#231 EMF’s and How to Detox them with Nicolas Pineault

Nicolas Pineault talks to us this week about EMF (Electromagnetic Fields) and how they affect our health and his new book “The Non-Tinfoil Guide to EMF’s: How to Fix our Stupid Use of Technology.

Tune in to hear all about:

– Symptoms of EMF Sensitivity
– Surprising sources of EMF
– Learn the best tips on how to protect your health
– Nick’s book and course on EMF

To learn more about “The Non-Tinfoil Guide to EMFs – How to fix our stupid use of technology” by Nicolas Pineault, please follow this link: http://nontinfoilemf.com

Have any questions for me about detox? Feel free to leave them below and I will check back!

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Katie • says:

Is it linked to high amounts of heavy metals?

Arneth Productions says:

What works for me is the Sota Bob Beck Silver Pulser! It puts back the electricity in your body, and it works amazing! It also kills all pathogens in the blood stream and has been used for treatment in Cancer, Chronic Fatigue, and Lyme’s.

“Research today is recognizing how our bodies operate electrically. Our bodies depend on our natural electrical system.
The gentle flow of electrons helps restore the body’s natural electricity. Many people report an increase in energy within days of applying the Silver Pulser for microcurrents”.

The Terminator zapper by Don Croft is also very good, as well. I wear mine all night long!

Mary Carroll says:

I live in the country 400 ft from the house smart meter. The router is 50 ft away. I turn the wifi off at night. Turn the laptop light to reddish tone. Only use the cell phone once and awhile. Cell tower is 10 miles away. When I go into town to shop once a week, that is when I feel disoriented. I feel good when doing red light therapy.

Debbie Kostiuk says:

Links including economical solutions would have been helpful….dangers of EMF radiation is not new if fact have disabled 5G several months ago.

Lewieo says:

check out structured water units, it neutralizes emf’s they have shower and drinking units

that's all folks says:

So… are there any 5G meters… and shielding materials that block 5G yet? The paint I used won’t block frequencies that high.

healingalternative says:

Solutions start 20:20

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