 3 Day water fasts benefits exceed those that you will receive from intermittent fasting or even OMAD. I prefer doing the 3 day water fast once every other month.

3 day water fast ketosis is a awesome bio-hack. If you are in the state of ketosis prior to the fast you will find that you don’t crash as you would switching from sugar burning to fat burning during the fast itself.

3 day water fast weight loss is always a important benefit of the fast. When you are fasting you spare muscle and your body burns that fat around the waist and the visceral fat that is associated with so many diseases. Weight loss and fasting go very well together and is considered to be a healthy way to accomplish fat loss. This water cleanse over the 3 days will give your body time to detox, heal, and rejuvenate as fasting is a health strategy that is almost required for good health.

Many people ask how they can navigate a 3 day water fast with exercise and it is important to realize that the 3 day fast is a time for your body to heal and recover. Pushing the exercise hard while fasting is never recommended. When fasting we like to stick to like exercises that keep the body moving but nothing strenuous like long distance cardio or heavy weight training.

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Dr. Nick Zyrowski


JALUNA says:

I wanna try water fasting, but since I’ve been doing intermittent fasting unconsciously for more than 4 years (I didn’t know there was that thing until a month ago), i’d probably collapse..I mean, from being a bit overweight back in 2015, I became underweight in just 4 years..

SO I really shouldn’t.
Being hospitalized sucks..

snipper says:

But I just bought a family size pack of tim tams…I’ll suck the water through them

Todor Vachev says:

I didnt hear anything about preparation for the 3 day fast, except the keto thing…. overall good video, but this is not the “how to” guide that I expected.

lafiera 66 says:

Ok, but to get to ketosis you need to fast for about 3 days right? So your 3 day fast just became a 6 day fast? Not making a lot of sense to me at the moment. Please clarify.

Hector Lalalala says:

Try dry fasting next

Guirlanta Altena says:

Could I eat fruit as I do this? Since they are not packed with too many fats and calories,

Jessica Cutler says:

So basically this isn’t for parents because parents don’t get weekends, haha 🙁 dammit

Snow Princess says:

I’m feeling so hungry after watching this..

raymond johnson says:

Im on my 3rd day of a 30 day water fast….3 day fasts are for guys that weigh 200 and below…Im 315….3 day fast does nothing for me…but good info Doc

Derek Likos says:

Hey I’ve been on Omad for 12 days, I lost 15 pounds but now I’m not really losing weight. Right now I’m at 25hrs without food, am I ok to do a 3 day fast even though I’ve been doing omad?

ZarZar Robinson says:

Sparkling water is acidic I would not recommend filling your body with acidity.

The ACE Family!!! says:

can you drink coconut water?

Sabrina Kindell says:

Weekend fast get complicated with social events. You said three days was 36 hours – did ya mean 72? Thanks for the info.

Norbert Kanáloš says:

Hi thank you for the video.
I have a few questions regarding fasting.
1- can i exercise during fasting ?
2- can i drink coffe ?
3- does it have positive effects on allergies?
Thanks !

surayya mirza says:

Wht is wter fast . ? How to do it??

TheGuyWhoWroteThis says:

7 pounds in 4 days

Prabal Gogoi says:

if water fasting lead to urine burn(urine infection)?

Stefan Jovanović says:

Is it safe to workout during fast? In your video you are talking about to use fast in days when you usually rest, so will weightlifting or cardio training do any damage?

QueenSavage says:

Wait I don’t get it, so I just don’t eat ANYTHING for three days? I’m 12 so will this be bad for me?

Poet Victoria Hunter says:

I been wf weekly since beginning of september.

david lawson says:

A 3 day fast is 72 hours according to me. Not 36 hours

Isabella Anglin says:

ummm.. I’m a chemist and yes we use distilled water in labs, but drinking distilled water is actually not that healthy. Please provide a source saying why you recommend drinking it.

KohVeasna says:

Can you explain how to get into ketosis before water fasting? I thought ketosis was supposed to kick in during the fast itself. A little confused here. Thanks.

Pricked By Tjorns says:

This fast is great, i did it for the first 2 meals of a day and i had already lost 1 kg

It will also help if you excersise (i spelled that wrong) for half an hour 2 times a day

Santiago Millan says:

What foods should I eat after my 3 week water fast? To break it?

TheGuyWhoWroteThis says:

7 pounds in 4 days

KendoFox says:

is it okay to drink milk????im on my 2 1/2 and i feel hungry my plan is to get 55kg from 67kg in 7days

Steve Parker says:

No thanks I like my H2o, and don’t like headaches, also take tablets and don’t fancy dry swallowing for 3 days.

Fjerid says:

There are 72 hours in 3 days. Fasting also counts when you’re asleep, hence the term “BREAK FAST”.

How did you come up with 36 hours lol.

ACSoldier77 says:

Hi Dr. Nick, my question is can you still do HIIT training and weight lifting while on water fast for days?

Tawanna Devoe says:

Your suppose to fast with spring water

Dylan H says:

Day 5 due to a tooth abscess

hauntedsoul1000 says:

Can i go to work while water fasting?

snipper says:

Drink beer

Beard Man says:

I always try tommorow

BLUE Aday says:


Gary Allan says:

Here’ the thing I can’t reconcile. A lot of fasting videos say water fasting is best. We should be careful about having artificial sugar, vitamins, adding cream in your coffee as it may or may not break your fast. On the other hand, Dr. Longo came out with a Fasting mimicing diet where you essentially eat about 800 calories for 4 days and according to studies, you get the same benefits of doing a regular water fast. If his mimicing fasting diet actually does do that, doesnt that mean we are being a little too strict when we say it must be water only? I know you have a bone broth fast as well, I’m just asking in general.

Poet Victoria Hunter says:

Can I take collagen pills?

Ngoc Nguyen says:

I’m on day 2 but my stomach is full of acid and gas. It’s quite hurt. What can I do to get rid of it?

Vineesha Vikram says:

Am going to start tomorrow and planing for 7 days

Iman Khan says:

At what time we break fast plzz rplyy

Erick Pablos says:

Can i use a little apple cider vinegar during the 3 days fasting?

Derek De Young says:

Why not do a 3 day dry fast and have more benefits from that, it’s 3x more powerful than water fasting?

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