3 Day Detox Cleanse with Kris Gethin Part 1

In part 1 of this 3 part series, Kris Gethin takes you through his complete 3 day detox cleanse. Don’t forget to subscribe if you haven’t already. New videos are dropping every week.

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Nathan Waddell says:

I’ve been doing some fasting and juicing myself lately so it is really interesting to see your take on it. I’ve found meditation paired with hydrotherapy to be a powerful combo, particularly when alternating between steam room and dry sauna. I find it really wrings the body out like a sponge, while meditation does the same for the mind. Afterwards I was rehydrating with plain water but I have found Hydracharge to be far more effective. In a detoxified and depleted state I can really feel how it revitalizes the body. Thanks for making it and keeping it affordable.

George Kelly says:

Respect brother ! Amazing try !

Darren Jones says:

@Kris Gethin, remember to rinse your mouth after that lemon water. The acids eff up your tooth enamel. I add a rinse of milk too which neutralises it completely 😉

deeshmond says:

oh come on… i know this guy is the ultimate broscientist but now he’s pushing DETOXES!?!?! Give me a break. There’s literally ZERO evidence that these do any good

Adam BlackWolf says:

where can i get this

matthphilipson says:

Absolutely loved this video! Can really relate to the meditation, still surprised everytime how it can effect my mental state.

Lone ryder says:

@Kris what do you think of bee pollen? health benefit, if any.

Joy Quasar says:

oh my god. I know how difficult it is going to be. constantly hungry. a constant mild headache. just no energy. I hope you don’t lose out on muscle mass

Darth Vader 121 says:

Great content

K - RAD says:

wondering if you could have smoothies instead of cold pressed juice

Abu Hasan says:

Kris.. can I suggest something? Would you like to try Ramadan for a month?

Sean Welding says:

I’m loving this series so far Kris. Keep up the awesome videos. You’re such an inspiration, and the way you word things makes people like me really think about life in a new way that’s really paradigm shifting. Thank you.

Atinder Pal Singh says:

kris i want to know about that round thing on your right wrist

arek g says:

man i need a detox to..

FutureMrsEberle says:

The bit on the hill really made me want to visit Boise. If I didn’t want to visit before because of Bodybuilding.com or the Shaytards (family from YouTube), I do even more so now.

Maria Amaya says:

Can you invite him over to part of the series. I think it would be great to have him for a meditation session!

aperezx1 says:

Awesome content, you’re such an inspiration for me! Love your videos and this channel!

TallAndThin123 says:

i think freshly made juice will be better for detox , dont you think?

Josh Studer says:

Kris, how often do you do a cleanse like this? and we’re could I get those juices?

Eugena Cooney says:

I feel like i’m watching a mini series of one of the muscle building trainers.

dontuseitmuch says:

Chris, plz also try to respond to the viewers ….I see a lot of comments but no replies…..that ain’t nice bro….we all love what u do and follow

Abel Krishna says:

What was in that juice man? Cause you sound high AF after that hill walk.

Jorge Munoz says:

does anyone know where I can get the recipes? I want to give this a go. I’m still watching the video.

BroToPro says:

Does anyone else do enema cleanses whilst bulking to avoid buildup of crap in the gut and get rid of excess candida.

Sardious says:

detoxing from tech and city social stuff sounds great. Especially since it’s not just camping that I only sometimes enjoy, you still have house and shower for comfort and good sleep but still “unplugged”. I think I want to do something like that around new years detox the mind and emotions along with the body

James Penfold says:

Quality Kris. Good to see you putting your “Knowledge without Mileage is BS” into practice as always.

dontuseitmuch says:

Hey Chris, I tried to follow u but by the time I had second bottle of juice I had crazy headache and my stomach was going crazy felt like I’ll vomit…..took headache pill and finally gave up had a sumptuous lunch….not sure why it was so hard

Charles Lonon says:

Dude you ROCK with the Wisdom.

Ashley says:

Is there something similiar to that juice that we can get in australia ?

Jacob Miller says:

Thank you for the great information you always share. I recently read “The Complete Guide to Fasting. How to Heal Your Body…” by Dr Jason Fong. Curious on your thoughts of an extended fast. I recently finished a three day water fast and am now on a 5:2 protocol.

William Hayes says:

GREAT vid! I’d like for you to explain someday about the whys and how’s you cycle off the diets and workouts. understanding the How’s and the whys to you cycle will help understand better the benefits. Thanks again though for all you do for the bodybuilding community. I’m a FAN!

Vane Lerma says:

Thank you! I been wanting to do the detox myself, now after watching you I’m more motivate it

Mountain Man Watch Reviews says:

What kind of watch is that? Interesting looking strap.

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