I love to detox when I start eating healthier or want to lose weight it’s a great reset button for your body and it will thank you later.
These pressed juices are super yummy and easy to make for a 3 day detox or everyday juice. You can also substitute them for
breakfast if you’re not a breakfast eater or want to stop drinking coffee.

I absolutely love Sonia you guys have to check her out. She has so many different types of video. I am
sure everyone will find something they love to watch.
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Nancy Lu says:

The girl looks younger without makeup. Some women appear younger without it they are either doing it wrong or something. Just giving my two cents.

Nicole Pridemore says:

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Daryl Sampani says:

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Hafsa Gani says:

Stop talking so much b

Medcare x says:

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Libraezzy Hastings Rosas says:

So it’s 6 juice through out the day?

Livingboldlynfierce says:

I love the recipes. My only suggestion is to wash your jars before using. Maybe you did, and just didn’t show in the video. Great job.

Anthony King says:

Want to lose weight the natural way!? Try the RED TEA Detox http://bit.ly/2qH8iRx

Jack Colver says:

Video starts at 3:16

angelumayra says:

“ once again imma add some cucumber water “

Comfort Martha Oginuche says:

Thank you so much for this video,

venter nicky says:

Is it still healthy to store the juice in the fridge? I always thought you should drink it immediately after making it.

Elienith Dessus says:


Secret Tea Diet says:

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Thank you for reading and I hope this has been of some interest.


Kind regards

shaina locklear says:

I found this free Ultimate Detoxing Guide online if anyone is interested ..


Nellie Annie says:

Hi I don’t drink coconut juice can I use pomegranate juice instead?

Katie Grant says:

Thanks for sharing! I have been searching for a video where someone shows their recipes and how they make them for their juice cleanses, and it is so so helpful. Thank you and I hope all is well!

Arturo Sanguino says:

you should consider interchanging that big brown bag on the righ

Trudy Duckworth says:

sounds good, people are also getting great results with http://bit.ly/2Eh8avXRedtea

itsemilie says:

if i do it, can i drink some water detox to ?

Lexie says:

I love juice cleansing, because it really showed (compared to other diets) fast results. This website (https://bit.ly/2HDwawG) has really healthy and delicious smoothies. My sister and I tried it together and we lost about 8kg in one month ^^
You have to invest some money but it’s really wort it!

Keisha Michelle Ministries says:

Detoxing & cleansing is perfectly fine! I think some people will try to discourage you but truth be told with western diets we should all do one. I will be for 3-5 days. Great job!

Judy K says:

I am a new subscriber. Have a question when you say 3 day cleanse do you mean you do nit eat any food for 3 days & drink one of these 3 times a day ? Or is it one a day?

Gabbie Rocha says:

When should i drink the juices i know one in the morning but do i sub my meals with a juices ? Or is it like one per day

NickyTheDashound GamerNicky says:

Did you eat saltines?

Eve W says:

Three days is not enough. People usually do 1 week and fyi, coconut water has so much sweetener. So stupid

CraZayTube says:

what do you about the fibers and nutrients ur missin when you only juice??? what can i take?

SweetHeart ! says:

is it true that you should drink your smoothies when you make it. And if left more then a day in the refrigerator the smoothie  loses it’s nutrition?

Click bank Love live life says:

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Ella Nieswender says:

7:48 “cucumber water” ??

Adeija says:

Wanna learn how to make a green juice for weight loss WITHOUT a juicer??!!! Check it out on my channel!!

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