21 Day Sugar Detox – Week One

In an effort to curb my life long sweet tooth, i’m trying out a 21 sugar detox and working from a guidebook written by Diane Sanfilippo. Sugar is indeed a drug and the withdrawals are no joke. I’m getting through the first week ok enough, Nicole on the other hand is having a much more difficult time and it’s quite funny.

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Nevaeh M says:

This is why I do strict keto because if I was allowed apples that would trigger my sweet tooth. Here’s to rib eye and avocado!

twirlforme says:

Did you go keto?

Alexandria Seifi says:

what camera are you using?

Bettina Varga says:

this is so dumb. what do you think, the carbs in your zuchini won’t break down into sugar? brown rice, quinoa, potatoes, whole wheat pasta and bread, even fruits are okay too. the problem is with the artificial, isolated sugar bro, not the low glic. foods

Shemise Michael says:

Great job and great video. I want to try it but you said it’s expensive. Can I eat frozen veggies or should they always be fresh?

Ariposa Makeup says:

“this is my life.. you think I always went to just one market? No buddy *shrugs*” LMFAOOO so hilarious. I like her, she has my sense of humor lol

Danis Chaplin says:

Hey guys, If you’re
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Gina Sigman says:

I went off sugar and starches (except beans) back in August, after seeing a “plump” picture of myself. I weighed at the doctor’s office and was 117lbs which, on me, is not my ideal weight. I went “YUK” and decided it was time for change! Fastforward to November 20th when I weighed in again at 111lbs. My waist measurement went from 28″ to 26″. I did not count calories. Ate meats and fats and nuts too! Annd I did not do intense exercise. Just walking, some light weight lifting 2-3 times a week and square dancing. I’m 57 and also have hypothyroid. Cutting sugar and starches was the only way for me to lose it!

nat k says:

twist your tea string around the mug handle and you never fail again 🙂

Rebecca Hawkins says:

She’s funny af.

Lauren Todd says:

No no no! You’re doing it all wrong dudes!
You need to eat wonderful flavorful foods! You should have a lovely salad with kale and spinach and baby greens, fresh crunchy bell pepper ( red and yellow). Red onion, heirloom mini tomatoes, sesame seeds, some oregano, sprinkle some pepper and don’t go without dressing silly — sprinkle some fresh organic olive oil and vinegar and you got a fresh garden in a bowl! Now fix that meatloaf up!–
You’ll need some minced Roasted Garlic. Some Organic Tomato paste. Some chopped white onion sauteed in olive oil. Now put some organic parsley in that mix. And THEN put it in the oven and WALAAH! A HEALTHY MEAL FIT FOR A KING!

Healthy Taste Of Life says:

I know the feeling, in the first 2-3 days without sugar you’re transforming into a cranky bad person :))

Debbie Flores says:

This video sucks…they need to show the food and what they are making.

meschiatti64 says:

no killing is humanly!!! unless you sedate the animal…

Monica Sanson Johns says:

If you’ll eat a dash of salt it’ll help with the tired feeling. Seriously, try it.

Robert Mills says:

Lots of meat. Any Cholesterol troubles? Where’s the starch? Brown rice, potato?

skater girl says:

So you cheated on day 5? Be honest….. 😉 Boy, you eat a lot of meat……..

Gaura Das says:

Thanks for the video. I didnt expect to see all the eggs and meat being consumed in this 21 Day Sugar Detox. I have not consumed any meat fish eggs or chicken in 44 years, so I can’t relate to following your diet

Xosarxo says:

“Kill their animals humanely” …….sweetie just think about that sentence real quick.

Jenna Kenna says:

Hi  there this was wonderful to watch. You should show us what you currently eat after the detox and tell us if u managed to stay low carb no carb.??? This was wonderful man really enjoyed this lease do more videos like this.!

Dirk Pitt says:

Oh that is so great. They kill their animals humanely. If I killed a person could I say but wait I killed them humanely? Would that make it okay?

Matt likes fruit says:

Funny how you call this a detox

Nikola Jokic says:

Nice video. You may also want to checkout the review of 21 day sugar detox on my blog at *bradleyreviews. com/21-day-sugar-detox-review/* Thanks, Fremont.

Tami Ramos says:

You guys are hilarious!

Shanita Stokes says:

This is really helping me. I’m on day 2 and I am giving my self motivational talks! Lol! No really! I pray I get through day 21!!!

lyriclover810 says:

Loved this video. Thanks for sharing! 🙂 Amber

Brian Boyd says:

Enjoyed your video. I definitely need/want to cut out processed sugar or greatly reduce it. Takes some effort – but very possible. The sugar free meals you guys made look delicious.

nicola Cee says:

giving up sugar is not easy even for me who never ate alot in the first place. its difficult and can be depressing its so good that your trying out natural healthy recipes substitutes are expensive but worth it!

Serine Hofman says:

You re eating too much meat

Demon Cookies says:

lol @ ” this is my life, you think i always just went to one market?” haha that is literally the same conversations I have with my SO.

Luna Lopez says:

I don’t think I can do this. I want to go on a sugar cleanse, and honestly this would be pretty easy for me to do. The problem is that I have low blood sugar. It’s not “bad”, but I still live with my family and they’ve been focusing on my dietary health, etc. I doubt they’d let me do this…but I really want to….

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